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Documents from 2015

Aboriginal Title as a Constitutionally Protected Property Right, Kent McNeil

Aboriginal Title in Canada: Site-Specific or Territorial?, Kent McNeil

Aboriginal Title on the Ground: Establishing and Protecting Occupation, Kent McNeil

A Question of Title: Has the Common Law Been Misapplied to Dispossess the Aboriginals?, Kent McNeil

Challenging Legislative Infringements of the Inherent Aboriginal Right of Self-Government, Kent McNeil

Co-Existence of Indigenous Rights and Other Interests in Land in Australia and Canada, Kent McNeil

Commentary on "Adhesion to Canadian Indian Treaties and the Lubicon Lake Dispute", Kent McNeil

Common Law Aboriginal Title, Kent McNeil

Continuity of Aboriginal Rights, Kent McNeil

Emerging Justice?: Essays on Indigenous Rights in Canada and Australia, Kent McNeil

Envisaging Constitutional Space for Aboriginal Governments, Kent McNeil

"Extinguishment of Aboriginal Title in Canada: Treaties, Legislation, and Judicial Discretion", Kent McNeil

Extinguishment of Native Title: The High Court and American Law, Kent McNeil

Fiduciary Obligations and Aboriginal Peoples, Kent McNeil

Foreword [to Aboriginal Customary Law: A Source of Common Law Title to Land], Kent McNeil

How Can Infringements of the Constitutional Rights of Aboriginal Peoples Be Justified?, Kent McNeil

Indigenous Land Rights and Self-Government: Inseparable Entitlements, Kent McNeil

Judicial Approaches to Self-Government since Calder: Searching for Doctrinal Coherence, Kent McNeil

Judicial Perspectives on Indigenous Land Rights in the Common Law World, Kent McNeil

Judicial Treatment of Indigenous Land Rights in the Common Law World, Kent McNeil

Legal Rights and Legislative Wrongs: Maori Claims to the Foreshore and Seabed, Kent McNeil

Native Rights Case Law, Kent McNeil

Negotiated Sovereignty: Indian Treaties and the Acquisition of American and Canadian Territorial Rights in the Pacific Northwest, Kent McNeil

Racial Discrimination and Unilateral Extinguishment of Native Title, Kent McNeil

Reconciliation and the Supreme Court: The Opposing Views of Chief Justices Lamer and McLachlin, Kent McNeil

Reconciliation and Third-Party Interests: Tsilhqot'in Nation v. British Columbia, Kent McNeil

Self-Government and the Inalienability of Aboriginal Title, Kent McNeil

Social Darwinism and Judicial Conceptions of Indian Title in Canada in the 1880s, Kent McNeil

Sovereignty and the Aboriginal Nations of Rupert's Land, Kent McNeil

Sovereignty on the Northern Plains: Indian, European, American and Canadian Claims, Kent McNeil

The Constitution Act, 1982, Sections 25 and 35, Kent McNeil

The Constitutional Rights of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, Kent Mcneil

The Crown's Fiduciary Obligations in the Era of Aboriginal Self-Government, Kent McNeil

The Decolonization of Canada: Moving Toward Recognition of Aboriginal Governments, Kent McNeil

The High Cost of Accepting Benefits from the Crown: A Comment on the Temagami Indian Land Case, Kent McNeil

Their land, their call, Kent McNeil

The Meaning of Aboriginal Title, Kent McNeil

The Métis and the Doctrine of Interjurisdictional Immunity: A Commentary, Kent McNeil

The Onus of Proof of Aboriginal Title, Kent McNeil

The Relationship between the Sources and Content of Indigenous Land Rights in Australia and Canada, Kent McNeil

The Temagami Indian Land Claim: Loosening the Judicial Strait-Jacket, Kent McNeil

The Vulnerability of Indigenous Land Rights in Australia and Canada, Kent McNeil

Treaty Rights, the Indian Act, and the Canadian Constitution: The Supreme Court's 1999 Decisions, Kent McNeil

TRU hosts rights and title decision forum, Kent McNeil

Uncertainty follows court ruling, Kent McNeil

History, Law, and Indian Claims: An Introduction, Kent McNeil and Jill Martin

Legalizing Oral History: Proving Aboriginal Claims in Canadian Courts, Kent McNeil and Lori Ann Roness

Interagency Litigation and Article III, Joseph Mead

Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Challenge to Mass Arrest of Black Lives Matter Protesters, Joseph Mead

The First Amendment Protection of Charitable Speech, Joseph Mead

Choosing a Court to Review the Executive, Joseph Mead and Nicholas A. Fromherz

Stare Decisis in the Inferior Courts of the United States, Joseph W. Mead

Seeing Crime and Punishment Through a Sociological Lens: Contributions, Practices, and the Future, Tracey L. Meares, Calvin Morrill, John Hagan, and Bernard E. Harcourt

Winning coalitions for climate policy, Jonas Meckling, Nina Kelsey, Eric Biber, and John Zysman

Introduction, Symposium LSU J. Energy L. & Resources, Roger Meiners and Andrew P. Morriss

Introduction, Symposium LSU J. Energy L. & Resources, Roger Meiners and Andrew P. Morriss





Thurgood Marshall's improbable but brilliant choice, Michael Meltsner

Children Once, Not Forever: Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman and Growing Up, Allen P. Mendenhall

Mendenhall, Holmes and Darwinian Common Law, EJPAP.pdf, Allen P. Mendenhall


Pragmatism on the Shoulders of Emerson: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.'s Jurisprudence as a Synthesis of Emerson, Peirce, James, and Dewey, Allen P. Mendenhall


Conservadorismo x Libertarianismo segundo Russell Kirk, Lucas Mendes

Federal Judicial Center, The Impact of Teva Pharmaceuticals v. Sandoz on Patent Claim Construction in the District Courts, Peter Menell

Hang on to the Patent Case Management Rollercoaster, Peter Menell

Property: Legal Aspects, Peter Menell

2014: Brand Totalitarianism, Peter S. Menell

A Method for Reforming the Patent System, Peter S. Menell

Analysis of the Scope of Copyright Protection for Application Programs, An, Peter S. Menell

A Note on Private versus Social Incentives to Sue in a Costly Legal System, Peter S. Menell

Bankruptcy Treatment of Intellectual Property Assets: An Economic Analysis, Peter S. Menell

Beyond the Throwaway Society: An Incentive Approach to Regulating Municipal Solid Waste, Peter S. Menell

Economic Implications of State Sovereign Immunity from Infringement of Federal Intellectual Property Rights, Peter S. Menell

Envisioning Copyright Law's Digital Future, Peter S. Menell

Epitaph for Traditional Copyright Protection of Network Features of Computer Software, An, Peter S. Menell

Forty Years of Wondering in the Wilderness and No Closer to the Promised Land: Bilski's Superficial Textualism and the Missed Opportunity to Return Patent Law to Its Technology Mooring, Peter S. Menell

Governance of Intellectual Resources and Disintegration of Intellectual Property in the Digital Age, Peter S. Menell

Indirect Copyright Liability and Technology Innovation, Peter S. Menell

Institutional Fantasylands: From Scientific Management to Free Market Environmentalism, Peter S. Menell

Intellectual Property and the Law of Land, Peter S. Menell

Intellectual Property and the Property Rights Movement, Peter S. Menell

Knowledge Accessibility and Preservation Policy for the Digital Age, Peter S. Menell

Legal Advising on Corporate Structure in the New Era of Environmental Liability, Peter S. Menell

Method for Reforming the Patent System, A, Peter S. Menell

Regulating Spyware: The Limitations of State Laboratories and the Case for Federal Preemption of State Unfair Competition Laws, Peter S. Menell

Structuring a Market-Oriented Federal Eco-Information Policy, Peter S. Menell

Tailoring Legal Protection for Computer Software, Peter S. Menell

The Challenges of Reforming Intellectual Property Protection for Computer Software, Peter S. Menell

The Property Rights Movement's Embrace of Intellectual Property: True Love or Doomed Relationship, Peter S. Menell

Using Fee Shifting to Promote Fair Use and Fair Licensing, Peter S. Menell and Ben Depoorter

Reunifying Property, Peter S. Menell and John P. Dwyer

Judicial Resistance to Copyright Law's Inalienable Right to Terminate Transfers, Peter S. Menell and David Nimmer

Legal Realism in Action: Indirect Copyright Liability's Continuing Tort Framework and Sony's De Facto Demise, Peter S. Menell and David Nimmer

Pooh-Poohing Copyright Law's Inalienable Termination Rights, Peter S. Menell and David Nimmer

Unwinding Sony, Peter S. Menell and David Nimmer

Patent Claim Construction: A Modern Synthesis and Structured Framework, Peter S. Menell, Matthew D. Powers, and Steven C. Carlson

Shadow Dwellers: The Underregulated World of State and Local DNA Databases, Stephen Mercer and Jessica D. Gabel

Safeguarding Public Welfare? – Intellectual Property Rights, Health and the Continuing Evolution of Treaty Drafting in International Investment Agreements, Bryan Mercurio

Intellectual Property Rights and Bargaining Breakdown: The Case of Blocking Patents, Robert Merges

Among the Tribes of Shasta County, Robert P. Merges