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Documents from 2019

Federalism as Legal Pluralism, Erin Ryan

Memo to Environmentalists: Brace for the Three Ps, Erin Ryan


Temkin Quoted by Mark Schoeff in Investment News re RIA Arbitration, Mark Schoeff

Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, Case Law and the Department of Justice: Who Prevails in the Medical Marijuana Legalization Debate?, Florence Shu-Acquaye

The One Hundred Thousand Dollar Baby: The Ideological Roots of a New American Export, David M. Smolin

Anti-anti-trust of Google Search Results: the hidden-sided localization, Ashley H. Song Ms.

How can the state measures in the Bilateral Investment Treaties be compensated in Americas?, Ashley H. Song Ms.

How is Decentralized Virtual Currency Regulated.docx, Ashley H. Song Ms.

Privatizing Personal Security, Ashley H. Song Ms.

Why the ecocide cannot be criminalized; the field experiment of Sandoz Chemical Spill in 1986, Ashley H. Song Ms.

Hacer la muerte más fácil hace la vida más difícil, Richard Stith

Book (OUP) - Proportionality Balancing and Constitutional Governance - Chapter 2.pdf, Alec Stone Sweet

Book (OUP) - Proportionality Balancing and Constitutional Governance - Chapter 6.pdf, Alec Stone Sweet

Setting Priorities, Meeting Deadlines, and Managing Projects for Law Librarians, Thomas J. Striepe, Deborah Schander, George Taoultsides, and Austin Williams

4 Articles with Proof and Disproof of Yang Mills Conjecture-Proof and Disproof of the Mass Gap Using Reality of Mass at 0 and Masses Being Negative or the Idea of Negative Mass, James T. Struck

7 Articles with Birch Swinnerton Dyer Conjecture Disproved and Proved By James T. Struck BA, BS, AA, MLIS, James T. Struck

All That Is Liquidated Melts into Air: Five Meta-Interpretive Issues, D. A. Jeremy Telman

Originalism and Second-Order Ipse Dixit Reasoning in Chisholm v. Georgia, D. A. Jeremy Telman

Originalism as Fable, D. A. Jeremy Telman

Examples of Regulatory Objectives for the Legal Profession (2019), Laurel S. Terry

Physician-Assisted Death: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, Alyssa Thurston

SCALL Institute 2019 Preview, Alyssa Thurston

¿Cuándo existen «motivos justificados» para el cambio del apellido, a la luz del formante jurisprudencial peruano?, Marco Andrei Torres Maldonado

Características de la hipoteca, Marco Andrei Torres Maldonado and Enrique Varsi Rospigliosi

Clasificación y tipología de la hipoteca, Marco Andrei Torres Maldonado and Enrique Varsi Rospigliosi

El patrimonio del deudor como prenda común de los acreedores, Marco Andrei Torres Maldonado and Enrique Varsi Rospigliosi

Constitutional Change in Greece after the Memoranda: A Retrospective, Anna Tsiftsoglou

Dynamics of Law and Its Functionality, Saumya Uma

Infield Fly Rule Is in Effect: The History and Strategy of Baseball's Most (In)Famous Rule, Howard M. Wasserman

Safety Intelligence and Legal Machine Language: Do We Need the Three Laws of Robotics?, Yueh-Hsuan Weng, Chien-Hsun Chen, and Chuen-Tsai Sun

Documents from 2018

A Political Scientist Says Living In Connecticut Is About To Get More Expensive. Here's Why.

Coming to terms with history: Germany is not Burka?

Comments on the IEEE PatCom’s proposal to accept LOAs under two distinct patent policies

Fragrant Harbour and Oyster Mirror: Beijing's Treaty Policy toward Hong Kong and Macao

Intellectual property policies for solar geoengineering

International Law

Longtime Professor Shares Stories of His Time at Sacred Heart

Power as a Factor in Lawyers' Ethical Deliberations

Quoted in "Supreme Court Hears Case Involving Brazilian Immigrant Who Lives on Martha’s Vineyard"

The Constitutional Right Not to Cooperate? Local Sovereignty and the Federal Immigration Power

What We Don't See When We See Copyright As Property

A Muslim Registry: The Precursor to Internment?

MDL v. Trump: The Puzzle of Public Law in Multidistrict Litigation, and

"Playing It Safe" with Empirical Evidence: Selective Use of Social Science in Supreme Court Cases About Racial Justice and Marriage Equality, and

The Serrano Documents, and

A First Appraisal of Serrano, , , and

Plenary Dialogue: Peace, Pamela Aall, Roxanna Altholz, Fateh Azzam, and Roxanne Krystalli

The Distinctive Energies of Normal Science, Kathryn Abrams

Fashioning an Effective Negotiation Style: Choosing Between Good Practices, Tactics, and Tricks, Harold I. Abramson

Fashioning an Effective Negotiation Style: Choosing Between Good Practices, Tactics, and Tricks, Harold I. Abramson

La poliza de riesgos ciberneticos. Breve comentario a propósito del reciente ataque cibernetico al sistema financiero y bancario peruano .docx, Carlos Augusto Acosta Olivo

El insurtech una aproximación a su concepto y a su impacto en el mercado asegurador global, Carlos Augusto Acosta Olivo and Pedro Eduardo Richter Valdivia

El aborto es corrupción.docx, Jorge Adame Goddard

Role of Clinical Legal Education in Social Justice in Nigeria, Olanike S. Adelakun-Odewale

Justice Prabha Sridevan and Prof. Srividya Raghavan on Patent Local Working and Safeguarding India's Sovereignty, Pankhuri Agarwal

Does Breaking Gender Stereotypes Contribute to Victimization at School?, Laura E. Agnich, Lindsay L. Kahle, Anthony A. Peguero, Jennifer L. Murphy, Olivia Foroughi, and Jennifer N. Nester

Personal and Political: LGBTQ+ Students’ Perceptions of Safety and Harassment in the Rural South, Laura E. Agnich, Gabrielle Lory, and Shanna N. Felix

After the Fall: Financial Crisis and the International Order, Robert B. Ahdieh

Agency Coordination as Agency Action, Robert B. Ahdieh

A Man in Full (A Tribute Remembering Professor David Bederman), Robert B. Ahdieh

Between Dialogue and Decree: International Review of National Courts, Robert B. Ahdieh

Between Mandate and Market: Contract Transition in the Shadow of the International Order, Robert B. Ahdieh

Beyond Individualism in Law and Economics, Robert B. Ahdieh

Coordination and Conflict: The Persistent Relevance of Networks in International Financial Regulation, Robert B. Ahdieh

Dialectical Regulation, Robert B. Ahdieh

Enter the Fox - Lumping and Splitting in the Study of Transnational Networks: A Response to Stavros Gadinis, Robert B. Ahdieh

Foreign Affairs, International Law, and the New Federalism: Lessons from Coordination, Robert B. Ahdieh

From Federalism to Intersystemic Governance: The Changing Nature of Modern Jurisdiction, Robert B. Ahdieh

From "Federalization" to "Mixed Governance" in Corporate Law: A Defense of Sarbanes-Oxley, Robert B. Ahdieh

From Federal Rules to Intersystemic Governance in Securities Regulation, Robert B. Ahdieh

From Fedspeak to Forward Guidance: Regulatory Dimensions of Central Bank Communications, Robert B. Ahdieh

Imperfect Alternatives: Networks, Salience, and Institutional Design in Financial Crises, Robert B. Ahdieh

Law's Signal: A Cueing Theory of Law in Market Transition, Robert B. Ahdieh

Making Markets: Network Effects and the Role of Law in the Creation of Strong Securities Markets, Robert B. Ahdieh

Notes from the Border: Writing Across the Administrative Law/Financial Regulation Divide, Robert B. Ahdieh

Reanalyzing Cost-Benefit Analysis: Toward a Framework of Function(s) and Form(s), Robert B. Ahdieh

Russia's Constitutional Revolution: Legal Consciousness and the Transition to Democracy, 1985-1996, Robert B. Ahdieh

The Dialectical Regulation of Rule 14a-8: Intersystemic Governance in Corporate Law, Robert B. Ahdieh

The Fog of Certainty, Robert B. Ahdieh

The (Misunderstood) Genius of American Corporate Law, Robert B. Ahdieh

The Role of Groups in Norm Transformation: A Dramatic Sketch, in Three Parts, Robert B. Ahdieh

The Strategy of Boilerplate, Robert B. Ahdieh

The Visible Hand: Coordination Functions of the Regulatory State, Robert B. Ahdieh

Trapped in a Metaphor: The Limited Implications of Federalism for Corporate Governance, Robert B. Ahdieh

Varieties of Corporate Law-Making: Competition, Preemption, and Federalism, Robert B. Ahdieh

Toward a Jurisprudence of Free Expression in Russia: The European Court of Human Rights, Sub-National Courts, and Intersystemic Adjudication, Robert B. Ahdieh and H. Forrest Flemming

The Existing Legal Infrastructure of BRICs: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going, Robert B. Ahdieh, Zhu Lee, Srividhya Ragavan, Kevin Noonan, and Clinton W. Francis

Refugee Status Determination Legal Framework and Human Rights-Constructing the Productive Other within the Frontier Justice.pdf, Dr Nafees Ahmad

Georgia State University Opens Groundbreaking New Legal Analytics Lab, Charlotte S. Alexander

Legal Avoidance and the Restructuring of Work, Charlotte S. Alexander

Uber, China, and Robots, Charlotte S. Alexander

The Hacking of Employment Law, Charlotte S. Alexander and Elizabeth Tippett

Aktuelle Rechtsprechung zur Durchsetzung von energierechtlichen Informationspflichten, Christian Alexander

Das Recht am eigenen Bild | The Right to the Personal Image, Christian Alexander

Die aktuelle Rechtsprechung zu Preis‐ und Vergleichsportalen, Christian Alexander

Die UWG-Novelle 2015 in der Praxis – Kontinuität der Rechtsanwendung oder Änderungsbedarf?, Christian Alexander

Geheimnisschutz nach dem GeschGehG und investigativer Journalismus, Christian Alexander

Geschäftsgeheimnisse | Trade Secrets, Christian Alexander

Worksheets on European Competition Law, Christian Alexander