Paper presented at the AIJA Annual Conference 2006. This paper can also be referenced as [2007] UNSWLRS 2.


When the 1994 Access to Justice Advisory Committee reported to the then Attorney-General, there was no explicit mention of the role of pro bono legal services in increasing access to justice. This is not to say it didn’t exist but since that time, increasing attention has been given to the pro bono contribution of the legal profession and its role in facilitating access to justice. The role of pro bono in the access to justice landscape is becoming increasingly visible and it is now clear that pro bono legal services are playing an important role in increasing access to justice. However the extent to which they can assist in litigation is quite limited given the unique characteristics that present challenges in obtaining pro bono assistance. This paper seeks to set out some of the reasons why this is the case and suggest some measures that could perhaps be taken to improve the situation.


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January 2007