Rodrigo's Riposte: the Mismatch Theory of Law School Admissions


First published in 57 Syracuse L. Rev. 637 (2007)


The chronicle proceeds as a dialogue between the fictional alter ego, Rodrigo Crenshaw, and an older professor. After meeting in Rodrigo’s city, the two friends, joined later by “Giannina,” go out to dinner. Rodrigo, who is on his law school’s admissions committee, has been thinking about affirmative action.

Prompted by his conservative colleague “Laz,” Rodrigo has formulated a several-pronged attack on Sander’s premise that “stairstep” admissions (and, later, law firm hiring) just hurts the cause of black lawyers.

The professor presses Rodrigo to defend his views, and the arrival of Giannina requires him to articulate them even more. You will enjoy the lively give-and-take among these three intellectuals of color.


Civil Rights and Discrimination | Legal Education | Legal Profession

Date of this Version

August 2007

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