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General questions about ExpressO

Questions about pricing

Questions about accessing ExpressO / Logging On

General questions about ExpressO

What is ExpressO?
ExpressO helps legal scholars manage the entire manuscript submissions process, from tools up front to help authors identify the most appropriate law reviews to post-delivery management services that track law review confirmations and make requesting expedited reviews and withdrawals a breeze.
How does it work?
You select from a list of 750+ reviews to which you would like to deliver your article. The system will then show you your choices, along with charges, for you to verify or modify. You will then enter the author (i.e., contact) and article information, and upload an article file along with any other documentation (cover letter, CV, etc.). You are then given a second opportunity to verify your delivery details, and provide payment information (if necessary). Once complete, the system delivers your article to most reviews via an email attachment. Your submission is also available to law review editors via a secure Web site. In the case of a few Top 100 reviews that insist on hardcopies, we print and mail your documents, usually by priority mail and within one business day.
Why choose ExpressO for your manuscript delivery needs?
How was ExpressO founded, and by whom?
ExpressO was founded by Bob Cooter and Aaron Edlin, two law professors at UC Berkeley.
How old is ExpressO?
ExpressO was launched in August 2003.
Who uses the ExpressO delivery service?
Among our thousands of legal authors, the largest single group is faculty members from U.S. law schools. Other significant classes among ExpressO users include faculty from outside the U.S., students, individuals from government agencies, and lawyers in private practice.
Where have ExpressO submissions been published?
Manuscripts delivered via ExpressO have been published in hundreds of law reviews, including top general interest publications such as the Yale Law Journal and the Stanford Law Review.

Questions about pricing

How much does it cost to use ExpressO?
The electronic manuscript delivery fee is $2 per law review. We print and mail hard copies of manuscripts to a few select reviews. The delivery fee for those publications is $6.50. A detailed receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of your submission.
Does ExpressO offer any group discounts?
Institutional accounts are available, with two different pricing options:

  1. The Prepaid Plan allows authors at a given institution an unlimited number of electronic deliveries, with the law school billed for hardcopy deliveries.
  2. The Open Account Plan bills the institution according to actual use by its members. If there is no usage, there is no bill.

The benefits of an institutional account include:

  • lower submission price,
  • no credit cards, and
  • no hassles or expenses of reimbursements

To view an outline of pricing plans, you may download our brochure [PDF]. You can also contact us at for more information.
My school does not have an institutional account. May I still use the service?
If your school is not listed on our ExpressO Institutional Accounts page you can still use the service, but you will need to use your credit card and ask your dean for reimbursement.

Questions about accessing ExpressO / Your ExpressO account

How do I get a password to use ExpressO?
To use ExpressO, you need to have a valid account. An account consists of a username and a password. Your username is your email address, and the system selects a password for you. If your school has an institutional account with us, you should certainly use your faculty email address for this.

If you forget your password, please enter your email address without a password, and the system will send you your password immediately by email. If you want to change your password to something more memorable to you, please go to your MY ACCOUNT page and choose the EDIT PROFILE option. Even if you change your password and subsequently forget it, the system will always be able to email it you.

With the Remember Me Next Time option selected, your password and email address are remembered even after closing your browser so you do not need to log in each time you visit the site. To keep others from accessing your account, you must click the log-out option on your MY ACCOUNT page.
Why is my password not working?
If you have trouble logging in, i.e. you think that you have a valid account, but the system will not recognize it or send you your password, please:
  1. Double check you are using the correct email address, with the correct companion password,
  2. Double check that both the username and the password are spelled correctly (passwords are case sensitive).

If the error is not in either of these possibilities, please send an email to and we will help sort this out as soon as possible.
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