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Documents from 1966


DeGaulle's Republic and the Rule of Law: Judicial Review and the Conseil d'Etat, George D. Brown

A Guide to Legal Research, Joseph Crea, E. Surrency, and B. Feld


Nociones Generales de Derecho Procesal Civil, Edward Ivan Cueva

Book Review (reviewing T. Szasz, Psychiatric Justice), William E. Hellerstein


Foster Parents Versus Agencies: A Case Study in the Judicial Application of 'The Best Interests of the Child' Doctrine, Sanford N. Katz


Review of Children for Adoption, by Pearl Buck, Sanford N. Katz

Play: An Act from a Play, Daniel Larner


Equality and health, Michael Meltsner


Securities Regulation in Developing Countries: The Brazilian Experience, Norman Poser

Review of F. Christy and A. Scott, "The Common Wealth in Ocean Fisheries", Vernon L. Smith

Sourcebook on Economic and Military Assistance, Rennard J. Strickland and Donald Stanton

Constitutional Ramifications of the Police Lineup, Walter Taggart

Documents from 1965

The Kibbutz as a Child-Rearing System: A Review of the Literature, Larry D. Barnett


Uniform Commercial Code: Effect on the Law of Negotiable Instruments in New York, Joseph Crea and C. Miller


Note, Commonwealth ex. rel. Stevens v. Myers, John L. Gedid


Review of Wednesday's Children: A Study of Child Neglect and Abuse, Sanford N. Katz

The Wealth Position of the Aged in the Quest for Maintaining Over-all Well-Being, Sanford N. Katz

Introduction to Conflicts Symposium, Herma Hill Kay

The Outside Substitute for the Family, Herma Hill Kay


Recent Development, Bailey H. Kuklin

The Forum: A Summary of the Proceedings, Cynthia C. Lichtenstein

Comment on M. Peck and J. Meyer, "The Determination of a Fair Return on Investment for Regulated Industries", Vernon L. Smith

Experimental Auction Markets and the Walrasian Hypothesis, Vernon L. Smith

Sourcebook on Labor-Management Relations, Rennard J. Strickland, J. N. Rogers, and Donald Stanton

Criminal Procedure, David Swank and William R. Bandy

Documents from 1964


Federal Regulation of False Advertising, John Dobbyn

Intrastate Use of the Telephone Under the SECA, John Dobbyn


Community Decision-Makers and the Promotion of Values in the Adoption of Children, Sanford N. Katz

Review of Family Law: Cases and Materials, edited by Morris Ploscowe and Doris Jonah Freed, Sanford N. Katz


Review of Readings in Adoption, edited by I. Evelyn Smith, Sanford N. Katz

Report of Special Study of Securities Markets of the Securities and Exchange Commission, H.R. Doc. No. 95, 88th Cong., 1st sess. (1963-1964), Norman Poser

Takings and the Police Power, Joseph L. Sax

Effect of Market Organization on Competitive Equilibrium, Vernon L. Smith

Review of A. Manne, H. Markowtiz, "Studies in Process Analysis", Vernon L. Smith

Review of R.F. Lundy, "The Economics of Loyalty - Incentives Rates in the Railroad Industry", Vernon L. Smith

The Measurement of Capital, Vernon L. Smith

Nature, the Experimental Laboratory, and the Credibility of Hypotheses, Vernon L. Smith and D. Ric.

Documents from 1963

Professional Corporations in Massachusetts, Hugh J. Ault and James W. Smith

Interracial Marriage in California, Larry D. Barnett

Research on International and Interracial Marriages, Larry D. Barnett

Students' Anticipations of Persons and Arguments Opposing Interracial Dating, Larry D. Barnett


The Benign Quota: Equal Protection and 'the Rule in Shelley's Case', William E. Hellerstein

Adoption, Sanford N. Katz

Legal Protections for the Unmarried Mother and her Child, Sanford N. Katz


Review of Justice for the Child, edited by Margaret K. Rosenheim, Sanford N. Katz


Review of Society and the Law, by F. James Davis, Henry H. Foster, E. Eugene Davis and C. Ray Jeffery, Sanford N. Katz

Depreciation, Market Valuations, and Investment Theory, Vernon L. Smith

Minimization of Economic Rent in Spatial Price Equilibrium, Vernon L. Smith

Tax Depreciation Policy and Investment Theory, Vernon L. Smith

Documents from 1962

Research in Interreligious Dating and Marriage, Larry D. Barnett


Judicial and Statutory Trends in the Law of Adoption, Sanford N. Katz

Review of The Mentally Disabled and the Law, by Frank T. Lindmann and Donald M. McIntyre, Jr., Sanford N. Katz

Staff Report on Organization, Management, and Regulation of Conduct of Members of the American Stock Exchange: Special Study of Securities Markets, Norman Poser

An Experimental Study of Competitive Market Behavior, Vernon L. Smith

Economics: An Analytical Approach, 2nd revised edition, Vernon L. Smith and R. D. Irwin

Documents from 1961


Review of Frederic William Maitland, Historian: Selections from his Writings, edited by Robert Livingston Schuyler, Sanford N. Katz

The Lawyer and the Caseworker: Some Observations, Sanford N. Katz

Investment and Production, Vernon L. Smith

Time Preference and Risk in Investment Theory, Vernon L. Smith

Documents from 1960

Problems in Production-Investment Planning Over Time, Vernon L. Smith

Documents from 1959

A Guide to Legal Research , Joseph Crea, E. Surrency, and B. Feld

The Theory of Investment and Production, Vernon L. Smith

Allocation of a Scarce Resource to Alternative Probabilistic Demands: Transport Equipment Pool Assignments, Vernon L. Smith and R. Saposnik

Documents from 1958


Fundamentos del Derecho Procesal Civil, Edward Ivan Cueva

An Econometrict Study of Aircraft Malfunction Behavior, Vernon L. Smith

An Economic Analysis of Contributions under the Income Tax Laws, Vernon L. Smith and F. Gillis

Economics: An Analytical Approach, 1st edition, Vernon L. Smith, Richard D. Irwin, K. Davidson, and J. Wiley

Documents from 1957

The Dying Doctrine of Recrimination in the U.S., Sanford N. Katz and Marcus G. Raskin

Economic Equipment Policies: An Evaluation, Vernon L. Smith

On the Use of Engineering Data and Statistical Techniques in the Analysis of Production and Technological Change; Fuel Requirements in the Trucking Industry, Vernon L. Smith



Documents from 1954


Crimes Against the Habitation, Joseph Crea

Documents from 1950

A Practical Guide to Legal Research , Joseph Crea and B. Feld

Documents from 1949


Book Review (reviewing B. Friedlander & A. Curreri, Rent Control: Federal, State and Municipal (1948)), Joseph Crea

Documents from 1913

The Selection and Tenure of Judges, William Howard Taft

The Social Importance of Proper Standards for Admission to the Bar, William Howard Taft

Documents from 1097

The European Community and international environmental cooperation : legal aspects of external community powers, André Nollkaemper

Documents from 1007


Some Perspectives on Crime and Criminal Justice Policy, John Donohue

Documents from 216

Caducidad de los plazos en el concurso preventivo, Carlos Molina Sandoval

Documents from 207

Overview of Industrial Property: Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs,, Doris E. Long

Documents from 201

Activity-Level Externalities, enrico baffi

Congress Protected the Troops: Can the New CFPB Protect Civilians from Payday Lending?, Creola Johnson