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Documents from 2018

Toward a new model of money laundering: Is the “placement, layering, integration” model obsolete?, Stefan D. Cassella

Defense Conversion and the New Peace, Kevin J. Cassidy

The Grand Jury: A Shield of a Different Sort, R. Michael Cassidy and Julian A. Cook III

Rip Currents: Rough Water for End of Life Decision Making, Kathy L. Cerminara

Removing Obstacles to A Peaceful Death, Kathy L. Cerminara and Barbara A. Noah

China’s ‘Belt And Road’ Initiative: Mapping the World Trade Normative and Strategic Implications, Julien Chaisse

Draft “Agreement on the Establishment of the Asia-Pacific Regional Mediation Organization”, Julien Chaisse

Draft “Rules of Procedure for Mediation Conducted under the Asia-Pacific Regional Mediation Organization”, Julien Chaisse

International Investment Treaties and Arbitration Across Asia, Julien Chaisse and Luke Nottage

antiSLAPP darrenchaker.pdf, Darren Chaker

darren chaker blog brief.pdf, Darren Chaker

Cultural Competency and Legal Writing for U.S. Practitioners, Kim D. Chanbonpin

Regulating squeeze-outs techniques by controlling shareholders: The divergence between Hong Kong and Singapore, Christopher C. H. CHEN, Wei ZHANG, and Wai Yee WAN

Regulating squeeze-outs techniques by controlling shareholders: The divergence between Hong Kong and Singapore, Christopher C. H. CHEN, Wei ZHANG, and Wai Yee WAN

China's robot revolution, at your service, Danson Cheung

Comment to the SEC in Support of the Enhanced Disclosure of Patent and Technology License Information, Colleen Chien, Jorge L. Contreras, Carol Corrado, Stuart Graham, Deepak Hegde, Arti K. Rai, and Saurabh Vishnubhakat

Comment to the SEC in Support of the Enhanced Disclosure of Patent and Technology License Information, Colleen V. Chien, Jorge Contreras, Carol Corrado, Stuart Graham, Deepak Hedge, Arti K. Rai, and Saurabh Vishnubhakat

Commentary—Thoughts on State Action: The “Government Function” and “Power Theory” Approaches, Jesse H. Choper

Dave: Student, Friend, and Hero, Jesse H. Choper

Did Last Term Reveal "A Revolutionary States' Rights Movement within the Supreme Court"?, Jesse H. Choper

In Memoriam: Dr. Bernard L. Diamond, Jesse H. Choper

Structuring the Separation of Powers: The Judiciary and Institutions of Judicial Review, Jesse H. Choper

Supreme Court and the Political Branches: Democratic Theory and Practice, Jesse H. Choper

The Establishment Clause and Aid to Parochial Schools-An Update, Jesse H. Choper

The Free Exercise Clause: A Structural Overview and an Appraisal of Recent Developments, Jesse H. Choper

Yale Kamisar: Collaborator, Colleague, and Friend, Jesse H. Choper

The Political Process and Substantive Due Process, Jesse H. Choper and Stephen F. Ross

Beyond Doha’s Promises: Administrative Barriers as an Obstruction to Development, Sungjoon Cho

Doha’s Development, Sungjoon Cho

Linkage of Free Trade and Social Regulation: Moving Beyond the Entropic Dilemma, Sungjoon Cho

Remedying Trade Remedies, Sungjoon Cho

A Legal and Economic Critique of President Trump's China Trade Policies, D.C.K. Chow, W. McGuire, and I. Sheldon

Strict Liability and Negligence in Copyright Law: Fair Use as Regulation of Activity Levels, Apostolos Chronopoulos

Bad Science Begets Bad Convictions: The Need for Postconviction Relief in the Wake of Discredited Forensics, Jessica Gabel Cino

Deploying the Secret Police: The Use of Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System, Jessica Gabel Cino

Becoming a Fruitful Tree: Christ and the Limits of Legal Thinking, Elizabeth A. Clark

Church-State Relations in the Czech Republic: Past Turmoil and Present Transformation, Elizabeth A. Clark

Foreign Arbitration Clauses and Foreign Forum Selection Clauses in Bills of Lading Governed by COGSA: Vimar Seguros y Reaseguros, SA. v. MIV Sky Reefer, Elizabeth A. Clark

Beginnings of the United States Congress: Part 2, Marc A. Clauson

Breaking Down Trump's State of the Union Address, Marc A. Clauson

Controversy in DC, Marc A. Clauson

Gerrymandering and the Legislature, Marc A. Clauson

Good Samaritan to Close by End of Year, Marc A. Clauson

Government Reopens Following Brief Shutdown, Marc A. Clauson

Healthcare Deal Reached, Marc A. Clauson

Net Neutrality Vote, Marc A. Clauson

Plea Deal Could Lead to More Political Fallout, Marc A. Clauson

Possible Government Shutdown, Marc A. Clauson

President Trump's State of the Union Address, Marc A. Clauson

Tax Plan Confusion, Marc A. Clauson

Trump's First Address Tonight, Marc A. Clauson

Who Has the Largest "Nuke Button?", Marc A. Clauson

Premier, United Healthcare Reach Agreement, Marc A. Clauson and Elizabeth A. Delaney

62. The Effects of implicit encouragement and the putative confession on children’s memory reports., Kyndra C. Cleveland, Jodi A. Quas, and Thomas D. Lyon

Keeping that Doggie in the (Car) Window Safe: Recommendations for Driving with Canine Companions, Phyllis Coleman

Do Drop Boxes Improve Voter Turnout? Evidence From King County, Washington, Loren Collingwood, William McGuire, Benjamin Gonzalez O'Brien, Katherine Baird, and Sarah Hampson

Veterans Benefits: A Legal Research Guide (Legal Research Guides Volume 69), Lauren M. Collins

Incorporating Interactive Teaching Methods in the Law Classroom, Lurene Contento

Legal Writing for Lawyers, Lurene Contento

Moderator, Incorporating Ideas from Applied Linguistics and English Education into the Legal Writing Classroom, Lurene Contento

Panelist, Strategies for Legal Writing Support in Upper Level Courses, Lurene Contento

Presenter, Balancing Content, Language, and Student Needs: A Conversation, Lurene Contento

Presenter, Best Practices in Teaching International LLM Students, Lurene Contento

The Art of Writing Persuasively and Writing Persuasively, Thinking Strategically, Lurene Contento

How the law can make it simple: easing the circulation of agency in e-justice, Francesco Contini and Richard Mohr

Deciding What's Best for Children, John E. Coons, Robert H. Mnookin, and Stephen D. Sugarman

Puzzling over Children's Rights, John E. Coons, Robert H. Mnookin, and Stephen D. Sugarman

Family Choice in Education: A Model State System for Vouchers, John E. Coons and Stephen D. Sugarman

The Scholarship Initiative: A Model State Law for Elementary and Secondary School Choice, John E. Coons and Stephen D. Sugarman

Quoted in "Lawsuit against California Mirrors Arizona Immigration Fight", Jonathan J. Cooper

Moore's Federal Practice (2018 edition), Daniel R. Coquillette

Strategies of Public UDAP Enforcement, Prentiss Cox

Book Review: Choreographing Copyright: Race, Gender, and Intellectual Property Rights in American Dance by Anthea Kraut, Carys Craig

Couple Sues Over Copycat Home Design, Carys Craig

CPAC’s Coverage of the IIC Canada Annual Conference – Copyright Act Reform, Carys Craig

Globalizing User Rights-Talk: On Copyright Limits and Rhetorical Risks, Carys Craig

Bracing for Impact - The AI Challenge - IP & Commercialization - Policy Considerations, Carys Craig, Aviv Gaon, Maya Medeiros, Dov Greenbaum, Alexandra George, and Carole Piovesan

Critical Copyright Law & the Politics of ‘IP’, Carys J. Craig

Judicial Impunity: A Likely Inadvertent but Deadly Failure of American Democracy, Zena D. Crenshaw-Logal

The Copyright Holdout Problem and New Internet-Based Services, John T. Cross and Peter K. Yu

Unionization and the Development of Policies for Non-Tenure Track Faculty: A Comparative Study of Research Universities, Karen Halverson Cross

Book Review: Anthea Roberts, Is International Law International?, Kevin Crow

Book Review: Diane Desierto, Public Policy in International Economic Law: The ICESCR in Trade, Finance, and Investment, Kevin Crow

International Corporate Obligations, Human Rights, and the Urbaser Standard: Breaking New Ground?, Kevin Crow and Lina Lorenzoni Escobar

We Must Protect Puerto Rican Voting Rights in 2018, Katherine Culliton

Litigating Nonhuman Animal Legal Personhood, Richard L. Cupp Jr.

Digg, Debra Moss Curtis

Introduction to Legal Visualization, Vytautas Čyras, Friedrich Lachmayer, Harald Hoffmann, and Yueh-Hsuan Weng

Book Reviews and Libel Proceedings, Lori Fisler Damrosch, Bernard H. Oxman, Richard B. Bidler, and David D. Caron

Chief justice Deepak Misra_ Can technology bridge the transparency and trust deficit in India's supreme court_ — Quartz.pdf, Shubhankar Dam

Supreme court_ How the Indian judiciary handles the civil disobedience will determine its future — Quartz.pdf, Shubhankar Dam

The Science of Homosexuality: Navtej Johar v Union of India S377 India Penal Code, Shubhankar Dam

Why the Supreme Court has only itself to blame for the recent unsavoury episodes - The Economic Times.pdf, Shubhankar Dam

Institutional Corruption in the Supreme Court of India.pdf, Shubhankar Dam, Madhav S. Aney, and Giovanni Ko

The implication of Fragmented Residential Land on the Built Environment of Metropolitan Kano, Nigeria, Ibrahim M. Dankani and Mohammed S. Ibrahim

The Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017 - Implications for FDA Regulation and Public Health, Jonathan J. Darrow, Erin C. Fuse Brown, and Aaron S. Kesselheim


'One Flesh’ in Ecclesiastical Tradition and in Karaite Law .pdf, JOSEPH DAVID

Others-in-Law Legalism in the Economy of Religious Differences .pdf, JOSEPH DAVID

The Library of Robert Morris, Civil Rights Lawyer & Activist, Laurel Davis and Mary Sarah Bilder