Essay: New Political and Legal Strategies for African-Americans: Dreaming Big, Dreaming Creatively


Maxim Thorne, a Yale Law School Graduate of 1992, writes an essay derived from his address delivered on October 1, 2004 at the thirty-fifth anniversary of the African-American Cultural Center at Yale University, entitled "New Political and Legal Strategies For African-Americans: Dreaming Big, Dreaming Creatively." He presents Seven Strategies that African Americans should use to secure power and justice in America: 1) Go Home, 2) Public Schools Aren’t Our Only Option and other paradigm shifting legal arguments 3) Draw On the Power of Older Women of Color, 4) Network Your Heart Out, Giving Time, Advice, and Money, 5) Honor Our Geeks, and Use the Internet, 6) Ally with the Gay Community, 7) Encourage the Business-Politics Crossover. He concludes that Hip Hop and other circumstances has resulted in a paradigm shift in America. Only through these strategiesm he argues, will African American secure the justice and power they seek.


Civil Rights and Discrimination | Education Law | Law and Politics

Date of this Version

October 2004