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Documents from 2018

Use of Antibiotics in Meat Producing Animals in Bangladesh: A Regulatory Review, Dr. A N M Atahar Ali

Plea Bargaining: An Example of Negotiating With Constraints, Cynthia Alkon

Magisterarbeit: Privatisierung der öffentlichen Staatsaufgaben vor dem Hintergrund des Grundrechtschutzes in Deutschland (LL.M. Thesis: Privatization of State Functions Against the Background of the Protection of Fundamental Rights in Germany), Jennifer Allison

Confidentiality in the Age of Social Media, Ty Alper

Elusive Justice: Legal Redress for Killings by U.S. Border Agents, Roxanna Altholz

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll's Will: A Tale of Testamentary Capacity, Stephen R. Alton

Ethics Issues Inherent in Special Immigrant Juvenile State Court Proceedings - Practical Proposals for Intractable Problems, Alexis Anderson

Incorporating Experiential Learning in Every Class: Required Courses, Seminars and Live-Client Representation, Courtney Anderson, Jessica Gabel Cino, Nicole G. Iannarone, and Leslie E. Wolf

Incorporating Experiential Learning in Every Class: Required Courses, Seminars and Live-Client Representation, Courtney Anderson, Jessica Gabel Cino, Nicole G. Iannarone, and Leslie E. Wolf

Deconstructing Neighborhoods, Kristi Andrasik and Joseph Mead

Handling Evictions of Unknown Occupants Before Trial, Steven J. Andre

Mapping of Waste dumpsites using geospatial technique in Karu, Nasarawa State, North Central, Nigeria., N R. Andrew, S N. Tsado, and C I. Oguche

Virtual Clinical Trials: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, Lori Andrews, Kayla Kostelecky, Stephanie Spritz, and Alexandra Franco

Public Awareness and Perception of Biogas as Alternative Energy Source for Environmental Sustainability in Gwagwalada Town, FCT Abuja, Nigeria., Millicent C. Anibueze

Lawyer and Law Student Well-Being, Filippa M. Anzalone

Think Fast: Post Judgment Considerations in Hague Child Abduction Cases, Timothy L. Arcaro

Regulation and Supervision of the OTC Derivatives Market, Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera

Targeting, Gender, and International Posthumanitarian Law and Practice: Framing The Question of the Human in International Humanitarian Law, Matilda Arvidsson

La incautación inmobiliaria. Los efectos reales y formas jurídicas involucradas, apropósito de un caso..docx, Jorge Luis . Ascencios Dávila


La pared común. Aproximaciones al derecho de medianería, una especie de copropiedad forzosa sin utilidad en la realidad..docx, Jorge Luis . Ascencios Dávila

Sobre el título supletorio: ¿Qué ocurre cuando se transfiere una parte del terreno matriz?¿Qué es para un juez un "propietario" que no puede acreditar su derecho?, Jorge Luis . Ascencios Dávila

Un rostro bello en un lunar de carne: La falacia de la riqueza con base al paradigma de la formalización predial.docx, Jorge Luis . Ascencios Dávila

Stategraft, Bernadette Atuahene and Timothy Hodge

The Fiery Furnace Civil Disobedience and the Civil Rights Movement: A Biblical Exegesis on Daniel 3 and Letter From Birmingham Jail, Jonathan C. Augustine

Strengthening cooperation on transboundary groundwater resources, Alice Aureli and Gabriel Eckstein

Unions and ADR: The Relationship between Labor Unions and Workplace Dispute Resolution in U.S. Corporations, Ariel C. Avgar, J. Ryan Lamare, David B. Lipsky, and Abhishek Gupta

Bankruptcy on the Side, Kenneth Ayotte, Anthony J. Casey, and David A. Skeel Jr.

Outlaw Against the Thinking Fathers, Susan Ayres

Paternity Un(certainty): How the Law Surrounding Paternity Challenges Negatively Impacts Family Relationships and Women's Sexuality, Susan Ayres

Teaching Empathy: Using Dramatic Narrative to Understand Domestic Violence, Susan Ayres

The "Straight Mind" in Russ’s The Female Man, Susan Ayres

When Women Kill Newborns: The Rhetoric of Vulnerability, Susan Ayres

Coercive Assimilationism: The Perils of Muslim Women's Identity Performance in the Workplace, Sahar F. Aziz

Rethinking Counterterrorism in the Age of ISIS: Lessons from Sinai, Sahar F. Aziz

Sex in a Masculinities World: Gender, Undesired Sex, and Rape, Kimberly D. Bailey

Seeking Full Disclosure on How Patents are Working Locally through Form 27 will help Promote Innovation Knowledge Ecology International, Thiru Balasubramanium

Dr. José Balcázar Quiroz -Acto Juridico.ppt, José Balcázar Quiroz

Berkeley and Israel: Past, Present and Future, Kenneth A. Bamberger

Platform Market Power, Kenneth A. Bamberger and O Lobel

Public International Law: Environmental Law, Gilbert M. Bankobeza, Susan Biniaz, Clare Breidenich, Melanne Andromecca Civic, Gabriel E. Eckstein, David Favre, Paul E. Hagen, Teresa Hobgood, Karissa Taylor Kovner, Gregory F. Maggio, Howard Mann, Darlene A. Pearson, Margaret F. Spring, Katherine E. Mills, David W. Wagner, and John Barlow Weiner

Religious Monopolies and the Commodification of Religion, Shima Baradaran-Robison, Brett G. Scharffs, and Elizabeth A. Sewell

Arrested Development: Rethinking the Contract Age of Majority for the Twenty-First Century Adolescent, Wayne Barnes

Contemplating a Civil Law Paradigm for a Future International Commercial Code, Wayne R. Barnes

Social Media and the Rise in Consumer Bargaining Power, Wayne R. Barnes

The Complete Guide to Mechanic's and Materialman's Lien Laws of Texas, Wayne Barnes and Sterling W. Steves

Fanaticism and the End of Rational Discourse.docx, David Barnhizer

Institutional Conditions of Contemporary Legal Thought, Paulo D. Barrozo

Legisprudence and the Limits of Legislation תורת החקיקה וגבולות החקיקה, Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Quantinsky v. the Knesset in the Matter of the Third Apartment Tax: A Necessary Decision or an Unjustified "Major Deviation" From the Case Law? בג"ץ קוונטינסקי נ' הכנסת בעניין מס דירה שלישית: החלטה מתבקשת או 'סטיה רבתי' בלתי מוצדקת מההלכה הפסוקה?, Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Revolution or Continuity? Bank Hamizrachi's Role in the Development of Judicial Review Models in Israel מהפכה או המשכיות?: מקומו של פסק דין בנק המזרחי בהתפתחות המודלים של ביקורת שיפוטית בישראל, Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Temporary Legislation's Finest Hour?: Towards a Proper Model of Temporary Legislation in Israel שעתן היפה של הוראות השעה?: לקראת מודל ראוי של חקיקה זמנית בישראל, Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Cloud Crimes: Understanding the Privacy Challenges, Subhajit Basu

'Mallet against machine’: Regulating the AI landscape, Subhajit Basu

Regulation for E-payment Systems: Analytical Approaches Beyond Private Ordering, Subhajit Basu and Adekemi Omotubora

Beyond the present: Privacy and Personalised Medicine, Subhajit Basu and Kemi Omotubora

Next Generation Privacy for Smart Technologies, Subhajit Basu and Kemi Omotubora

Domestic Disorders: Suffrage and New York's Constitutional Convention of 1867, Felice Batlan

Politics and Mythology in the Early Women’s Rights Movement, Felice Batlan

Introduction: The Making of a Canonical Legal Historian, Felice Batlan and R. B. Bernstein

Are We Our Mother's Law Students?: Women's Law School Experiences and an Agenda for Action, Felice J. Batlan

CFIUS Introduction and Trends.pdf, Perry S. Bechky

Salini's Nature: Arbitrators' Duty of Jurisdictional Policing, Perry S. Bechky

Sanctions and the Blurred Boundaries of International Economic Law, Perry S. Bechky

Progress and Backlash in the Wake of Obergefell: Reaching Conservative Southern Teachers through the Power of Literature, Scott A. Beck, Dina C. Walker-DeVose, Laura E. Agnich, Caren Town, and Trina Smith

Reaching Conservative Teachers Regarding Gender and Sexual Diversity in the Wake of Obergefell, Scott A. Beck, Dina C. Walker-DeVose, Laura E. Agnich, Caren Town, and Trina Smith

How to Argue Liberty Cases in a Post-Kennedy World: It’s Not About Individual Rights, But State Power and the Social Compact, Brendan T. Beery

Special International Zones in Practice and Theory, Tom W. Bell

Few Ironies of Western Water Law, A, Reed D. Benson

Is there a right to life for the Colorado River?, Reed D. Benson

Reviewing Reservoir Operations: Can Federal Water Projects Adapt to Change?, Reed D. Benson

So Much Conflict, Yet So Much in Common: Considering the Similarities between Western Water Law and the Endangered Species Act, Reed D. Benson

Review of: Prevention of Injuries in the Young Dancer by Ruth Solomon, John Solomon, and Lyle J. Micheli, Gigi Berardi

Designing GUIs: Current treatment of virtual or non-physical designs in Australia, Tyrone Berger

Designing GUIs: Current treatment of virtual or non-physical designs in Australia, Tyrone Berger

Taphonomic and Fossil Reconstructive Analyses of the Ngaloba (LH 18) Skull, Kersten Bergstrom, Lauren Butaric, Agness O. Gidna, Charles Musiba, Robert Z. Selden Jr., and Cassian Magori


Ahead of his time: Cardozo and the Current Debates on Professional Responsibility, Alberto Bernabe

A Tale of Two Cases: The Supreme Court's Uneasy Position on the Proper Allocation of Authority to Decide Whether to Concede a Client's Guilt in a Criminal Case, Alberto Bernabe

Attorney-Client Matchmaking and For-Profit Referral Services: 21st Century Innovation Clashes with 20th Century Rules, Alberto Bernabe

Comentarios sobre la propuesta revisión del Código Civil: Responsabilidad Civil Extracontractual, Alberto Bernabe

Los perros pitbull y la propuesta revisión del Código Civil, Alberto Bernabe

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and the Duty of Confidentiality, Alberto Bernabe

Quílez Velar v. Ox Bodies, Inc: Oportunidad perdida para corregir la doctrina de la solidaridad en casos de inmunidad, Alberto Bernabe

The Common Law System, Alberto Bernabe

A Call to Arms for Basic Training, Robert Berring

A Few Parting Words: Proposed Draft Submitted to Censors Dec. 31, 2027, Robert Berring

A Look Ahead, Robert Berring

A National Library: Beyond Parochial Needs, Robert Berring

An Embattled Profession Faces New Challenges: The Information Revolution is Leaving Librarians Behind, Robert Berring

A Showstopper from Westlaw: The Natural Language Searching System is a Breakthrough, Robert Berring

A Sort of Response: Brutal Non-Choices, Robert Berring

California’s Rush to Be in the Vanguard of Uniform Citation Might Be Jumping the Gun, Robert Berring

Challenge for Law Libraries-And Librarians-of Tomorrow, Robert Berring

Copyright: On-Line Abstracts Raise New Issue, Robert Berring

Dyspeptic Ramblings of a Retiring Past President, Robert Berring

Editorial. Life at the Reference Desk, Robert Berring

Editorial. The Virtual Law Library, Robert Berring

Editorial. Westlaw and Lexis, Robert Berring

Full-Text Databases and Legal Research: Backing into the Future, Robert Berring