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The bepress Legal Series contains manuscripts by top scholars, many of which will eventually appear in top law reviews. Browse the most recent submissions here!

Documents from 2022

The Exclusionary Rule Revisited, Nuno Garoupa and Murat C. Mungan

Are you Injurer or Victim? Liability for Accidents under Role-Type Uncertainty, Nuno Garoupa and Adrian Segura Moreiras

Documents from 2021

An Invisible Border Wall and The Dangers of Internal Agency Control

Compliance in Short, Incentive Systems, Part 2 (reference video)

If Olive Oil Cannot be Favorably Rated it Will No Longer Appear on the Spanish Nutri-score® System, Leticia A. Bourges and Luis González Vaqué

What Florida's Constitution Revision Commission Can Teach and Learn from Those of Other States, Mary E. Adkins

Digitalisierung und Medienstaatsvertrag.pdf, Christian Alexander

Have Problem-Solving Courts Changed the Practice of Law?, Cynthia Alkon

The Lost Promise of Lambert v. California, Cynthia Alkon

Negotiating Crime: Plea Bargaining, Problem Solving, and Dispute Resolution in the Criminal Context, Cynthia Alkon and Andrea Kupfer Schneider

The Role of Source Citation in the Application of Judicial Discretion Statutes in the Criminal Law, Jennifer Allison

Diploma Privilege and the Constitution, Claudia Angelos, Sara Berman, Mary Lu Bilek, Carol M. Chomsky, Andrea Anne Curcio, Marsha Griggs, Joan W. Howarth, Eileen R. Kaufman, Deborah Jones Merritt, Patricia Salkin, and Judith W. Wegner

Male Same-Sex "Horseplay": The Epicenter of All Sexual Harassment?, Kimberly D. Bailey

Family in the Balance: Barton v. Barr and the Systematic Violation of the Right to Family Life in U.S. Immigration Enforcement, David Baluarte

The Judicial Admissions Exception to the Statute of Frauds: A Curiously Gradual Adoption, Wayne Barnes

Law in Time: Legal Theory and Legal History, Paulo D. Barrozo

Personalized Medicine and a Data Revolution, Subhajit Basu and Adekemi Omotubora

Consumer Bankruptcy in the Wake of COVID-19: The Calm Before the Storm, Stephanie Ben-Ishai

Early American History Seminar: NE Honoring Bernard Bailyn: A Master Historian, An Inspiring Teacher, Mary S. Bilder

The Mind is Like a Bat: Bernard Bailyn and the Debate on the Constitution, Mary S. Bilder

Without Doors: Native Nations and the Convention, Mary Sarah Bilder

Seeking Insurance Parity During the Opioid Epidemic, Valarie K. Blake

The Politics of Pregnancy Accommodation, Stephanie Bornstein

Do Legal Origins Predict Legal Substance?, Anu Bradford, Yun-chien Chang, Adam S. Chilton, and Nuno Garoupa

Interpretation in Dance Performing, Aili W. Bresnahan

Adapting National Preservation Standards to Climate Change, Sara C. Bronin

Law's Disaster: Heritage at Risk, Sara C. Bronin

Law's Disaster: Heritage at Risk, Sara C. Bronin

In Honor of the Man Behind “The Legal Writer”, T. Andrew Brown

Principles and Programs to Protect Consumers From the Deleterious Effects of Technological Innovation, Mark E. Budnitz

The Restatement of the Law of Consumer Contracts: The American Law Institute's Impossible Dream, Mark E. Budnitz

Repealing the Statute of Wizarding Secrecy in Legal Education, Mark Burge

Whole Designs, Sarah Burstein

Patent Law: An Open-Access Casebook, Sarah Burstein, Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec, and Andres Sawicki

Certification Delay Under Elections and Card-Check Procedures: Empirical Evidence from Canada, Michele Campolieti, Chris Riddell, and Sara Slinn

Fraudulent Transfer as a Tort, David G. Carlson

Fraudulent Transfers and Juries: Was Granfinanciera Rightly Decided?, David G. Carlson

Plugging the Two-Claim Double-Patenting Loophole, Mark R. Carter J.D., Ph.D.

Professional Responsibility in Focus, Second Edition, R. Michael Cassidy, John P. Sahl, Benjamin P. Cooper, and Margaret Tarkington

Drawing the Legal Family Tree: An Empirical Comparative Study of 170 Dimensions of Property Law in 129 Jurisdictions, Yun-chien Chang, Nuno Garoupa, and Martin T. Wells

Inefficiency of Specific Performance As a Contractual Remedy in Chinese Courts: An Empirical and Normative Analysis, Lei Chen and Larry A. DiMatteo

No More Surprises—New Legislation on Out-of-Network Billing, Karan R. Chhabra, Erin Fuse Brown, and Andrew Ryan

Abuse of Global Platform Dominance or Competition on the Merits?, Anca Daniela Chirita

A Legal Fight Over Information, Marc A. Clauson

Executive Actions: President Biden Fighting Gun Violence, Marc A. Clauson

Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Impact of Executive Orders, Marc A. Clauson

Ohio Gun Laws: Bill Would Nullify Federal Gun Control Measures, Marc A. Clauson

Stand Your Ground Law: Latest Changes and Its Impact on Ohioans, Marc A. Clauson

The Nation Moves Ahead, Marc A. Clauson

Following Up on Interests: The Private Agreement Exemption in Ontario Securities Law, Mary Condon

Securities Law in Canada: Cases and Commentary, 1st Edition, Mary G. Condon, Anita I. Anand, and Janis P. Sarra

“An Hundred Stories in Ten Days”: COVID-19 Lessons for Culture, Learning, and Copyright Law, Carys J. Craig and Bob Tarantino

The History and Promise of Shared Space in a Section 35 World, Signa A. Daum Shanks

Hope, Resistance, and Transforming Higher Education, Charles H.F. Davis III

Racial Justice Demands Broad Student Debt Cancellation, Charles H.F. Davis III

Takings Localism, Nestor M. Davisdson and Timothy M. Mulvaney

Regulating for the First Time the Decision to Grant Consumer Credit: A Look at the First Steps Taken by the United States and Australia, Jeffrey Davis

Justice leadership in a pandemic, Maaike de Langen and Trevor C. W. Farrow

Virginia Should Roll Back the Punitive Influence of Prosecutors and Victims on Parole Decisions, Nora V. Demleitner

Advocating for the Future, John C. Dernbach, Irma Russell, and Matt Bogoshian

CISG as Basis of a Comprehensive International Sales Law, Larry A. DiMatteo

Contract Stories: Importance of the Contextual Approach to Law, Larry A. DiMatteo

Contractual Excuse Under the CISG: Impediment, Hardship, and the Excuse Doctrines, Larry A. DiMatteo

Geoprivacy, Convenience, and the Pursuit of Anonymity in Digital Cities, Jerome E. Dobson and William A. Herbert

Texas v. Pennsylvania and the Political-Question Doctrine, Scott Dodson

Children’s Equality Rights: Every Child’s Right to Develop to their Full Capacity, Nancy E. Dowd

Children's Equality: Strategizing a New Deal for Children, Nancy E. Dowd

Children's Equality: The Centrality of Race, Gender, and Class, Nancy E. Dowd

Expanding the Framework of Family Issues: Bringing Children’s Rights and Children’s Perspectives into Immigration, Nancy E. Dowd

Straight Out of Compton: Developmental Equality and a Critique of the Compton School Litigation, Nancy E. Dowd

#Audited: Social Media and Tax Enforcement, Michelle Lyon Drumbl

Can the Liberal Order be Sustained?, Bryan H. Druzin

In Deciding Fulton v. Philadelphia, the Supreme Court Should Remember That Foster Care Is for the Children, James Dwyer

International Law for Transboundary Aquifers: A Challenge for Our Times, Gabriel Eckstein

Introduction to the Symposium on Interstate Disputes Over Water Rights, Gabriel Eckstein and James Salzman

Trademark Law’s Monopoly Problem: The Supreme Court on Generic Terms as Trademarks, Christine Farley

Cost of Justice Research, Trevor C. W. Farrow

Private Justice, Trevor C. W. Farrow

The Next ‘Wave’ in Access to Justice, Trevor C. W. Farrow and Nicole Aylwin

Populism and Transparency: The Political Core of an Administrative Norm, Mark Fenster

The Dramas of Criminal Law: Thurman Arnold’s Post-Realist Critique of Law Enforcement, Mark Fenster

Negligence at the Breach: Information Fiduciaries and the Duty to Care for Data, Daniel M. Filler, Jordan L. Fischer, and David Haendler

Bursting the Auto Loan Bubble in the Wake of COVID-19, Pamela Foohey

Consumers’ Declining Power In The Fintech Auto Loan Market, Pamela Foohey

Portraits of Bankruptcy Filers, Pamela Foohey, Robert M. Lawless, and Deborah Thorne

Fintech's Role In Exacerbating or Reducing The Wealth Gap, Pamela Foohey and Nathalie Martin

Book Review: "We Are Free for a Reason," a review of Free to Believe: The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America by Luke Goodrich, David Forte

Brief of Amicus Curiae Professors Elizabeth A. Clark, Robert F. Cochran, Jr., Carl H. Esbeck, David F. Forte, Richard W. Garnett, Christopher C. Lund, Michael W. McConnell, Michael P. Moreland, Robert J. Pushaw, and David A., Skeel, Supporting Petitioners, David Forte, Elizabeth A. Clark, Robert F. Cochran Jr., Carl H. Esbeck, Richard W. Garnett, Christopher C. Lund, Michael W. McConnell, Michael P. Moreland, Robert J. Pushaw, and David A. Skeel

Keeping Lawyers' Houses Clean: Global Innovations to Advance Public Protection and the Integrity of the Legal Profession, Susan Saab Fortney

Data Autonomy, Cesare Fracassi and William Magnuson

Re-examining Acts of God, Jill M. Fraley

Out-of-Network Air Ambulance Bills: Prevalence, Magnitude, and Policy Solutions, Erin Fuse Brown, Erin Trish, Bich Ly, Mark Hall, and Loren Adler

Cuban Socialism 2.0: Priming Markets Through Peso Devaluation, Jose Gabilondo

Professor Gabilondo analyzes Cuba’s political reforms, José Gabilondo

América Latina y el Caribe en el Siglo Asiático: un análisis comparativo de las relaciones de Japón y China con sus socios latinoamericanos desde la perspectiva del Derecho Internacional Económico, Gabriel Garcia

Virar a Página, Nuno Garoupa

Comparative Administrative Law and Economics, Nuno Garoupa and Sofia Amaral-Garcia

Loyalty to the Party or Loyalty to the Party Leader: Evidence from the Spanish Constitutional Court, Nuno Garoupa, Marian Gili, and Fernando Gómez

Mixed Judicial Selection and Constitutional Review: Evidence from Spain, Nuno Garoupa, Marian Gili, and Fernando Gómez

High Courts in Global Perspective: Evidence, Methodologies, and Findings, Nuno Garoupa, Rebecca D. Gill, and Lydia B. Tiede