Not Enough? An Examination of China’s Compliance with the Intentions of the TRIPS Accord


As China is in its third year as a member of the World Trade organization, there is much anticipation as to whether its protection of intellectual property rights is up to international standards. Being one of the largest trading nations in the world, much attention has been given to China’s development since its accession to the WTO. The US Chamber of Commerce has recently made a visit to China in order to examine its progress on implementing WTO rules and the WTO’s Sixth Session of the Ministerial Conference will be hosted by Hong Kong, China. As an increasing amount of foreign direct investment is being poured into the PRC, there remains much concern as to protection of intellectual property rights within the state. This paper examines the development and efforts China has made to its intellectual property laws and whether it lives up to the intentions of the WTO’s Trade Related Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights.


Intellectual Property Law | International Law | International Trade Law

Date of this Version

April 2004