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Documents from 2015

Apple v. Franklin: An Essay on Technology and Judicial Competence, Robert P. Merges

Are You Making Fun of Me: Notes on Market Failure and the Parody Defense in Copyright, Robert P. Merges

As Many as Six Impossible Patent before Breakfast: Property Rights for Business Concepts and Patent System Reform, Robert P. Merges

A Transactional View of Property Rights, Robert P. Merges

Autonomy and Independence: The Normative Face of Transaction Costs, Robert P. Merges

Battle of Lateralisms: Intellectual Property and Trade, Robert P. Merges

Brief Note on Blocking Patents and Reverse Equivalents: Biotechnology as an Example, A, Robert P. Merges

Commercial Success and Patent Standards: Economic Perspectives on Innovation, Robert P. Merges

Contracting into Liability Rules: Intellectual Property Rights and Collective Rights Organizations, Robert P. Merges

Foundations and Principles Redux: A Reply to Professor Blankfein-Tabachnick, Robert P. Merges

Individual Creators in the Cultural Commons, Robert P. Merges

Intellectual Property in Higher Life Forms: The Patent System and Controversial Technologies, Robert P. Merges

Intellectual Property in Higher Life Forms: the Patent System and Controversial Technologies, Robert P. Merges

Intellectual Property Rights and the New Institutional Economics, Robert P. Merges

Introductory Note to Brief of Amicus Curiae in eBay v. MercExchange, Robert P. Merges

Letter to the Editor, Robert P. Merges

Locke for the Masses: Property Rights and the Products of Collective Creativity, Robert P. Merges

Locke Remixed ;-), Robert P. Merges

New Dynamism in the Public Domain, A, Robert P. Merges

Of Property Rules, Coase, and Intellectual Property, Robert P. Merges

One Hundred Years of Solicitude: Intellectual Property Law, 1900-2000, Robert P. Merges

Priority and Novelty Under the AIA, Robert P. Merges

Reflections on Current Legislation Affecting Patent Misuse, Robert P. Merges

Rent Control in the Patent District: Observations on the Grady-Alexander Thesis, Robert P. Merges

Software and Patent Scope: A Report from the Middle Innings, Robert P. Merges

The Commercial Law of Intellectual Property, Robert P. Merges

The Concept of Property in the Digital Era, Robert P. Merges

The End of Friction - Property Rights and Contract in the Newton World of on-Line Commerce, Robert P. Merges

The Law and Economics of Employee Inventions, Robert P. Merges

The Nature and Necessity of Law and Science, Robert P. Merges

The Relationship Between Foundations and Principles in IP Law, Robert P. Merges

The Trouble with Trolls: Innovation, Rent-Seeking, and Patent Law Reform, Robert P. Merges

To Waive and Waive Not: Property and Flexibility in the Digital Era: 23rd Annual Horace S. Manges Lecture, April 6, 2010, Robert P. Merges

Uncertainty and the Standard of Patentability, Robert P. Merges

The Proper Scope of the Copyright and Patent Power, Robert Patrick Merges and Glenn Harlan Reynolds

An Estoppel Doctrine for Patented Standards, Robert P. Merges and Jeffery M. Kuhn

Estoppel Doctrine for Patented Standards, An, Robert P. Merges and Jeffery M. Kuhn

Co-Ownership of Patents: A Comparative and Economic View, Robert P. Merges and Lawrence A. Locke

On the Complex Economics of Patent Scope, Robert P. Merges and Richard R. Nelson

News Media Satellites and the First Amendment: A Case Study in the Treatment of New Technologies, Robert P. Merges and Glenn H. Reynolds

Space Resources, Common Property, and the Collective Action Problem, Robert P. Merges and Glenn H. Reynolds

Toward a Computerized System for Negotiating Ocean Bills of Lading, Robert P. Merges and Glenn H. Reynolds

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Jurisprudence of Opportunity and Equality, Deborah Jones Merritt and David M. Lieberman

Managed Care and Provider Perspective, Fred M. Messing, Ann-Lynn Denker, and Kathy Cerminara


Comentarios a la Ley 30354, Omar Andrés Mestanza Garcia

Residential Mobility During Adolescence: Do Even "Upward" Moves Predict Dropout Risk?, Molly W. Metzger, Patrick J. Fowler, Courtney Lauren Anderson, and Constance A. Lindsay

You Will NEVER Believe This SHOCKING Trick to REVEAL the History of a Federal Regulation, Kurt X. Metzmeier


Bruno Salama Encerra Participação no Conselhinho com Análise de Mais de 100 Recursos em Cerca de Dois Anos, Bruno Meyerhof Salama


Controles de Câmbio no Brasil: Teoria e Prática, Bruno Meyerhof Salama


Direito do Consumidor e Decisões Bumerangues, Bruno Meyerhof Salama

CVM Pune Menos do que Conselhinho, mas com Rigor Maior, Aponta Estudo, Bruno Meyerhof Salama and Vicente Braga


Empresas Estatais no Brasil: Uma Proposta de Reforma Institucional, , Bruno Meyerhof Salama, Mariana Pargendler, Sério Lazzarini, Aldo Musacchio, and Carlos Melo

segurancajuridica.pdf, Bruno Meyerhof Salama and Carlos Ari Vieira Sundfeld


The Status of Curricular Change During the Industry's Great Recession: Radical, or the New Norm?, Patrick Meyer

Annual Brome Biocontrol after Wildfire Using a Native Fungal Seed Pathogen, Susan E. Meyer, Phil S. Allen, , Julie Beckstead, Michael Gregg, Heidi Newsome, Kathleen Harcksen, Gary Kidd, Glenn Paulsen, Karen Prentice, Dana Quinney, David Wilderman, Stephanie Carlson, Suzette Clement, Duane Smith, Thom Stewart, Katie Merrill, Keith Merrill, Kedra Foote, Stephen Harrison, Kelly Bergen, Brian Connelly, Trevor Davis, Sandra Dooley, Michael Huck, Laura Street, and Lauren Miller

ISPRM discussion paper: Proposing a conceptual description of health-related rehabilitation services., Thorsten Meyer, Christoph Gutenbrunner, Carlotte Kiekens, Dimitrios Skempes, John L Melvin, Kuno Schedler, Marta Imamura, and Gerold Stucki

Adventitious Presence of Patented Genetically Modified Organisms: Is Intent Necessary for Actions in Infringement?, Ikechi Mgbeoji

A False Dawn?: TRIPs and TRIPs-Plus Impacts in Africa, Ikechi Mgbeoji

African Patent Offices Unfit for Purpose, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Beyond Merry-Making: Customs of Indigenous Peoples and the Normative Functions of Ceremonies in Pre-Colonial Igbo Societies, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Beyond Patents: The Cultural Life of Native Healing and the Limitations of the Patent System as a Protective Mechanism for Indigenous Knowledge on the Medicinal Uses of Plants, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Beyond Rhetoric: State Sovereignty, Common Concern, and the Inapplicability of the Common Heritage Concept to Plant Genetic Resources, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Bio-Cultural Knowledge and the Challenges of Intellectual Property Rights Regimes for African Development, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Book Review: Canadian Patent Law, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Book Review: Environmental Law: A Guide to Concepts, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Book Review: Intellectual Property and the Life Science Industries: A Twentieth Century History, by Graham Dutfield, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Book Review: Jim Poling, Smoke Signals: The Native Take-back of North America’s Tobacco Industry, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Book Review: Justifying Intellectual Property, by Robert P. Merges, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Book Review: Liberia’s Civil War: Nigeria, ECOMOG, and Regional Security in West Africa (2002); Issues of Sovereignty, Strategy and Security in the Economic Community of West African States: Intervention in the Liberian Civil War (2003); Building Peace in West Africa: Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea-Bissau (2002), Ikechi Mgbeoji

Book Review: Who Owns Academic Work? Battling for Control of Intellectual Property, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Collective Insecurity: The Liberian Crisis, Unilateralism, and Global Order, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Environmental Law in Post-Colonial Societies: Aspirations, Achievements and Limitations, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Food Law in Canada, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Global Biopiracy: Patents, Plants and Indigenous Knowledge, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Lost in Translation? The Rhetoric of Protecting Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge in International Law and the Omnipresent Reality of Biopiracy, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Making Space for Grandma: The Emancipation of Traditional Knowledge and the Dominance of Western-Style Intellectual Property Rights Regimes, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Patents and Plant Resources-Related Knowledge: Towards a Regime of Communal Patents for Plant Resources-Related Knowledge, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Patents and Traditional Knowledge of the Uses of Plants: Is a Communal Patent Regime Part of the Solution to the Scourge of Biopiracy?, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Prophylactic Use of Force in International Law: The Illegitimacy of Canada’s Participation in "Coalitions of the Willing" Without United Nations’ Authorization and Parliamentary Sanction, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Reluctant Warrior, Enthusiastic Peacekeeper: Domestic Legal Regulation of Canadian Participation in Armed Conflicts, Ikechi Mgbeoji

The Bearded Bandit, the Outlaw Cop, and the Naked Emperor: Towards a North-South (De)Construction of the Texts and Contexts of International Law's (Dis)Engagement with Terrorism, Ikechi Mgbeoji

The Civilised Self and the Barbaric Other: Imperial Delusions of Order and the Challenges of Human Security, Ikechi Mgbeoji

The Comprador Complex: Africa's IPRs Elite, Neo-Colonialism and the Enduring Control of African IPRs Agenda by External Interests, Ikechi Mgbeoji

The Comprador Complex: Africa’s IPRs Elites, Neo-Colonialism and the Enduring Control of African IPR Agenda by External Interests, Ikechi Mgbeoji

The Juridical Origins of the International Patent System: Towards a Historiography of the Role of Patents in Industrialization, Ikechi Mgbeoji

The Origin and Development of the Patent System, Ikechi Mgbeoji

The "Terminator" Patent and its Discontents: Rethinking the Normative Deficit in Utility Test of Modern Patent Law, Ikechi Mgbeoji

TRIPS and TRIPS Plus Impacts in Africa, Ikechi Mgbeoji

(Under)Mining the Seabed? Between the International Seabed Authority Mining Code and Sustainable Bioprospecting of Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystems in the Seabed Area: Taking Precaution Seriously, Ikechi Mgbeoji

Patent First, Litigate Later! The Scramble for Speculative and Overly Broad Genetic Patents: Implications for Access to Health Care and Biomedical Research, Ikechi Mgbeoji and Byron Allen

Environmental Law in Developing Countries: Selected Issues, Ikechi Mgbeoji, Nazrul Islam, Isabel Martinez, and Wang Xi


A Theory of Financial Services Competition, Compliance and Regulation, Bryane Michael


Malta Financial Services Part II, Bryane Michael


Modelling Course II, Bryane Michael


Modelling Course IV, Bryane Michael


What Determines M&A Legal and Financial Advisors' Competitiveness in an International Financial Centre: Using China's Going Out Policy as a Natural Experiment, Bryane Michael

The Draft Restatement: A Critique from a Securities Regulation Perspective, Douglas C. Michael, Daniel L. Goelzer, Jacob H. Stillman, Elisse B. Walter, and Anne H. Sullivan


Are you addicted to social media? How do you know and how to kick the habit, and Katina Michael


The Apple Watch and Wearable Downsides, and Katina Michael


'Women Cops Should Join Hands to Fight Crime': Aruna Bahuguna, and Katina Michael