The Roadmap for Failure: Israeli and Palestinian Discountenance and Misunderstanding


As tensions rise with the assassination of key Hamas figures, the situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories call out for committed, reasoned action. In the past, the peace process has consisted of half-hearted attempts to pacify both the Israeli and Palestinian populaces. This is exemplified by the recent Roadmap for peace, which was supported by the United States.

However, the lack of true dedication among the players has arguably resulted in crimes against humanity on both sides. The previous peace plans fail to recognize this, and have perpetuated the violence with cookie-cutter approaches that are not closely tailored to the situation at hand.

The time has come look beyond past peace proposals regarding the Middle East towards a new set of possibilities. The situation in Northern Ireland has many parallels and serves as a model for the all-inclusive, committed, reasoned peace process, which Israel and the Occupied Territories necessitate.


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Date of this Version

May 2004