How to get started with ExpressO

screenshot of ExpressO home page

1. Log in

Visit ExpressO and select START your submission.

New user?

Click Create free account, complete a simple form and your account confirmation link will be sent to you.

If your school has an Institutional ExpressO Account, please be sure to create your account using your school email address. We attribute usage to school accounts by e-mail address.


2. Select manuscript file format.

Choose between Microsoft Word or WordPerfect *

* All of the 750+ law reviews in our pool accept manuscripts formatted in Microsoft Word. Authors choosing to submit in WordPerfect will have a smaller pool of law reviews from which to choose.


3. Select law reviews

The full list is organized alphabetically over 10 pages

1) Move between pages by clicking the page number shown at the top and bottom of each page.

2) Alternately, use Browse by Category or Search by Title to identify law reviews, or

3) Select law reviews by clicking the box next to the law review name.


4. Verify list of reviews to which you wish to submit your article.


5. Upload your article and related information

1) Enter the name of the article under Article Title.

2) Select matching subject areas from the drop-down menu.

Entering keywords is optional.

3) At Full Text of Article, select Browse. Find the manuscript in your files and double-click on it. The document path appears in the field.

Load cover letter and CV in similar fashion.


6. Review delivery details and provide payment

If your institution does not have an account, you will be required to provide payment.

A detailed receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of delivery.

You may wish to forward this receipt to your dean for reimbursement.


7. Press Finish

Transmittal to selected law reviews occurs instantly!


What web browsers are compatible with ExpressO?

ExpressO requires Internet Explorer 6.x, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. ExpressO uses some Javascript, and only certain modern browsers can support this.

Good for an electronic delivery to one law review.

Have an account? Then login to manage your submissions.