Editor Benefits

Why do law reviews editors embrace ExpressO as a channel for manuscript submissions?

High quality submissions
Thirteen of the top twenty law schools have opened institutional accounts to encourage ExpressO submissions among their faculty. Law reviews not on the delivery route run the risk of being overlooked.
Smart matching
ExpressO allows authors to browse by subject area so that they can determine the best potential fit for their manuscript. It also allows law reviews to suspend deliveries when their volumes are full. Submissions to a review can be temporarily blocked, with explanatory text provided to the authors so they know when the review will again be accepting papers.
Web access
ExpressO provides secure access to all submitted manuscripts from any computer with Internet access. No more photocopying of manuscripts to distribute among board members.
Metrics and rankings
ExpressOprovides useful statistics such as the median number of submission for other law reviews in your subject area, where your law review ranks in volume, and to what other law reviews your authors typically submit.
LawKitTM enabled
Manuscript deliveries may be filtered into LawKit, a bepress workflow application for law review editors. Learn more about LawKit.
Super price
ExpressO is free to law reviews!