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Documents from 2021

A Structuralist Concept of the Rule of Law.pdf, Alani Golanski

Racial Capitalism, Climate Justice, and Climate Displacement, Carmen G. Gonzalez

Rethinking Non-Recognition: The EU’s Investment Agreement with Taiwan under the One-China Policy, Pasha L. HSIEH

Hyperreal: Law and the Interpretation of Visual Media, Amy L. Landers

Bentham’s Limits and the Theory of Legislation, David Lieberman

Article 10 of the Paris Agreement 2015: Technology Development and Transfer, Matthew Rimmer

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Intellectual Property and Trade in the Pacific Rim, Matthew Rimmer

Instructor and Facilitator, Clinical Law Review Writers' Workshop, Paul R. Tremblay

Documents from 2020

An Economic Model of Patent Exhaustion

Governing New Biotechnologies for Biodiversity Conservation: Gene Drives, International Law, and Emerging Politics

The BC Ninth Circuit Appellate Program provides pro bono representation to non-citizens with criminal convictions. A central criticism of immigration law is that it treats hundreds of crimes the same, failing to take into account that state and federal judges consider specific offenses not serious or deserving of probation instead of incarceration. The clinic’s mission is to use federal court advocacy to restore proportionality and common sense into the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

Singapore Mediation Convention Reference Book, Harold Abramson (Faculty Editor)

Defining Nonviolence as a Matter of Law and Politics, Tabatha Abu El-Haj

1. El país y las fuentes de la historia de Jesús de Nazaret.docx, Jorge Adame Goddard

The Same River Twice: A Brief History of How the 1968 Florida Constitution Came to Be and What it Has Become, Mary E. Adkins

Leopold & Morel: A Story of 'Free Trade' and 'Native Rights' in the Congo Free State, Padideh Ala'i

The Vital Role of the WTO Appellate Body in the Promotion of Rule of Law and International Cooperation: A Case Study, Padideh Ala'i

Transparency and the Post Cold-War Trading System, Padideh Ala'i

Transparency in International Economic Relations and the Role of the WTO, Padideh Ala'i and Matthew D'Orsi

Climate Change Innovation, Products and Services under the GATT/WTO System, Padideh Ala'i and David Gantz

Litigation Migrants, Charlotte S. Alexander

#MeToo and the Litigation Funnel, Charlotte S. Alexander

Socialization at Work and #MeToo Backlash, Charlotte S. Alexander

Living with Impunity: Unsolved Murders in Oakland and the Human Rights Impact on Victims' Family Members, Roxanna M. Altholz

Interview of Srividhya Ragavan: Professor at Texas A&M University, NLUD VC Candidate, Aditya Anand

Living with the UN: American Responsibilities and International Order, Kenneth Anderson

Maximizing Deniability the Justice System and Human Rights in Guatemala, Kenneth Anderson

Persecuting Human Rights Monitors: The CERJ in Guatemala, Kenneth Anderson

Speaking the Law: The Obama Administration's Addresses on National Security Law, Kenneth Anderson

The Anfal Campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan: The Destruction of Koreme, Kenneth Anderson

Yugoslavia: Crisis in Kosovo, Kenneth Anderson and

Discordant Environmental Laws: Using Statutory Flexibility and Multi-Objective Optimization to Reconcile Conflicting Laws, Mary Jane Angelo

Food Security, Industrialized Agriculture, and a Changing Global Climate: Perspectives on the United States and Cuba, Mary Jane Angelo

Integrating Water Management and Land Use Planning: Uncovering the Missing Link in the Protection of Florida’s Water Resources?, Mary Jane Angelo

The Bar Exam and the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Need for Immediate Action, Claudia Angelos, Sara J. Berman, Mary Lu Bilek, Carol L. Chomsky, Andrea A. Curcio, Marsha Griggs, Joan W. Howarth, Eileen Kaufman, Deborah Jones Merritt, Patricia E. Salkin, and Judith Welch Wegner

The Bar Exam and the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Need for Immediate Action, Claudia Angelos, Sara J. Berman, Mary Lu Bilek, Carol L. Chomsky, Andrea A. Curcio, Marsha Griggs, Joan W. Howarth, Eileen Kaufman, Deborah Jones Merritt, Patricia E. Salkin, and Judith Welch Wegner

Ecosystem Management and the Everglades: A Legal and Institutional Analysis, Thomas T. Ankersen and Richard Hamann

Discusiones sobre la importancia de la Regulación Inteligente (Discussing Core Features of Smart Regulation), Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera

Documento de Trabajo: Regulación Financiera en Europa y Estados Unidos (Working Paper: Financial Regulation in Europe and the US), Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera

Impacto del FinTech en la Regulación Financiera (Impact of FinTech in Financial Regulation), Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera

Is Risk-Based Regulation the Most Efficient Strategy to Rule the Unknown Risks Brought by FinTech?, Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera

La estrategia de la Regulación basada en el Riesgo (Risk-based Regulation as a Regulatory Strategy), Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera

Problemáticas Asociadas a la Adopción de Contratos Inteligentes en el Mercado de Derivados Financieros (Legal Challenges Associated With the Adoption of Smart Contracts in Financial Derivatives), Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera

CV JORGE LUIS ASCENCIOS DAVILA ABRIL 2020.pdf, Jorge Luis . Ascencios Dávila

Predatory Cities, Bernadette Atuahene

And When Does the Black Church Get Political?: Responding in the Era of Trump and Making the Black Church Great Again, Jonathan C. Augustine

Taxing the Digital Economy Post-BEPS…Seriously, Andres Báez Moreno and Yariv Brauner

Can You Pay for Privacy? Consumer Expectations and Mobile App Behavior, Kenneth A. Bamberger, Serge Egelman, Catherine Han, Amit Elazari Bar On, and Irwin Reyes

Trump Had a Duty to Investigate Joe Biden.pdf, David Barnhizer

Fintech Regulation in UK, Subhajit Basu and Adekemi Omotubora

Talk on Human Rights & Economic Sanctions, Perry S. Bechky

Book Review - Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food, edited by Rachel Rose, Gigi Berardi

FoodWISE, Gigi Berardi

Staging Race and Climate Change: Seattle’s Donald Byrd moves the conversation forward, Gigi Berardi

A Rhetorical-Computational Analysis of Justice Antonin Scalia's "Remarkable Influence": The Unexpected Importance of Deceptively Unanimous and Contested Majority Opinions, Linda L. Berger

Берлявский Л.Г., Перехов Я.А. Великий труженик науки, Leonid G. Berlyavskiy


Guarding the Guardians: Should Guardians ad Litem Be Immune From Liability For Negligence?, Alberto Bernabe

Los problemas en cuanto al derecho civil extracontractual en el nuevo Código Civil, Alberto Bernabe

Complaint, Kristofek v. Richard Yanz, et al, Docket No. 1:12-cv-08340 (Northern District of Illinois Oct 17, 2012), Allison Bethel and

Complaint, Nikolich et al v. The Village of Arlington Heights Illinois, 870 F.Supp.2d 556, Docket No. 1:10-cv-07395 (Northern District of Illinois 2012), Allison Bethel and

The Lady and George Washington: Female Genius in the Age of the Constitution, Mary Sarah Bilder

A Tribute to Lara D. Gass, Patrick and Anna Bolling, David I. Bruck, Samuel W. Calhoun, Katherine Coleman, Nora V. Demleitner, Ellen Marks, John A. Parkins Jr., Doug Pittman, Rebecca Reed, Krystal Brunner Swendsboe, Christopher Wagner, Robin Fretwell Wilson, and Julie Cromer Young

Antidiscriminatory Algorithms, Stephanie Bornstein

Public-Private Co-Enforcement Litigation, Stephanie Bornstein

Discrimination against Mothers is the Strongest Form of Workplace Gender Discrimination: Lessons from US Caregiver Discrimination Law, Stephanie Bornstein, Joan C. Williams, and Genevieve R. Painter

"The Environmental Impacts of International Finance Corporation Lending and Proposals for Reform: A Case Study of Conservation and Oil Development in the Guatemalan Petén", Ian A. Bowles, Amy B. Rosenfeld, Cyril F. Kormos, Conrad C.S. Reining, James D. Nations, and Thomas T. Ankersen

Book Review: International Tax Policy: Between Competition and Cooperation, Yariv Brauner

Treaties in the Aftermath of BEPS, Yariv Brauner

Why Examples? Towards More Behaviorally-Intelligent Regulation, Yariv Brauner

Blue Legalities: The Law and Life of the Sea, Irus Braverman and Elizabeth R. Johnson

2019: Aili Bresnahan, Milestone Book Selection, Aili W. Bresnahan

Dance Rhythm, Aili W. Bresnahan

Is Tap Dance A Form of Jazz Percussion?, Aili W. Bresnahan

The Philosophy of Dance, Aili W. Bresnahan

Coronavirus is a Reminder to Value Parks and Public Spaces, Sara C. Bronin

What the Pandemic Can Teach Climate Attorneys, Sara C. Bronin

Zoning for Families, Sara C. Bronin

Transforming the Education of Lawyers: The Theory and Practice of Clinical Pedagogy, Susan Bryant, Elliot Milstein, and Ann Shalleck

Transforming the Education of Lawyers: The Theory and Practice of Clinical Pedagogy, Susan Bryant, Elliot Milstein, and Ann Shalleck

Legal Literature Review of Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing (2007-2017): Doing Good by Doing Business, Deborah Burand and Anne Tucker

Codifying Castle Harbour, Karen C. Burke and Grayson M.P. McCouch

Social Security Reform: Lessons from Private Pensions, Karen C. Burke and Grayson M.P. McCouch

The Law and Practice of Trademark Transactions: A Global and Local Outlook, Irene Calboli and Jacques de Werra

Trademark Protection and Territoriality Challenges in a Global Economy, Irene Calboli and Edward Lee

Geographical Indications at the Crossroads of Trade, Development, and Culture: Focus on Asia-Pacific, Irene Calboli and Wee Loon Ng-Loy

Diversity in Intellectual Property: Identities, Interests, and Intersections, Irene Calboli and Srividhya Ragavan

Diversity in Intellectual Property: Identities, Interests, and Intersections, Irene Calboli and Srividhya Ragavan

The Protection of Non-Traditional Trademarks: Critical Perspectives, Irene Calboli and Martin Senftleben

Women in Law, Susan Carle

The Current Anxiety About "JD Advantage" Jobs: An Analysis, Susan D. Carle

Fair Use and Creative Commons Licenses, Michael W. Carroll

Libraries' Shifting Roles and Responsibilities in the Networked Age, Michael W. Carroll

Safe Harbors from Intermediary Liability and Social Media, Michael W. Carroll

Tailoring Intellectual Property Rights to Reduce Uniformity Cost, Michael W. Carroll

Recovering Stolen Art and Antiquities Under the Forfeiture Laws: Who is Entitled to the Property When There are Conflicting Claims, Stefan D. Cassella

The Causes, Effects, and Manifestations of the Money Laundering Problem in the Former Soviet Union, Stefan D. Cassella and Yehuda Shaffer


Democratic Lawmaking and the Creation of International Abortion Rights, PUBLIC DISCOURSE, Ligia Castaldi

El caso “Manuela”: una pieza clave en la campaña para legalizar el aborto en El Salvador, ELSALVADOR.COM, Ligia Castaldi