Justice in the Palestine-Israel Conflict


Forthcoming, JUSTICE: IN PARTICULAR (IN HONOR OF PROFESSOR P. JOHN KOZYRIS), University of Salonika, 2005


Military-territorial conflicts are typically addressed by the international community on the basis of considerations of justice, meaning relevant standards accepted by the community of states for conduct among states and peoples. If such standards are followed, resulting agreements stand a greater chance of providing for a lasting peace. In the conflict over historic Palestine, considerations of justice have had to compete with considerations of major-power policy, from early twentieth century to the present. When negotiations re-commence, the international community should ensure that they be conducted with considerations of justice at the forefront. If that approach is taken, in particular regarding territorial disposition, Israel's settlements in Palestinian territory, and repatriation of the displaced, a peace agreement may be reached that will stand the test of time.


Human Rights Law | International Law

Date of this Version

December 2004

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