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Documents from 2015


Women in Law Enforcement Conference is uniting women law enforcers, says Aruna Bahuguna, and Katina Michael


Big Dogs and Drones for Crowd Control: The Commercialisation of Military Robots, Katina Michael


Katina Michael giving evidence at the Inquiry into the use of subsection 313(3) of the Telecommunications Act 1997 by government agencies to disrupt the operation of illegal online services (Infrastructure and Communications Committee), Katina Michael


Keynote: Justifying Uberveillance- The Internet of Things and the Flawed Sustainability Premise, Katina Michael

Mental Health, Implantables, and Side Effects, Katina Michael

Reflecting on the Contribution of T&S Magazine, Katina Michael

Reflecting on the Contribution of T&S Magazine to the IEEE, Katina Michael


Security Leaders Panel, Katina Michael

Sousveillance: Implications for privacy, security, trust, and the law, Katina Michael


The Benefits and Harms of National Security Technologies, Katina Michael


The ethics of observation: who is watching who?, Katina Michael

Uberveillance and the Technological Trajectory of RFID, Katina Michael

Wearables and Lifelogging: The Socioethical Implications, Katina Michael

The Security Risks of Using Tap N' Go Technology like PayPass, Katina Michael and Tanya Dendrinos

Of drones and kill lists, and big dogs with disposition, Katina Michael and MG Michael


The Apple Watch heralds a brave new world of digital living, Katina Michael and MG Michael


Could biometrics give us a world without passwords?, Katina Michael and Natasha Mitchell

A Conversation with Lazar Puhalo [Interview], Katina Michael and Lazar Puhalo

Resistance Is Not Futile, nil desperandum, M.G. Michael and Katina Michael

Uberveillance, the Web of Things, and People: What is the culmination of all this surveillance?, MG Michael, Katina Michael, and Christine Perakslis

A Third Semester of LRW: Why Teaching Transactional Skills and Problems is Now Essential to the Legal Writing Curriculum, Karin Mika

Visual clarity in contract drafting, Karin Mika

Contract Formation (chapter contributor), Eliza Mik

Faculty Colloquia, Fall 2010 Series, John Mikhail; Nelson Tebbe; Anita S, Krishnakumar; Lawrence B. Solum; Stephen I. Vladeck; Fred Smith; Albert Yoon; Ted Blumoff; Charlene Luke; Stephen B. Burbank; Jayne Barnard; Chaim Saiman; Amy Gajda; and Radhika Rao

Beyond Ownership: State Capitalism and the Chinese Firm, Curtis J. Milhaupt and Wentong Zheng

Beyond Ownership: State Capitalism and the Chinese Firm, Curtis J. Milhaupt and Wentong Zheng

Teaching Legal Research and Writing with Actual Legal Work: Extending Clinical Education into the First Year, Michael A. Millemann and Steven D. Schwinn

Mainstreaming experiential education, Michael Millemann and Steven D. Schwinn

Cheating Around the World: A Cross-National Analysis of Principal Reported Cheating, Bryan Lee Miller, Laura E. Agnich, Chad Posick, and Laurie A. Gould

Marketing a Panic: Media Coverage of Novel Psychoactive Drugs (NPDs) and Its Relationship with Legal Changes, Bryan Lee Miller, John M. Stogner, Laura E. Agnich, Amber Sanders, Joseph D. Bacot, and Shanna N. Felix

Evaluating approaches to mapping burn probabilities for a quantitative wildland fire risk analysis framework., Carol Miller, Marc Parisien, Alan Ager, Mark Finney, and


Medicaid Planning for Long Term Care: California Style, John A. Miller and Vanessa S. Stroud


How Did You Know That? Protecting Privacy Interests of Research Participants via Certificates of Confidentiality, Jonathan S. Miller

The New York Limited Liability Company Law at Twenty: Past, Present & Future, Meredith R. Miller

Comparative Law as Transnational Law: A Decade of the German Law Journal, Russell A. Miller and Peer C. Zumbansen

The Law Was Never Our Own: The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship, the German Law Journal, and the Meaning of Comparative Law, Russell Miller and Peer Zumbansen

Sh u Boutique, Stephanie Miller

Managing Online Presence for Professionals and Law Students, Stephanie C. Miller

Teaching Legal Research Outside the Classroom, Stephanie C. Miller and Valerie Carullo


Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, David K. Millon


Shareholder Primacy, the Main Barrier to Sustainable Companies: A Comparative Analysis of Company Law, David K. Millon, A. Johnston, B. Sjåfjell, and L. Anker-Sorensen

Constitutional Law - Due Process Clause - The Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment Requires Fair Notice of What Violates Federal Indecency Standards, Jon L. Mills

Educating to Meet the Demands of Florida Business and Law Schools - A. Introduction, Jon L. Mills

Internet Casinos: A Sure Bet for Money Laundering, Jon L. Mills

I. Opening Remarks (Proceedings of the Third Annual Legal & Policy Issues in the Americas Conference), Jon L. Mills

Legal Education in the Americas: The Anchor for Hemispheric Justice, Jon L. Mills

Principles for Constitutions and Institutions in Promoting the Rule of Law, Jon L. Mills

Reforms in Florida after the 2000 Presidential Election, Jon L. Mills

Sex, Lies, and Genetic Testing: What are Your Rights to Privacy in Florida?, Jon L. Mills

The 1987 Legislative Session, Jon L. Mills

The Future of Governmental Ethics: Law and Morality, Jon L. Mills

VII. Legal Education in the Americas, A. An Introduction (Proceedings of the Third Annual Legal & Policy Issues in the Americas Conference), Jon L. Mills

The Constitutional Considerations of Multiple Media Ownership Regulation by the Federal Communications Commission, Jon L. Mills, John Moynahan, Richard Perlini, and George McClure

Unimpoundment: Politics and the Courts in the Release of Impounded Funds, Jon L. Mills and William G. Munselle

Energy Policy: A Test for Federalism, Jon L. Mills and R. D. Woodson

Rising Together: Clarifying the International Environmental Marketing Claim Regulatory Landscape so that Developing Country Exporters May More Effectively Market Their Environmentally Responsible Products, Jeffrey J. Minneti

Restating Environmental Law, Joel A. Mintz, Victor Flatt, Tracey Hester, Robert Percival, and Irma Russell

Time for a Restatement, Joel A. Mintz, Victor Flatt, Tracey Hester, and Robert V. Percival

Housing Law Training, Alan D. Minuskin






In search of women’s equal right to property in India - Recent Judicial developments, Archana Mishra


Rights in Separate Property for Hindu Female – Autonomy, Relationality and the Law, Archana Mishra Ms.

Effect of Contracts in the Republic of Macedonia, Jasna Mladenovska

Legal Rights of Older Persons, William Mock

An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Legal Transparency: A Tool for Rational Development, 18 Dick. J. Int'l L. 293 (2000), William B.T. Mock

Corporate Transparency and Human Rights, 8 Tulsa. J. Comp. & Int'l L. 15 (2000), William B.T. Mock

Cumulation of Import Statistics in Injury Investigations before the International Trade Commission, 7 Nw. J. Int'l L. & Bus. 433 (1986), William B.T. Mock

Economic Advantage in East-West Trade: Abondoning Market Fictions in Trade with Nonmarket Economy Countries, 14 N.C.J. Int'l L. & Com. Reg. 55 (1989), William B.T. Mock

Game Theory, Signalling, and International Legal Relations, 26 Geo. Wash. J. Int'l L. & Econ. 33 (1992), William B.T. Mock

Informing Law Curricula: Modifying First-Year Courses to Reflect the Information Revolution, 51 J. Legal Educ. 554 (2001), William B.T. Mock

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me the Perfect (Decanal) Match, 31 Seattle U. L. Rev. 799 (2008), William B.T. Mock

On the Centrality of Information Law: A Rational Choice Discussion of Information Law and Transparency, 17 J. Marshall J. Computer & Info. L. 1069 (1999), William B.T. Mock

Statement of the American Bar Association Liaison to the Sixth Session of the United Nations Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing, William B.T. Mock

When a Rose isn't Arose isn't Arroz: A Guide to Footnoting for Informational Clarity and Scholarly Discourse, 34 Int'l J. Legal Info. 87 (2006), William B.T. Mock

Estate Planning for Clients with AIDS, 7 St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. 177 (1988), William B.T. Mock and Zachary Tobin

Deviance, Aspiration, and the Stories We Tell: Reconciling Mass Atrocity and the Criminal Law, Saira Mohamed

From Keeping Peace to Building Peace: A Proposal for a Revitalized United Nations Trusteeship Council, Saira Mohamed

Introductory Note, Saira Mohamed

Introductory Note to El_Masri v. United States, Saira Mohamed

Introductory Note To the United Nations Declaration On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Saira Mohamed

Introductory Note to U.N. Security Council Resolution 1975 on the Cote d'Ivoire, Saira Mohamed

Neglected Option: The Contributions of State Responsibility for Genocide to Transitional Justice, A, Saira Mohamed

Of Monsters and Man: Perpetrator Trauma and Mass Atrocity, Saira Mohamed

Omissions, Acts, and the Security Council's (in)Actions in Syria, Saira Mohamed

Restructuring the Debate on Unauthorized Humanitarian Intervention, Saira Mohamed

Shame in the Security Council, Saira Mohamed

Shame In The Security Council, Saira Mohamed

Shame In The Security Council, Saira Mohamed

Syria, the United Nations, and the Responsibility to Protect, Saira Mohamed

Taking Stock of the Responsibility to Protect, Saira Mohamed


Crafting a Constitutional Marijuana Tax, Nima H. Mohebbi


Liquidity, Systemic Risk, and the Bankruptcy Treatment of Financial Contracts, Riz Mokal

El contrato de factoraje y la cesión de créditos comerciales en el Código Civil y Comercial, Carlos Molina Sandoval


Fusión y reorganización de sociedades, Carlos Molina Sandoval

La liquidación del patrimonio fideicomitido en el nuevo Código, Carlos Molina Sandoval


Programación patrimonial en la empresa familiar, Carlos Molina Sandoval


Impartiality and Independence: Misunderstood Cousins, James E. Moliterno


The New-Breed, “Die-Hard” Chinese Lawyer: A Comparison with American Civil Rights Cause Lawyers, James E. Moliterno

Ethics 20/20 Successfully Achieved Its Mission: It "Protected, Preserved, and Maintained", James E. Moliterno