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Documents from 2018

International Business Transactions Problems, Readings & Materials Relating to Trade in Goods and Services, Douglas L. Donoho

Another Mass Shooting: An Update on U.S. Gun Laws, John J. Donohue

Brief of Amici Curiae Economists and Professors of Law and Economics in Support of Respondents, John J. Donohue

More Gun Carrying, More Violent Crime, John J. Donohue

The Heat: US gun violence, John J. Donohue

Right-to-Carry Laws and Violent Crime: A Comprehensive Assessment Using Panel Data, the LASSO, and a State-Level Synthetic Controls Analysis, John J. Donohue , Abhay Aneja, and Kyle D. Weber

Private Law Exceptionalism? Part II: A Basic Difficulty with the Argument from Formal Equality, Avihay Dorfman

The 'F' Word: The Top Five Complaints (and Solutions) About Formative Assessment, Olympia Duhart

Are Beach Boundaries Enforceable? Real-Time Locational Uncertainty and the Right to Exclude, Josh Eagle

The Property Question.pdf, William A. Edmundson

The Property Question.pdf, William A. Edmundson

Maritime Security: Horn of Africa and Implementation of the 2050 AIM Strategy, Edwin E. Egede

One Oil and Gas Right to Rule Them All, Monika Ehrman

Using Prior Consistent Statements to Rehabilitate Credibility or to Prove Substantive Assertions Before and After the 2014 Amendment of Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(1)(B), Floralynn Einesman

Unpacking Adaptability, Andreas Engert and D. Gordon Smith

Article-Incorporating Sport into the Ethics Segment of the Course, Adam Epstein

Article-Michigan and Sports Law, Adam Epstein

Article-The NCAA and Whistleblowers 30-40 Years of Wrongdoing and College Sport and Possible Solutions, Adam Epstein

Utah and Sports Law, Adam Epstein

Article-Teaching Ethics with Sports: Recent Developments, Adam Epstein and Barbara Osborne

Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting 2018: Panel: Are Patients Ready for Consumer-Driven Healthcare?, Wendy Netter Epstein

Immigration Law Allies and Administrative Law Adversaries, Jill E. Family

Trump's Travel Ban and the Limits of the US Constitution (La Exclusión De Determinadas Categorías De Extranjeros Por Orden Del Presidente Trump Y Los Límites De La Constitución Americana), Jill E. Family

The Conservative as Environmentalist: From Goldwater and the Early Reagan to the 21st Century, Daniel A. Farber

200 Days & Counting: Environmental Law & the Trump Administration, Daniel A. Farber and Eric Biber

200 Days & Counting: Environmental Law & the Trump Administration, Daniel A. Farber and Eric Biber

Agencies as Adversaries, Daniel A. Farber and Anne Joseph O’Connell

Juries and Democracy: the American Experience, Malcolm M. Feeley

So Happy Together: Should the California Decision be a Basis to Recognize a Right of Public Performance in Pre-1972 Sound Recordings?, Vicenç Feliú

An Evaluation of a Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program in the Rural South, Shanna N. Felix, Laura E. Agnich, and April M. Schueths

Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People’s Victimization Experiences, Shanna N. Felix, Leah E. Daigle, and Laura E. Agnich

Racial Disparities in the American Child Welfare System, Shanna N. Felix, April M. Schueths, Chad Posick, and Laura E. Agnich

Amnésia, Ilusão e Esperança .pdf, Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

Arte, Espelho do Direito última versão.pdf, Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

No O Direito & as Artes, hoje, Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

Pandora & os Reis Mendigos.pdf, Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

Uma Nova Bizâncio? Artes.pdf, Paulo Ferreira da Cunha

Progressive Labor Vision of the First Amendment: Past as Prologue, Catherine Fisk

Hollywood Writers and the Gig Economy, Catherine L. Fisk

California Co-Enforcement Initiatives That Facilitate Worker Organizing, Catherine Fisk and Seema Patel

Refletions on Germany, the Legal Academy, and Social Engagement: An Interview with Richard Buxbaum, Laurel E. Fletcher

International Criminal Law and the Subordination of Emancipation: The Question of Legal Hierarchy in Transitional Justice, Laurel E. Fletcher

International Criminal Law and the Subordination of Emancipation: The Question of Legal Hierarchy in Transitional Justice, Laurel E. Fletcher

U.S. Law School Clnics as Sites of International Law Reform, Laurel E. Fletcher

A Hierarchy of the Goals of International Criminal Courts, 27 Minn. J. Int'l L. 179 (2018), Stuart K. Ford

Handout - Trademark Uses Within Expressive Works & False Endorsement Claims (April 5, 2018), William K. Ford

Traduction de « Has Capitalism Failed in Law? » (1937) par Hermann Kantorowics, Matthieu Forlodou

Protection of Religious Freedom under Australia’s Amended Marriage Law: Constitutional and Other Issues, Neil J. Foster

Religious Freedom in Australia, Neil J. Foster

When to Praise the Machine: The Promise and Perils of Automated Transactional Drafting.pdf, William E. Foster and Andrew L. Lawson

Clean Protein: The Revolution that Will Reshape Your Body, Boost Your Energy—and Save Our Planet, Kathy Freston and Bruce Friedrich

Market Forces and Food Technology Will Save the World, Bruce Friedrich

Removing ERISA's Impediment to State Health Reform, Erin C. Fuse Brown and Ameet Sarpatwari

Diary, Anne T. Gallagher AO

Latino opportunity.docx, Omar E. Garcia-Bolivar

Restoring Trade’s Social Contract, Frank J. Garcia and Timothy Meyer

Does Being a Foreigner Shape Judicial Behavior? Evidence from the Constitutional Court of Andorra, 1993-2016, Nuno Garoupa

Explaining the Standard of Proof in Criminal Law: A New Insight, Nuno Garoupa

Arbitration Involving Governmental Entities, Jack I. Garvey

The Perception of Incurability - Leprosy, Discrimination and the Medical Truth, Shelja Gautam and Khagesh Gautam

U.S. Federal Income Taxation of Individuals 2018, Deborah A. Geier


Tutela restitutoria y derecho a la imagen, Ricardo Geldres Campos

Injunctions don't Buy you Love, Roya Ghafele

Legal Research in Mass Communication, Donald M. Gillmor, Everette E. Dennis, and Erik Ugland

Gilmore & Sumina - The Failure of International Law in Palestine.pdf, Steven E. Gilmore and Svetlana Sumina

Los Derechos Jurisprudenciales de la Mujer , y, El Activismo Judicial., Daniel Fernando Gómez Tamayo

Presidents, Parliaments, and Legal Change: Quantifying the Effect of Political Systems in Comparative Environmental Law, Sari Graben and Eric Biber

High Technology Entrepreneurs and the Patent System: Results of the 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey, Stuart J.H. Graham, Robert P. Merges, Pam Samuelson, and Ted Sichelman

Motives and Trends in Mass and School Shooting Incidents, Lillian Gray and Laura E. Agnich

Recent Trends and Motives in Mass Shooting Incidents, Lillian Gray and Laura E. Agnich

Racism and Impeachment Power, John M. Greabe

Remedial Discretion in Constitutional Adjudication-A Codicil, John M. Greabe

State Constitutions and the Protection of Rights, John M. Greabe

The use of military force and the Constitution, John M. Greabe

Constitutional Barriers to Congressional Reform, John M. Greabe

Remedial Discretion in Constitutional Adjudication: A Codicil, John M. Greabe

Brief of Amici Curiae Corporate Law Professors in Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, Harold Kent Greenfield and Daniel A. Rubens

Just and Unjust Reallocations of Historical Burdens: Notes on a Normative Theory of Reparations Politics, Sam Grey

Beyond Culinary Colonialism: Indigenous Food Sovereignty, Liberal Multiculturalism, and the Control of Gastronomic Capital, Sam Grey and Lenore Newman

Saving Facebook, James Grimmelmann

The Ethical Visions of Copyright Law, James Grimmelmann

When Tenure Standards Are Wrong, James Grimmelmann

Macroeconomic Modeling of Tax Policy: A Comparison of Current Methodologies, Itai Grinberg, Alan J. Auerbach, Thomas A. Barthold, Nicholas Bull, W. Gavin Elkins, Pamela J. Moomau, Rachel Moore, Benjamin Page, Brandon Pecoraro, and Kyle Pomerleau

Permitting prohibitions: Theory and Application to Usury Laws, Bernardo Guimarães and Bruno Meyerhof Salama

Quel(s) droit(s) pour quel(s) commun(s) ?, Serge Gutwirth

L'éternel retour de la propriété des données : de l'insistance d'un mot d'ordre, Serge Gutwirth and Gloria Gonzalez Fuster

Fiduciary Principles and Delaware Corporation Law: Searching for the Optimal Balance by Understanding that the World is Not, Lawrence A. Hamermesh and Leo E. Strine Jr

Precision in 3D Prints: The Case of MH1 (Australopithecus sediba), Lauren Hammond, Kersten Bergstrom, Robert Z. Selden Jr., and Darryl J. de Ruiter

북핵문제해결과 한반도통일 접근방안.docx, Sung-Soo Han

이재용 재판과 사법제도의 개선 (Higher Court's Judgment on Lee Jae-yong and Reform of Judicial System), Sung-Soo Han

남북미 정상회담의 성공적 개최를 위한 제안(Korean).docx, Sung-Soo Han

'Me and My Drank:' Exploring the Relationship between Exposure to Popular Music and 'Purple Drank' Experimentation, Melanie Hart, Laura E. Agnich, John M. Stogner, and Bryan Lee Miller

No Title, Dean M. Hashimoto

No Title, Dean M. Hashimoto

Germany's Returning Foreign Fighters and What to Do About Them, Daniel H. Heinke and Jan Raudszus

Helfand_Implied Consent.pdf, Michael A. Helfand

Reasoning Through Clashes Between Religion and Equality: Case Law, Skeptics, and Social Coherence, Michael A. Helfand

The Future of Religious Arbitration in the United States: Looking Through a Pluralist Lens, Michael A. Helfand

When Judges Are Theologians: Adjudicating Religious Questions, Michael A. Helfand