The Rise and Fall of Israel's Senior Citizens’ Law


Within the broad and complex framework of laws in Israel relating to the older population, this article focuses on a single act of legislation: the Senior Citizens Law, 5750-1989 (hereinafter “the Senior Citizens’ Law”). During its hitherto brief life, this law has undergone numerous transformations, ups and downs, additions and deletions, successes and failures. At the time of its enactment, there were those who placed great hopes for the future of older people's rights on the law. As of today, however, this article will attempt to argue that the law has failed to realize its objectives. The article includes two sections: the first section will describe the history of the law and the transformations it has undergone, while the second will attempt to show why, despite certain achievements, the law has ultimately failed to fulfill its promise.


Civil Rights and Discrimination | Elder Law | Law and Society | Legislation

Date of this Version

June 2005