Identity Theft and Consumer Protection: Finding Sensible Approaches to Safeguard Personal Data in the United States and Canada


Kamaal Zaidi


This paper examines identity theft in both the United States and Canada. Various examples of commercial fraud and scams are discussed in the context of a growing trend of identity thieves assuming identities of innocent consumers. As such, various pieces of legislation and consumer initiatives (involving online consumer complaint mechanisms)in U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions are highlighted to demonstrate the pursuit towards broader consumer protection of personal data used in daily commercial transactions. The author argues that these modern efforts to safeguard consumers from identity theft is a progressive measure that will continue to afford increasing protections for consumer personal data, while ensuring confidence in the marketplace.


Commercial Law | Comparative and Foreign Law | Computer Law | Consumer Protection Law | International Law | Internet Law | Legislation | Science and Technology Law

Date of this Version

April 2006