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Documents from 2018

Guest Editorial, Robert Berring

In Search of Ghengis Khan: Or Maybe Not, Robert Berring

Is Berkeley Off Course?, Robert Berring

Law Librarians Face the Need to Expand Profession’s Borders, Robert Berring

Less is More, Really, Robert Berring

Losing the Law, A Call to Arms, Robert Berring

Practicing Law in 2013, Robert Berring

Ring Dang Do, Robert Berring

Salary Inflation & the Deal with the Devil, Robert Berring

Technology and the Standard of Care for Legal Research, Robert Berring

Terminal Awareness: Lexis and Westlaw Make Legal Research Easier, but They Also Raise Some Hard Questions, Robert Berring

The Current State of Networked Information in the United States and Why You Should Care About It, Robert Berring

The Macmillan Baseball Encyclopedia, the West System and Sweat Equity, Robert Berring

The Paperless Chase: Don’t Throw out the Librarian with the Library, Robert Berring

The Reports of the Special Committee on the Future of the American Association of Law Libraries, Robert Berring

The Stereotypical Librarian: A Person Who Exists No More, Robert Berring

The Swan Song of Cyberspace, Robert Berring

Thoughts on the Future: A Steriod-Enhanced Editorial, Robert Berring

Tips for Efficient Computer-Aided Legal Research, Robert Berring

Title 51 of the U.S. Code and Why It Matters, Robert Berring

Unprecedented Precedent: Ruminations on the Meaning of it All, Robert Berring

Acquisitions and Selection of Primary and Secondary Legal Materials for Social Science Collections, Robert Berring, Roy M. Mersky, and Michael Richmond

Law in the Anthropocene Epoch, Eric Biber

Looking toward the Future of Judicial Review for the Public Lands, Eric Biber

Regulating Business Innovation as Policy Disruption: From the Model T to Airbnb, Eric Biber, Sarah E. Light, J B. Ruhl, and James Salzman

The Supremacy Clause: McCulloch v. Maryland, Mary S. Bilder

New Directions in the Scholarship of the American Revolution, Mary Sarah Bilder

The Ordeal and the Constitution, Mary Sarah Bilder

The Lady and George Washington: Female Genius in the Age of the Constitution, Mary S. Bilder and Kevin C. Butterfield

How to Build a Nation in 15 Weeks, Bonus Episode: Interview with Professor Mary Bilder, Mary S. Bilder, Jonathan H. Hatch, and Harry Sandick

Fair or Free Use of Copyrighted Materials in Education and Research and the Limit of Such Use.pdf, Muhammad Masum Billah Dr.

Institutional Lock-in Within the Field of Investment Arbitration, Andrea K. Bjorklund and Bryan H. Druzin

Reforming the Unbargained Contract: Avoiding Bondholder Claims for Surprise Par Calls, Robert S. Blanc and Randy D. Gordon

Tax Facts on Individuals and Small Business, Robert Bloink and William Byrnes

Tax Facts on Insurance & Employee Benefits, Robert Bloink and William Byrnes

Tax Facts on Investments, Robert Bloink and William Byrnes

Can Red Clay Go Green? Adapting Law and Policy in the Face of Climate Change, 20th Annual Red Clay Conference, Daniel M. Bodansky, David D. Caron, Mary Carr, Heidi Davison, David Hunter, Josh Love, and James Marlow

The internationalisation of law: fragmentation or recomposition?, Andrea Bortoluzzi

Paleoindian Archaeology and the Index of Texas Archaeology, C. Britt Bousman and Robert Z. Selden Jr.

Pilot testing of a self-care education intervention for patients with heart failure, Mary Boyde, Sarah Song, Robyn Peters, Catherine Turner, David Thompson, and Simon Stewart

Something less and Something More: MDL's Roots as a Class Action Alternative, Andrew D. Bradt

Atlantic Marine and Choice-of-Law Federalism, Andrew D. Bradt

The Long Arm of Multidistrict Litigation, Andrew D. Bradt

MDL v. Trump: The Puzzle of Public Law in Multidistrict Litigation, Andrew D. Bradt and Zachary D. Clopton

Aggregation on Defendants' Terms: Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Federalization of Mass-Tort Litigation, Andrew D. Bradt and D. Theodore Rave

The Information-Forcing Role of the Judge in Multidistrict Litigation, Andrew D. Bradt and D. Theodore Rave

Animals and Law in the American City, Irus Braverman

Editing the Environment: Emerging Issues in Genetics and the Law, Irus Braverman

Gene Drives, Nature, Governance: An Ethnographic Perspective, Irus Braverman

Wild Life: The Institution of Nature, Irus Braverman

La Amazonía en llamas: más allá de la ilegalidad y el estigma, Julio Bravo Medina and Javier Revelo-Rebolledo

Business Methods, Technology, and Discrimination, Daniel Harris Brean

Casting Aspersions in Patent Trials, Daniel Harris Brean and Bryan P. Clark

Diversified Philosophy, Aili W. Bresnahan

A Massachusetts Debacle: Gagnon v. Shoblom, Lester Brickman

The Asbestos Claims Management Act of 1991: A Proposal to the United States Congress, Lester Brickman

Food Law & Policy: An Essential Part of Today’s Legal Academy, Emily M. Broad Leib and Baylen J. Linnekin

2018 - Diversity Jeopardy Professionalism.ppt, Beau James Brock

Professionalism: Diversity, Discrimination & Divisiveness, Beau James Brock

Law’s Facilitating Role in the Field of Social Enterprise., Evelyn Brody

Exile to Main Street: The I.R.S.'s Diminished Role in Overseeing Tax-Exempt Organizations, Evelyn Brody and Marcus Owens

Historic Preservation Law in a Nutshell (2d ed.), Sara C. Bronin and Ryan M. Rowberry

Race Preferences and Race Privileges, Michael K. Brown, Martin Carnoy, Marjorie M. Shultz, David B. Oppenheimer, Elliott Currie, Troy Duster, and David Wellman

The Promise and Perils of Algorithmic Lender's Use of Big Data, Matthew Bruckner

The Mouse That Trolled: The Long and Tortuous History of a Gene Mutation Patent That Became an Expensive Impediment to Alzheimer's Research, Tania Bubela, Saurabh Vishnubhakat, and Robert Cook-Deegan

Harvesting the Academic Landscape: Streamlining the Ingestion of Professional Scholarship Metadata into the Institutional Repository, Jonathan Bull and Teresa Auch Schultz

Minute 319: a cooperative approach to Mexico–US hydro-relations on the Colorado River, Regina M. Buono and Gabriel Eckstein

Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and Consumers: The ABCs of Future Public Payments Law, Mark Edwin Burge

Raising a Spectre: Using the Ghost of Law Practice Future to Sell Statutory Analysis Today, Mark Edwin Burge

Too Clever by Half: Reflections on Perception, Legitimacy, and Choice of Law Under Revised Article 1 of the Uniform Commercial Code, Mark Edwin Burge

Who Wants to Be a Muggle? The Diminished Legitimacy of Law as Magic, Mark Edwin Burge

Faculty Union Faces Uphill Battle in Suit against Back-to-Work Bill, Experts Say, Ian Burns and Eric Tucker

The "Article of Manufacture" Today, Sarah Burstein

Institutional Owners and Corporate Managers: A Comparative Perspective, Richard M. Buxbaum

Stefan A. Riesenfeld, International Law and the University of California, Richard M. Buxbaum and David D. Caron

Stefan A. Riesenfeld, International Law and the University of California, Richard M. Buxbaum and David D. Caron

The Alien Tort Statute: An Overview of the Current Issues, Richard M. Buxbaum and David D. Caron

The Alien Tort Statute: An Overview of the Current Issues, Richard M. Buxbaum and David D. Caron

The Rise of Trump and the Death of Civility, Keith J. Bybee

LOUISIANA PRACTICE, edited by Henry George McMahon. West Publishing Co., St. Paul, 1939. 2 vols. Pp. xviii, 2146. $20.00., Hon. William H. Byrnes Jr. and Leon Sarpy

A Review of the Development of an Internet Delivered LL.M Program in the United States, William Byrnes

Foreign Tax and Trade Briefs, William Byrnes

How May the United States Leverage Its FATCA IGA Bilateral Process to Incentivize Good Tax Administrations Among the World of Black Hat and Grey Hat Governments? A Carrot & Stick Policy Proposal, William Byrnes

International Trust Laws and Analysis: Company Laws, Wealth Management & Tax Planning Strategies, William Byrnes

Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and Compliance Copyright - A Global Guide, William Byrnes

Managing Your Agency, William Byrnes and Robert Bloink

Prospecting, William Byrnes and Robert Bloink

Selected Provisions and Analysis of the Tax Relief Act of 2010, William Byrnes and Robert Bloink

Practical Guide to U.S. Transfer Pricing, William Byrnes and Robert T. Cole

Community Property, William Byrnes and Jason A. Fiske

Deduction of Interest, William Byrnes and Jason A. Fiske

Patents, Franchises, Trademarks and Tradenames, William Byrnes and Jason A. Fiske

Statute of Limitations on Assessment and Collections, William Byrnes and Jason A. Fiske

Examination and Audit of Returns, William Byrnes, Jason A. Fiske, and Crystal Galin

Accounting Periods, William Byrnes, Jason A. Fiske, and Christopher Sove

Taxation on Nonlife Insurance Companies, William Byrnes, Jason A. Fiske, and Hale Stewart

India: India E-Commerce Taxation, William H. Byrnes and Christopher M. Sove

United States, William Byrnes and Robert Kiggins

Foreign Tax and Trade Briefs--International Withholding Tax Treaty Guide, William Byrnes and Robert Munro

Tax Havens of the World, William Byrnes and Robert Munro