FAQ for Law Schools

If you are unsure whether your institution has an account, you may email us at . You can also check the list on our ExpressO Institutional Accounts page, to see if your institution has an account.

We offer two accounts, the ExpressO Institutional Account and the ExpressO Institutional Student Account. The ExpressO Institutional Account is specific for faculty and staff, while the ExpressO Student Account is designed for student authors.

No. Students are not allowed on your faculty account.

You may choose between the Open Account Plan or the Complete Prepaid Plan. With the Open Account Plan, you pay according to actual usage every six months. You have the option to set up a per-submission credit limit at any amount you wish. The Complete Prepaid Plan offers you unlimited submissions at an annual rate. Please see our Pricing section for specific cost information as well as links the sign up forms.

Either the dean's office or your school's library typically pays for the service.

If you choose the Open Account Plan, you are billed every six months. Billing occurs twice a year beginning in April for the preceding six months, then again in October. For the Complete Prepaid Plan, we automatically send you an invoice at least a month prior to your start date (based on your original sign up date).

Yes. For Open Account Plan users, we itemize the receipts in this way in order for you better to track the usage of your ExpressO account. For Prepaid Plan users, we can provide a detailed deliveries report of account usage upon request.

Yes. Your institution can create per-submission dollar limits for your account. Note that this limit is per-submission only, and is not a daily or annual limit. The limits only apply to the Open Account Plan.

No. Any credit limit set is uniform for all authorized users.

Schools that use the Open Account Plan may switch to the Complete Prepaid Plan for electronic submissions at any time. Schools may switch from the Complete Prepaid Plan to the Open Account Plan when the annual license is up for renewal.

We can typically set up and activate the account within one business day upon receipt of the completed sign-up form.

When you sign up for an institutional account, you must choose a user authentication method: Authorized User List or Domain. With the authorized user list, you provide us the names and email addresses of your approved users, and we add to your account. Alternatively, you may specify a domain address, e.g., law.university.edu, so users can easily make their submissions.

Note: Authorized User List authentication is required if you choose the Complete Prepaid Option or if you have a student account.

It is best to send us a list electronically. Word or Excel files are all acceptable. For faster upload and access for your users, we will need their email address, first name, and last name, each in their own column.

Yes. Just send us the email address of the faculty member(s), with a request to add them to your account.

Subscription control access is granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact for more information.

Note that your institution's subscription information will be available to view by the author on the Payment section of the ExpressO submission process. We also recommend that you inform your faculty and/or students about your ExpressO institutional account(s). Please contact for a sample letter to distribute.

We are always available to support your faculty. If you would like to schedule training for one or more of your administrators, so that they would also be able to help authors, simply let us know.

Yes. Our administrator feature allows assistants to log in under their own account to submit on behalf of a professor. On the Article Information screen, under the Author(s) section, simply click on the (+) sign and add the name and email address of the professor and then click on the Remove Author icon (person with a red X) next to their name to show only the professor's information. This will ensure that the professor is listed correctly as the author of the article, as well as in all correspondence after the submission takes place between the author and the selected law reviews.

No, we do not provide transfers or refunds. The author should submit their receipt to the dean's office for reimbursement.