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Documents from 2018

Voto singular: Caso Fernández Prada Velásquez, Jose Luis Sardon

Voto singular: Caso Fujimori 2, Jose Luis Sardon

Voto singular: Caso Reforma del Sistema Privado de Pensiones, Jose Luis Sardon

Voto singular conjunto con Ferrero Costa: Caso Ugalde Alfaro (extradición), Jose Luis Sardon

Conceptualizing a Framework of Institutionalized Appellate Arbitration in International Commercial Arbitration, Axay Satagopan

Eco-economy sustainability model, Harry D. Saunders

Household Capital Accumulation model, Harry D. Saunders

Other, Akseli Saviranta

Other, Akseli Saviranta

Co-Editor, Special Libraries, Special Challenges column, Public Services Quarterly (2018 - ), Deborah Schander

Library Consolidation: A Good Thing or Absorption into the Borg?, Deborah Schander

Religious Monopolies and the Commodification of Religion, Brett G. Scharffs, Shima Baradaran-Robison, and Elizabeth A. Sewell

The Double-Edged Effect of Contracts on Alliance Performance, Oliver Schilke and Fabrice Lumineau

Takedown and Today's Academic Digital Library, Brianna L. Schofield and Jennifer M. Urban

Bridges II: The Law-STEM Alliance & Next Generation Innovation, David L. Schwartz, Leslie Oster, Devin R. Desai, Jay P. Kesan, Pierre Larouche, Daryl Lim, Ivory Mills, Pilar Ossorio, Laura Pedraza-Fariña, Jacob S. Sherkow, Jessica Silbey, D. Daniel Sokol, Harry Surden, Ryan Whalen, and Christopher S. Yoo

From Victorian Secrets to Cyberspace Shaming (reviewing Guarding Life's Dark Secrets: Legal and Social Controls over Reputation, Propriety, and Privacy by Lawrence Friedman), Paul M. Schwartz

Privacy Inalienability and the Regulation of Spyware, Paul M. Schwartz

Property, Privacy, and Personal Data, Paul M. Schwartz

Reviving Telecommunications Surveillance Law, Paul M. Schwartz

Vote.com and Internet Politics: A Comment on Dick Morris's Version of Internet Democracy, Paul M. Schwartz

Warrantless Wiretapping, FISA Reform, and the Lessons of Public Liberty: A Comment on Holmes's Jorde Lecture, Paul M. Schwartz

Where Do We Go From Here? The Battle Against Predatory Subprime Lending, Paul M. Schwartz

Transatlantic Data Privacy Law, Paul M. Schwartz and Karl-Nikolaus Peifer

Appointments Clause: Lucia v. SEC, 7 ABA Preview of U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 231 (2018), Steven D. Schwinn

Constitutional Law, Steven D. Schwinn

Election Law: Abbott v. Perez, 7 ABA Preview of U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 238 (2018), Steven D. Schwinn

Federalism in the Trump Administration, Steven D. Schwinn

First Amendment: National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra, 46 ABA Preview of U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 184 (2018), Steven D. Schwinn

Immigration: Trump v. State of Hawaii, 7 ABA Preview of U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 225 (2018), Steven D. Schwinn

Jurisdiction: United States v. Sanchez-Gomez, 46 ABA Preview of U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 189 (2018), Steven D. Schwinn

Military Offices, Dalmazzi v. United States, 45 ABA Preview of U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 120 (2018), Steven D. Schwinn

Sorting Out Bannon's Claim of Executive Privilege, Steven D. Schwinn

3D Scan Data for Selected Artifacts from Blackwater Draw National Historic Landmark, Robert Z. Selden Jr.

Ceramic Morphological Organization: Quiddity of Shape for Hickory Engraved Bottles, Robert Z. Selden Jr.

Lithic Morphological Organization: Gahagan Bifaces from Texas and Louisiana, Robert Z. Selden Jr., John E. Dockall, and Harry J. Shafer

3D Scan Data for Selected Clovis-Age Artifacts from the Gault Site (41BL323), Robert Z. Selden Jr., Thomas J. Williams, Nancy Velchoff, and Michael B. Collins

Segregation, Violence, and Restorative Justice: Restoring our Communities, 50 J. Marshall L. Rev. 487 (2017), Michael Seng

On Dictas Trail: Espinosa's Messy Repercussions, Amir Shachmurove

Measuring Law School Clinics, Colleen F. Shanahan, Jeffrey Selbin, Alyx Mark, and Anna E. Carpenter

Separation of Powers Law: Cases and Materials, Peter M. Shane, Harold H. Bruff, and Neil J. Kinkopf

Inequality, Social Resilience, and the Green Economy, Sid Shapiro and Robert R.M. Verchick

Healthcare Promises for Public Employees, Natalya Shnitser

Religious Belief and the Queer Classroom.pdf, Donn Short

Racing Abnormality, Normalizing Race: The Origins of America's Peculiar Carceral State and Its Prospects for Democratic Transformation Today, Jonathan Simon

Bit by Bit: A case study of bloggership, D. Gordon Smith

Insider Trading and Entrepreneurial Action, D. Gordon Smith

A uniform procedure for administering SRIs, Fred Smith and

Agreement Finances Government Through February 8th, Mark Caleb Smith

Alabama Voters Have Spoken, Mark Caleb Smith

Budget Battle, Mark Caleb Smith

Cake Debate Sparking LGBT Concerns, Mark Caleb Smith

Congress Incapable of Passing Legislation?, Mark Caleb Smith

Dayton Mayor Whaley Drops Out of Governor’s Race, Mark Caleb Smith

Gubernatorial Race Continues to Change, Mark Caleb Smith

Is Kucinich Catching a Gun Control Wave Across Ohio?, Mark Caleb Smith

Renacci Joins Senate Race, Mark Caleb Smith

Senate Votes to End Shutdown, Mark Caleb Smith

Showdown in Alabama, Mark Caleb Smith

Foreword to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Evolving Economies: The Role of Law, Franklin G. Snyder

Consumer Preferences for Performances Defaults, Franklin G. Snyder and Ann M. Mirabito

A Model Regime of Privacy Protection (Version 1.1), Daniel J. Solove and Chris Jay Hoofnagle

A Model Regime of Privacy Protection (Version 2.0), Daniel J. Solove and Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Model Regime of Privacy Protection, A, Daniel J. Solove and Chris Jay Hoofnagle

An Overview of Privacy Law, Daniel J. Solove and Paul M. Schwartz

Reconciling Personal Information in the United States and European Union, Daniel J. Solove and Paul M. Schwartz

After Obergefell: On Marriage and Belonging in Carson McCullers' Member of the Wedding, Sarah Song

Immigration and Democracy, Sarah Song

Rethinking Citizenship through Alienage and Birthright Privilege: Bosniak and Shachar's Critiques of Liberal Citizenship, Sarah Song

The Liberal Tightrope: Brettschneider on Free Speech, Sarah Song

The Liberal Tightrope: Brettschneider on Free Speech, Sarah Song

Applying Empirical Psychology to Inform Courtroom Adjudication - Potential Contributions and Challenges, Avani Mehta Sood

Cognitive Cleansing: Experimental Psychology and the Exclusionary Rule, Avani Mehta Sood

Law, Society, and Psychological Science, Avani Mehta Sood and Victor D. Quintanilla

Law School as Social Innovation, Lorne Sossin

Justiciability, Access to Justice and the Development of Constitutional Law in Canada, Lorne Sossin and Gerard J. Kennedy

Expert Testimony and the Epistemology of Disagreement, Alex Stein

Law and the Epistemology of Disagreements, Alex Stein

Catalonia: Is There a “Right” to Secession?, Milena Sterio

Self-Determination and Secession Under International Law: The Cases of Kurdistan and Catalonia, Milena Sterio

Unitary Innovations and Political Accountability, Edward H. Stiglitz

Delegating for Trust, Edward H. Stiglitz

63. Children’s conversational memory regarding a minor transgression and a subsequent interview, Stacia N. Stolzenberg, Kelly McWilliams, and Thomas D. Lyon

Book (OUP): A Cosmopolitan Legal Order: Kant, Constitutional Justice, and the European Convention on Human Rights, Alec Stone Sweet

Causation between State Omission and Harm within the Framework of Positive Obligations under the ECHR, Vladislava Stoyanova

‘Recasting’ Detention of Asylum Seekers. Human Rights Law, EU Law and its Application in Bulgaria, Vladislava Stoyanova

Sweet Taste with Bitter Roots: Forced Labour and Chowdury and Others v Greece, Vladislava Stoyanova

1 Poincare Conjecture Proven and Disproved Using Imaginary Numbers, Imaginary Manifolds, Always Changing Manifolds, Suns or Stars, Rhombus, Trapezoids, Ellipses, Triangles, Parallelograms, Squares and Word Meanings, James T. Struck

Disproof of the Riemann Conjecture with Infinity and the Points beyond the Critical Strip and X axis Zeroes Still Existing beyond the Critical Strip Besides the historical Proofs Discussion of the Zeta Function and Dirichlet Function beyond the Riemann Conjecture and Riemann’s Article Title of Prime Numbers Less than a Given Magnitude, James T. Struck

P=NP and the Similar Planetary Diameter Problem, James T. Struck

P=NP Proved, Disproved, Varies Based on Problem or issue, and Indeterminate Based on Similarity between Checked and Find, James T. Struck

Proof and Disproof of Yang Mills Theory and the Mass Gap.pdf, James T. Struck

Proofs and Disproofs of Navier Stokes from 2012-2018, James T. Struck

Riemann Conjecture Proof and Disproof, James T. Struck

Tisinyaki Kimerei - Legal Ways to Protect the Constitution, Ubuntu Institute Students

Book Reviews, Peter Swire and Paul M. Schwartz

Appraising 9/11: 'Sacred' Value and Heritage in Neoliberal Times, Mateo Taussig-Rubbo

Cybersecurity for Law Firms: Recent Developments, Barry R. Temkin and Atea Martin

The Mentally Impaired Client: Who Decides Trial Strategy?, Barry R. Temkin and Diane G. Temkin

Libertades comunicativas y censura en el entorno tecnológico global, Germán M. Teruel Lozano

The Law and Harry Potter, Jeffrey E. Thomas and Franklin G. Snyder