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Documents from 2018

A Few Criminal Justice Big Data Rules, Stephen E. Henderson

Carpenter v. United States and the Fourth Amendment: The Best Way Forward, Stephen E. Henderson

Fourth Amendment Anxiety, Stephen E. Henderson and Kiel Brennan-Marquez

Beyond DACA – Defying Employer Sanctions Through Civil Disobedience, Bill Ong Hing

Immigration Law and Social Justice, Bill Ong Hing, Jennifer M. Chacón, and Kevin R. Johnson

A New Mens Rea for Rape: More Convictions and Less Punishment, Kari E. Hong

Co-Author, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Brief for Amici Curiae Oregon Interfaith Movement for Immigration Justice, Causa Immigrant Rights Coalition of Oregon, Catholic Charities of Oregon, and Immigration Counseling Services of Oregon in Support of Defendant-Appellant in United States v. Sineneng-Smith, No. 15-10614, Kari E. Hong

Co-Author, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Brief for Law Professors, Immigration Scholars, and Clinicians in Support of Petitioner in Nava-Romero v. Sessions, No. 17-70848, Kari E. Hong

How to End "Illegal Immigration", Kari E. Hong

Miller v. Sessions, __ F.3d __ (9th Cir. 2018), Kari E. Hong

My Great-Grandparents Weren’t ‘Illegal’ When They Came To The U.S. They Would Be Now., Kari E. Hong

Panelist: Citizenship and Gender Conference, Kari E. Hong

Panelist: Law Review Symposium, Twenty-Year Attack On Asylum, Kari E. Hong

Panelist: The Pliable and Forgiving Nature of Immigration Law, Kari E. Hong

Sanctuary Cities vs. Trump: Who’s Really Breaking the Law?, Kari E. Hong

Say 'No' To The Wall And 'Yes' To Dreamers, Kari E. Hong

Speaker: A New Mens Rea For Rape: More Conviction and Less Punishment, Kari E. Hong

Speaker: A New Mens Rea For Rape: More Conviction and Less Punishment, Kari E. Hong

Speaker: Immigration Law, Kari E. Hong

Speaker, "Who Belongs: Global Citizenship and Gender in the 21st Century", Kari E. Hong

The Twenty-Year Attack on Asylum, Kari E. Hong

After Yarmouth Shooting, Debate Over Capital Punishment For Cop Killers Reignites, Kari E. Hong, Jim Braude, Shaunna O'Connell, and Michael Astrue

Villavicencio v. Sessions, 879 F.3d 941 (9th Cir. 2018) with Katherine Horigan ’17 and Yara Kass-Gergi ’17, Kari E. Hong, Katherine Horigan '17, and Yara Kass-Gergi '17

Getting it Righted: Access to Counsel in Rapid Removals, Kari E. Hong and Stephen Manning

America's Immigrant Roots and DACA Debacle - Interviewed for The Take with Sue O'Connell, Kari E. Hong and Sue O'Connell

BookIT IP Series - Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy, Chris Hoofnagle

Big Brother's Little Helpers: How ChoicePoint and Other Commercial Data Brokers Collect and Package Your Data for Law Enforcement, Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Identity Theft: Making the Known Unknowns Known, Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Towards a Market for Bank Safety, Chris Jay Hoofnagle

How Different are Young Adults From Older Adults When it Comes to Information Privacy Attitudes & Policies?, Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Jennifer King, Su Li, and Joseph Turow

Alan Westin's Privacy Homo Economicus, Chris Jay Hoofnagle and Jennifer M. Urban

Rediscovering Antitrust's Lost Values, Thomas J. Horton

Décryptage de la Loi portant Code du numérique en République du Bénin, Julien Coomlan Hounkpe

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements, The First Amendment, and Internet Speech: Notes for the Next Yahoo! V. Licra, Molly S. Van Houweling

The Quest for Recognition: Taiwan’s Military and Trade Agreements with Singapore under the One-China policy, Pasha L. HSIEH

La resolución del contrato y la determinación de su plazo prescriptorio.pdf, Angel Rimascca Huarancca

The Color of Perspective: Affirmative Action and the Constitutional Rhetoric of White Innocence, Cecil J. Hunt II

Comparative law in legal education – building a legal mind for a transnational world, Jaakko Husa

World Crisis and Underdevelopment: A Critical Theory of Poverty, Agency, and Coercion, David Ingram

Human Trafficking: Child Prostitution and Child Labor, Jasmine Ingram and Laura E. Agnich

A Brief Recap of ABA TECHSHOW 2018, Darla W. Jackson and Jim Calloway

CO-PARENTING WOES: THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT, Darla W. Jackson and Jim Calloway

Book Review (reviewing John Grisham, The Rooster Bar (2017)), Robert M. Jarvis

Florida's Other Courts, Robert M. Jarvis

Law Professors as Plaintiffs, Robert M. Jarvis

Law and The Holocaust, Robert M. Jarvis and Michael J. Bazyler

Pushing Shadow Banking into the Light: Reforming the U.S. Tri‐Party Repo Market, Christian A. Johnson

Constitutions and Bills of Rights: Invigorating or Placating Democracy?, Brian Christopher Jones

The rule of law in UK public law textbooks: from critique to acceptance?, Brian Christopher Jones

Wightman and how not to advance the law, Brian Christopher Jones

How Irrational Actors in the CEO Suite Affect Corporate Governance, Renee M. Jones

Prevalence of Publicly Available Expanded Access Policies, Emily Jung, Patricia J. Zettler, and Aaron S. Kesselheim

Gender Stereotypes and Youth Violence, Lindsay Kahle, Laura E. Agnich, Anthony A. Peguero, Jennifer L. Murphy, Olivia Foroughi, and Jennifer N. Nester

La compétence fiscale [Jurisdiction to Tax], Andreas Kallergis

Reserving a Place for Nature on Spaceship Earth: Rethinking the Role of Conservation Easements, Sean M. Kammer and Sarah E. Christopherson

Forward, Curtis E.A. Karnow

Legal Informatics (forthcoming 2018), Daniel M. Katz


Inventing around Edison’s lamp patent: the role of patents in stimulating downstream development and competition, Ron D. Katznelson and John Howells

Formal and Informal Constitutional Amendment of the United States Constitution, Richard S. Kay

Valorizing Disobedience within the Ranks: Law and Resistance in American Military Films, Amar Khoday

The Rise and Fall of Fear of Abuse in Consumer Bankruptcy: Most Recent Comparative Evidence from Europe and Beyond, Jason J. Kilborn

New Talk About DACA Causing Concerns - Interviewed for NBC Boston, Alison King

The Claim Game: Analyzing the Tax Implications of Student-Athlete Insurance Policy Payouts, Kathryn Kisska-Schulze and Adam Epstein

Chinese Constitutionalism: An Oxymoron?, David S. Law

Legal-Writing Exercises: Part VI—Punctuation (Continued), Gerald Lebovits

Legal-Writing Myths, Gerald Lebovits

New York Objections, Gerald Lebovits

The Worst Mistakes in Legal Writing—Part I, Gerald Lebovits

The Worst Mistakes in Legal Writing—Part II, Gerald Lebovits

Why Lawyers Need to Learn to Write Clearly (reviewing Joseph Kimble, Seeing Through Legalese: More Essays on Plain Language (2017)), Gerald Lebovits

Quote in: Tax Code’s Drug Trafficking Provision Seen As Out Of Touch, Benjamin Leff

""Comparative Constitutional Law: Italy and the United States", Paul B. Lewis

Engineering Standards in HIghway Design Litigation, Michael Lewyn

Explaining Market Urbanism, Michael Lewyn

Market Urbanism, Michael Lewyn

Neighborhood Veto And its Costs, Michael Lewyn

The Neighborhood Veto And Its Discontents, Michael Lewyn

Declaring Rights: Bentham and the Rights of Man, David Lieberman

Professing Law in the Shadow of the Commentaries, David Lieberman

Caviardage du nom des employés de banque, avocats et notaires, Fabien LIEGEOIS and Sarah Bechaalany

Objective Intent, Erika Lietzan and Patti Zettler

Income Tax at 100 Years : Essays and Reflections on the Income War Tax Act, Jinyan Li

International Investment Law and Arbitration: Commentary, Awards and Other Materials, with a Foreword by Emmanuel Gaillard, Chin Leng Lim, Jean Ho, and Martins Paparinskis

Social Capital and the Labor Movement, David B. Lipsky and Ronald L. Seeber

The 2016 Presidential Election: The Next Four Years and Beyond, Dahlia Lithwick, Bertrall Ross, and Joan Williams

What We Don't See When We See Copyright as Property, Jessica Litman

Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law, John S. Lowe, Owen L. Anderson, Ernest E. Smith, David E. Pierce, Christopher S. Kulander, and Monika Ehrman

From 3D to 3D, Erik O. Lozano, Lauren B. Selden, and Robert Z. Selden Jr.

Voter Psychology and the Carbon Tax, Gary M. Lucas Jr

A Pluralistic Perspective to Overcome Major Blind Spots in Research on Interorganizational Relationships, Fabrice Lumineau and Nuno Oliveira

Of Brutal Murder and Transcendental Sovereignty: The Meaning of Vested Private Rights, Adam MacLeod

Patent Infringement as Trespass, Adam MacLeod

The Accidental Crit III: The Unbearable Lightness of Being ... Pedro?, Pedro A. Malavet

Etapa Postulatoria, Christian Cárdenas Manrique

Quoted in "Immigrant Rights Group in Email Says It was Warned Not to Mention Abortion to Teens", Anne E. Marimow and Maria Sacchetti

El Tribunal Electoral y su laberinto, Javier Martín Reyes and Sergio López Ayllón

La Corte y la seguridad interior, Javier Martín Reyes and Sergio López Ayllón

The Architecture of Law: Building Law in the Classical Tradition, Brian M. McCall

The Influence of Reef Depth on Parrotfish Sex Ratio, Abundance, and Diversity near Calabash Caye, Belize, Donna K. McCullough, Ellen C. Tomlin, Kimberly T. Wright, Jill G. Schulze, and Nancy E. Dalman

12. Abundance and Sex Ratios of Parrotfish among Various Reef Sites of Calabash Caye, Belize, Donna K. McCullough, Kimberly T. Wright, and Ellen C. Tomlin