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Documents from 2018

Confronting Child Exploitation: The Optional Protocols and the Role of Children's Rights Law, Jonathan Todres

Book Review: Nat Turner and the Rising in Southampton County bu David F. Allmendinger Jr., Christopher Tomlins

Book Review of The Inception of Modern Professional Education: C.C. Langdell, 1826-1906, by Bruce A. Kimball, Christopher Tomlins

Fierce and Critical Faith: A Remembrance of Penny Pether, Christopher Tomlins

Foreword: “Law As . . .” III—Glossolalia: Toward a Minor (Historical) Jurisprudence, Christopher Tomlins

Foreword: Law as...III - Glossolalia: Toward a Minor (Historical) Jurisprudence, Christopher Tomlins

In This Issue , Christopher Tomlins

In This Issue , Christopher Tomlins

In This Issue , Christopher Tomlins

In This Issue , Christopher Tomlins

Law As … IV: Minor Jurisprudence in Historical Key. An Introduction, Christopher Tomlins

Organic Poise: Capitalism as Law, Christopher Tomlins

Re-Interpreting Blackstone's Commentaries: A Seminal Text in National and International Contexts, Christopher Tomlins

Review Essay - The Consumption of History in the Legal Academy: Science and Synthesis, Perils and Prospects, Christopher Tomlins

The Confessions of Nat Turner: A Paratextual Analysis, Christopher Tomlins

The Presence and Absence of Legal Mind: A Comment on Duncan Kennedy's Three Globalizations, Christopher Tomlins

Book Review: Rights v. Conspiracy: A Sociological Essay on the History of Labour Law in the United States, Christopher L. Tomlins

Book Review: Whose Law: What Order: Historicist Interventions in the War against Crime, Christopher L. Tomlins

Law and, Law in, Law as: The Definition, Rejection and Recuperation of the Socio-Legal Enterprise, Christopher L. Tomlins

The Heavy Burden of the State: Revisiting the History of Labor Law in the Interwar Period, Christopher L. Tomlins

Age group and gender differences in fears of aging, Vicky C. Tomlin

¿Es viable arbitrar en el Derecho de Familia? La superación de diversos mitos del Derecho de Familia en torno a su carácter arbitrable, Marco Andrei Torres Maldonado

Choosing Among Authorities for Consumer Financial Protection in Taiwan: A Legal-Theory-Of-Finance Perspective, Chang-hsien (Robert) TSAI

What Conflict Minerals Rules Tell Us about the Legal Transplantation of Corporate Social Responsibility Standards without the State: From the United Nations to the United States to Taiwan, Chang-hsien (Robert) TSAI and Yen-nung WU

Book Review, 'The UK after Brexit: Legal and Policy Challenges' (Dougan M., ed.), Cambridge: Intersentia 2017, Anna Tsiftsoglou

Americans, Marketers, and the Internet: 1999-2012, Joseph Turow, Amy Bleakley, John Bracken, Michael X. Delli Carpini, Nora A. Draper, Lauren Feldman, Nathaniel Good, Jens Grossklags, Michael Hennessy, Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Rowan Howard-Williams, Jennifer King, Su Li, Kimberly Meltzer, Deirdre K. Mulligan, and Lilach Nir

The Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Privacy in the Coming Decade, Joseph Turow, Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Deirdre K. Mulligan, Nathaniel Good, and Jens Grossklags

Dying For A Solution: The Regulation Of Medical Devices Falls Short In The 21st Century Cures Act, Marilyn Uzdavines

Quoted in "What the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Means for the Deportation of Criminal Immigrants", Miriam Valverde

Authors vs. Owners, Molly Van Houweling

Intellectual Property as Property, Molly Van Houweling

Disciplining the Dead Hand of Copyright: Durational Limits on Remote Control Property, Molly S. Van Houweling

Tempting Trespass or Suggesting Sociability? Augmented Reality and the Right to Include, Molly Shaffer Van Houweling

La commercializzazione di prodotti alimentari differenziati nel mercato unico: una pratica sleale relativa alle “legittime aspettative” dei consumatori?, Luis González Vaqué


Modificación del régimen de la cooperación en materia de protección de los consumidores: el Reglamento (UE) 2017/2394 de 12 de diciembre de 2017, Luis González Vaqué

La indicación del origen del ingrediente primario en determinados alimentos en la UE: entre la libertad y la imposición, Luis González Vaqué and Mariagrazia Semprebon

L'indicazione dell'origine dell'ingrediente primario in determinati alimenti nell'UE: tra libertà e imposizione, Luis González Vaqué and Mariagrazia Semprebon

Planning for Climate Change Disaster, Robert R.M. Verchick

Protecting the Power Grid from Climate Disaster, Robert R.M. Verchick and Rosemary Lyster

The European Commission establishes the specific compositional and information requirements for “total diet replacement for weight control products”: Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1798, Silvia Bañares Vilella and Luis González Vaqué

"They're Digging in the Wrong Place." How Learning Outcomes Can Improve Bar Exams and Ensure Practice Ready Attorneys, Debra Moss Vollweiler

Internal Compliance Mechanisms for Firms in the EU General Data Protection Regulation, W. Gregory Voss

An Institutional Perspective on the Duke Lacrosse Case, Howard Wasserman

The Uncertain Hope of Body Cameras, Howard Wasserman

Universal, Not Nationwide, and Never Appropriate: On the Scope of Injunctions in Constitutional Litigation, Howard Wasserman

Toxic Cultures Require A Stronger Cure: The Lessons Of Fox News For Reforming Sexual Harassment Law, Kathryn Webber

Exporting and Importing Miranda, Charles D. Weisselberg

Intelligent Robots and Social System Design, Yueh-Hsuan Weng

On Policy and Legal Impacts to the Future of Work, Yueh-Hsuan Weng

The Ideal and the Reality of Human-Robot Co-Existence, Yueh-Hsuan Weng

The Ideal and the Reality of Human-Robot Co-Existence: "Tokku" RT Special Zone and Red Flag Laws, Yueh-Hsuan Weng

Size Matters: Commercial Banks and the Capital Markets, Charles K. Whitehead

The Goldilocks Approach: Financial Risk and Staged Regulation, Charles K. Whitehead

Unpacking Privacy's Price, Jan Whittington and Chris Jay Hoofnagle

The Deduction for Passthrough Firms: A Hodgepodge of Ideas, Richard Winchester

Global Governance of Climate Change: The Paris Agreement as a New Component of the UN Climate Regime, David Wirth

Cultural Competency and Legal Writing for U.S. Practitioners, Mark E. Wojcik

Panelist, What Would a New NAFTA Look Like?, Mark E. Wojcik

Embracing the Machines: Rationalist War and New Weapons Technologies, John Yoo

Judging in Europe: Do Legal Traditions Matter?, Angela Zhang, Jingchen Liu, and Nuno Garoupa

Documents from 2017

Competitive effects of some tropical secondary successional weed species on the growth of Maize (Zea mays)

Equifax, SEC And Deloitte Cyber Breaches: Is It Time To Remove Executive Immunity From Prosecutions?

Judicial Supremacy in Comparative Constitutional Law

Make-whole premiums and “cram-up”: A glass half full?

Make-whole premiums and “cram-up”: A glass half full?

Platform Market Power

Political Science Professor’s Book Gets Chinese Translation

Quoted in "After Guilty Verdict in Texting Suicide Case, What's Next for Michelle Carter?"

Quoted in "Mass. Joins Other States in Suing Trump Administration over DACA"

Reconceptualizing Due Process in Criminal Justice: Contributions from Law and Social Science

Short Vitae 5.17.pdf

Stand with Jono: Culture-Jamming, Civil Disobedience, and Corporate Regulation in an Age of Climate Change

The Citizenship Dialectic

The Future of the Canadian Energy Industry in a Low Price Commodity Environment

The Historical and Political Origins of the Corporate Board of Directors

The Liberal Assault on the Fourth Amendment

The Role of History and Culture in Developing Bankruptcy and Insolvency Systems

Against Utilitarian Fundamentalism

Conscience and the Common Good: An Alternative Perspective

Harmonizing Plural Societies: The Case of Lasallians, Families, Schools - and the Poor

Human Development as an Intellectual Property Metric

Luxembourg Judicial Style With or Without the UK

Telling Refugee Stories: Trauma, Credibility and the Adversarial Adjudication of Claims for Asylum

Texas, California take very different approaches to 'sanctuary city' debate

The Jim Crow Effect: Denial, Dignity, Human Rights, and Racialized Mass Incarceration

Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Child Protection

Quoted in "15 States, D.C. Sue to Stop Trump DACA Decision", and

Environmental Law Outside the Canon, Todd S. Aagaard

Environmental Regulation and Environmental Rights, Todd S. Aagaard

Practicing Environmental Law, Todd S. Aagaard, David Owen, and Justin Pidot

Locational Analysis of Crime in Gombe Metropolis, Nigeria, Adam A. Abbas, Abubakar U. Alhaji, and Kadini J. Bitrus

Supporters Rally in San Francisco After Apple Plans to Fight Order to Help FBI Unlock Shooter's iPhone, Tami Abdollah, Eric Tucker, and Terry McSweeney

Application of Sustainable Environmental Design requirements in Filling Stations in Niger State Nigeria, Aisha P. Abdullahi and Olatunde F. Adedayo