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Documents from 2020

The BC Ninth Circuit Appellate Program provides pro bono representation to non-citizens with criminal convictions. A central criticism of immigration law is that it treats hundreds of crimes the same, failing to take into account that state and federal judges consider specific offenses not serious or deserving of probation instead of incarceration. The clinic’s mission is to use federal court advocacy to restore proportionality and common sense into the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

On the Linguistic Design of Multinational Courts—The French Capture, Mathilde Cohen

The politics and governance of negative emissions technologies, Jesse Reynolds

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Intellectual Property and Trade in the Pacific Rim, Matthew Rimmer

Documents from 2019

Property Rights in Sequential Exchange, Benito Arrunada, Giorgio Zanarone, and Nuno Garoupa

Stategraft: A Pernicious Form of Corruption Unveiled (forthcoming 2019), Bernadette Atuahene

Taxed Out: Illegal property tax assessments and the epidemic of tax foreclosures in Detroit (forthcoming 2019), Bernadette Atuahene and Christopher Berry

PSEUDO-DEMOCRACY IN A POST-RULE OF LAW ERA, David Barnhizer and Daniel D. Barnhizer

THE DECAY OF THE “MYTH” OF THE AMERICAN RULE OF LAW, David Barnhizer and Daniel D. Barnhizer

Disinformation and Democracy: age of “alt-truth”?, Subhajit Basu

‘Internet of Everything’: The inevitable end of Privacy?, Subhajit Basu

Rational Basis Loses Its Bite: Justice Kennedy's Retirement Removes the Most Lethal Quill from LGBT Advocates' Equal-Protection Quiver, Brendan T. Beery

Implicit bias in dean search process - Neitz- FINAL (1).pdf, Michele Benedetto Neitz

Do Colleges and Universities Have a Duty to Help?: California and Massachusetts Lead the Way, Alberto Bernabe

El profesionalismo y los retos futuros a la profesión legal, Alberto Bernabe

Resale of Digital Works Under Copyright Laws - A Legal and Economic Analysis.pdf, Muhammad Masum Billah Dr.

Grading Patent Remedies: Dependent Claims and Relative Infringement, Daniel Harris Brean

Intelligent Design & Egyptian Goddess: A Response to Professors Buccafusco, Lemley & Masur, Sarah Burstein

Is Design Patent Examination Too Lax?, Sarah Burstein

Lecture - Asset Forfeiture in the US - Santiago 2018 - English.pdf, Stefan D. Cassella

Lecture - Asset Forfeiture in the US - Santiago 2018 - Spanish.pdf, Stefan D. Cassella

Darren Chaker Civil RICO.PDF, Darren Chaker

Corporations and Crimes Against Humanity, Kevin Crow

International Law and Corporate Participation in Times of Armed Conflict: Financial Liability Through ISDS?, Kevin Crow

The Opacity of Proportionality in International Courts: Could Categories Clarify?, Kevin Crow

The Scope of the ICC Registrar’s Powers Under Various Regulations, Kevin Crow

Trade, Distribution and Development Under Supply Chain Capitalism, Dan Danielsen

A Legal Playbook for Deep Cuts in Greenhouse Gases, John C. Dernbach

A Lawyer's Guide to Addressing Climate Disruption, John C. Dernbach and Michael B. Gerrard

Beyond Bias in Diversity Jurisdiction.docx, Scott Dodson

Plaintiff Personal Jurisdiction and Venue Transfer, Scott Dodson

Sexual Misconduct, Religion, And Culture, Alev Dudek

How the U.S. Supreme Court Deemed the Grand Bargain Adequate Without Defining Adequacy.pdf, Michael C. Duff

Kentucky and Sports Law, Adam Epstein

“Bullets of Truth”: Julian Assange and the Politics of Transparency, Mark Fenster

Feed: State Transparency Amidst Informational Surplus, Mark Fenster

Democracia & Civilização.doc, Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

Universidade e Ufanismo, Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

Black Childhood and Philosophy | Panel Discussion, Sarah Jane Forman, Odeana R. Neal, SpearIt, Phyllis C. Taite, Tsedey Tedla, Cedric Merlin Powell, and Anthony Paul Farley

Don't Be Distracted by the Peacock Trying to Board an Airplane: Why Emotional Support Animals Are Service Animals and Should Be Regulated in the Same Manner, Amanda M. Foster

Can Directors Insure Against Criminal Workplace Health and Safety Penalties?, Neil J. Foster

High Court of Australia decision on WHS law, Neil J. Foster

A Structural Approach to Case Synthesis, Fact Application, and Persuasive Framing of the Law, Lara Gelbwasser Freed and Joel Atlas

The Interrogations of Brendan Dassey, Brian Gallini

Peace Cross Op-Ed Feb 2019.pdf, Alan E. Garfield

Law, Economics and Courts, Nuno Garoupa

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Rules and Commentary (2019 ed. Thomson Reuters), Steven S. Gensler

George S. Ford. ‘A Counterfactual Impact Analysis of Fair Use Policy on Copyright Related Industries in Singapore’ – A Critical Review of a Pseudo Critical Review., Roya Ghafele

Non-Physician vs. Physician: Cross-Disciplinary Expert Testimony in Medical Negligence Litigation—Who Knows the Standard of Care?, Marc D. Ginsberg

Medical Marijuana in Arkansas: The Perils of Poor Drafting, Carol Goforth

Argument and the "Moral Impact" Theory of Law, Alani Golanski

Personal de la Embajada Americana agrede a docente en la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana..wfp, Daniel Fernando Gómez Tamayo

Environmental Justice, the Cold War, and US Human Rights Exceptionalism, Carmen G. Gonzalez

삼성 이병철 회장 24가지 종교질문.docx, Sung-Soo Han

A Solution to North Korea Nuke & Korea Peninsusla Issue, and Reform of the UN Operation System.docx, Sung-Soo Han

다국적기업 R&D, 판매활동 국가에 세금 내야, Sung-Soo Han

Undesirable Google Digital Tax & Tax War.docx, Sung-Soo Han

Helfand_From Doctrine to Devotion.pdf, Michael A. Helfand

Should Robots Prosecute and Defend?, Stephen E. Henderson

Make N.Y. a labor leader again: It's time for Albany to usher in 21st-century employment protections, William A. Herbert

GEC_2018_1274_Original_V1.pdf, Kyle S. Herman

Earth and Health: Learning Across the Boundaries of Global Governance, Kyle S. Herman and Soheil Shayegh

ASEAN Law in the New Regional Economic Order: an Introductory Roadmap to the ASEAN Economic Community, Pasha L. HSIEH

The Quest for Recognition: Taiwan’s Military and Trade Agreements with Singapore under the One-China policy, Pasha L. HSIEH

Transnational Legal Services in Asia: Legal Implications of the AEC and the CPTPP, Pasha L. HSIEH

Flying Baseballs, Injured Fans, Uncertain Liability: Why Legislative Action is Needed in the Sunshine State, Robert M. Jarvis

Gambling Under the Swastika: Casinos, Horse Racing, Lotteries, and Other Forms of Betting in Nazi Germany, Robert M. Jarvis

Gambling Under the Swastika: Casinos, Horse Racing, Lotteries, and Other Forms of Betting in Nazi Germany, Robert M. Jarvis

Racial Indirection, Yuvraj Joshi

Dissolving Legal Barriers, Curtis E.A. Karnow

"Politics, Money, and Distrust: French-American Alliances in the International Campaign for Women’s Equal Rights, 1925–1930.”, Sara L. Kimble

Proximate Cause and Patent Law, Amy L. Landers

Cite-Seeing Part III: The Indigo Book, ALWD, Lexis, and Westlaw, Gerald Lebovits

In Defense of the American Community Survey, Michael Lewyn

Midat Sodom and the Housing Affordability Crisis, Michael Lewyn

Unrequited: Asymmetry in Interorganizational Trust, Fabrice Lumineau, Melissa Graebner, and Darcy Fudge Kamal

The Dark Side of Interorganizational Relationships: An Integrative Review and Research Agenda, Fabrice Lumineau and Nuno Oliveira

The Time is Ripe! Using Time Conceptualizations to Advance Research on Interorganizational Relationships, Fabrice Lumineau and Nuno Oliveira

Narrowing the Digital Divide: A Better Broadband Universal Service Program, Daniel Lyons

Consultative Committee of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (Convention 108) Report on Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection: Challenges and Possible Remedies, Alessandro Mantelero

An Exploration of Coastal Property Rights in the United States under Conditions of Sea Level Rise, Chad J. McGuire

3D Printing and Beyond: Intellectual Property and Regulation, Dinusha Mendis, Mark Lemley, and Matthew Rimmer

From the Maker Movement to the 3D Printing Era: Opportunities and Challenges, Dinusha Mendis, Mark Lemley, and Matthew Rimmer

The Future of Printcrime: Intellectual Property, Innovation Law, and 3D Printing, Dinusha Mendis, Mark Lemley, and Matthew Rimmer

Quando Litigar Vale Mais a Pena do que Fazer Acordo: os grandes litigantes na Justiça Trabalhista, Bruno Meyerhof Salama, Luciana L. Yeung, and Danilo Carlotti

The Faulty Foundation of the Draft Restatement of Consumer Contracts, Juliet M. Moringiello, Adam J. Levitin, Nancy S. Kim, Christina L. Kunz, Peter Linzer, Patricia A. McCoy, Elizabeth Renuart, and Lauren E. Willis

Rights Disappear When US Policy Engages Children as Weapons of Deterrence, Craig B. Mousin

Disclosure-Driven Crime, J.S. Nelson

Information Literacy in a Fake/False News World: Why Does it Matter and How Does it Spread?, Kristina L. Niedringhaus

66. Younger and Older Adults’ Lie-Detection and Credibility Judgments of Children’s Coached Reports, Alison M. O'Connor, Thomas D. Lyon, and Angela D. Evans


American Lawyer Art re Dark Overlord Hacking (00795992x9C8CB).pdf, Dan Packel

Blinded By Color: The New Equal Protection, the Second Deconstruction, and Affirmative Inaction, Cedric Merlin Powell

From Louisville to Liddell: Schools, Rhetorical Neutrality, and the Post-Racial Equal Protection Clause, Cedric Merlin Powell

Rhetorical Neutrality: Colorblindness, Frederick Douglass, and Inverted Critical Race Theory, Cedric Merlin Powell

The Rhetorical Allure of Post-Racial Process Discourse and the Democratic Myth, Cedric Merlin Powell

Beyond The Paris Agreement: Intellectual Property, Innovation Policy, and Climate Justice, Matthew Rimmer

Make and Share: Intellectual Property, Higher Education, Technology Transfer, and 3D Printing in a Global Context, Matthew Rimmer

Makers Empire: Australian Copyright Law, 3D Printing, and the 'Ideas Boom', Matthew Rimmer

Tax Issues in the Sharing Economy: Implications for Workers, Diane M. Ring and Shu-Yi Oei