The Wrongful Rejection of Big Theory (Marxism) by Feminism and Queer Theory: A Brief Debate


Post modern thought has fought meta-narrative into derision. "[I]f you lick my nipple," as Michael Warner remarked, "the world suddenly seems insignificant," and of course, identity becomes more than a cultural trait. It becomes "the performance of desire." It becomes a place of "ideological contestation over need," or, in other words, an ideology that demands "legitimacy for its desire." However, meta-narratives talk about desire too. For example, Marx talked about the desire caused by the never-ending production of commodities. Thus, if, at first sight, it may seem that identity politics and Marxism have very little in common, that may not be necessarily true. This paper shows that they need each other. On one hand, feminist and queer symbolism need a grand social theory to attract popular support for their concrete demands. On the other hand, Marxism is waiting to be rediscovered.


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May 2005