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Documents from 2018

Colliding Worlds: The Objective Nature of Climate Science and the (Somewhat) Subjective Nature of Climate Policy, Chad J. McGuire

Considering the Role of Government in Communicating Climate Change: Lessons from the US Public Flood Insurance Program, Chad J. McGuire

El Litigio Supranacional de los Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales: Avances y Retrocesos en el Sistema Interamericano, Tara J. Melish

Hacia La Protección Efectiva de los Derechos Sociales: La Jurisprudencia de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, Tara J. Melish

Putting “Human Rights” Back into the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Shifting Frames and Embedding Participation Rights, Tara J. Melish

Unpaid Debt to Society: Exploring How Ex-Felons View Restrictions on Voting Rights after the Completion of Their Sentence, Bryan Lee Miller and Laura E. Agnich

Looking Toward the Future: Different Avenues for Attacking Employment Discrimination, Joy Milligan, David Oppenheimer, Bertrall Ross, and Moderator: Jahan Sagafi

Abuso de posición dominante, Carlos Molina Sandoval

Asuncion de riesgo, Carlos Molina Sandoval

La culpa en el derecho privado, Carlos Molina Sandoval

Escuelas del Análisis Económico del Derecho, Daniel A. Monroy

It's More than Just the Dreamers, Craig B. Mousin

Un Viaje al Common Law, Edgardo Muñoz

Introduction - The Problem of Law in Response to Disasters, Masayuki Murayama and Charles D. Weisselberg

Disparity in Judicial Misconduct Cases: Color-Blind Diversity?, Athena D. Mutua

Gender Equality and Women's Solidarity Across Religious, Ethnic and Class Difference in the Kenyan Constitutional Review Process, Athena D. Mutua

Constitutional Torts (4th edition), Sheldon H. Nahmod, Michael Wells, Thomas A. Eaton, and Fred Smith

Polar Opposites: Assessing the State of Environmental Law in the World’s Polar Regions, Mark P. Nevitt and Robert V. Percival

Security in a Liberal Union: EU Asylum and Migration Control Policies, Gregor Noll

Security in a Liberal Union: EU Asylum and Migration Control Policies (Forthcoming), Gregor Noll

How Coordination Trajectories Influence the Performance of Interorganizational Project Networks, Nuno Oliveira and Fabrice Lumineau

Prohibitions Anachronistic Exclusionary Rule, Wesley M. Oliver

Split- split Plot theoretic approach to modelling optimum conditions for the growth and development of Castor Shrub, Samuel A. Omotehinse, Anthony C. Igboanugo, and Kazeem A. Bello

Implicit Bias Exists; It’s Now A Question Of Not Whether, But How Much, Timothy P. O'Neill

Most Sacred Right of Habeas Corpus Slowly Withering in Washington, Timothy P. O'Neill

Prosecutor-friendly coroners leave disgraceful legacy in Mississippi, Timothy P. O'Neill

The Dilemma of Human Rights: Normalization and Denormalization of Human Rights in Different Legal Context., Prince Opoku Agyemang

A U.S. Perspective on the Relationship of Immigration Restrictions and Racism, David B. Oppenheimer, Swati Prakash, and Rachel Burns

Reputational Regulation, Kish Parella

Experience, Contractual Covenants and Venture Capitalists' Responses to Unmet Expectations, Annaleena Parhankangas, Hans Landström, and D. Gordon Smith

Gender Budget Newsletter_Feb18 Population First.pdf, Professor Vibhuti Patel

Prof. Vibhuti Patel on Indian Economy and Food Price Volatility, Janata January 28 2018.pdf, Professor Vibhuti Patel

Women's Studies in Praxix Dr. Neera Desai's Contribution by Vibhuti Patel IJGS 22-5-2018.pdf, Professor Vibhuti Patel

Impact Zone LGBT: LGBT Centers and their Impact on the Student Population, Zachary Glenn Payne, Clare Walsh, and Laura E. Agnich

Guardianes de lo Humano, Antonio-Carlos Pereira-Menaut

Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse: Can State Legislation Solve the Problem?, David Pimentel

Cycling, Safety, and Vicitim Blaming: Toward a Coherent Public Policy for Bicycling in the 21st Century, David Pimentel

Cycling, Safety, and Victim-Blaming: Toward a Coherent Public Policy for Bicycling in 21st Century America, David Pimentel

As Justice Requires/Permits: The Delimitation of Harmful Speech in a Democratic Society, john a. powell

Disrupting Individualism and Distributive Remedies with Intersubjectivity and Empowerment: An Approach to Justice and Discourse, John A. Powell

Does Living a Spiritually Engaged Life Mandate Us to Be Actively Engaged in Issues of Social Justice, John A. Powell

Introduction, John A. Powell

Structural Racism: Building upon the Insights of John Calmore, John A. Powell

The Needs of Members in a Legitimate Democratic State, John A. Powell

The Racing of American Society: Race Functioning as a Verb before Signifying as a Noun, john a. powell

Welfare Reform for Real People: Engaging the Moral and Economic Debate, john a. powell

Fisher v Texas: The Limits of Exhaustion and the Future of Race-Conscious University Admissions, john a. powell and Stephen Menendian

The Race and Class Nexus: An Intersectional Perspective, ohn a. powell

Closing Remarks, Professor john a. powell

Derechos sociales y políticas públicas. El principio de progresividad, Rodrigo A. Poyanco Bugueño

Aspectos problemáticos en los inmuebles sujetos a dominio fiduciario: tratamiento del impuesto de alcabala y medidas cautelares, Julio Eduardo Pozo Sánchez and Carolina Ormeño Flores

Rural Access to Justice in the Golden State, Lisa R. Pruitt

Rural Justice: Improving Access to Justice in the Rural Reaches of Southern California, Lisa R. Pruitt

The Women Feminism Forgot: Rural and Working-Class White Women in the Era of Trump, Lisa R. Pruitt

Book Review of Learning from Practice: A Text for Experiential Legal Education by Leah Wortham, Alexander Scherr, Nancy Maurer, and Susan L. Brooks, eds., Lisa Radtke Bliss

Who Should Pay for Bad Genes, Eric Rakowski

Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications, Henry Reichman, Ashley Dawson, Martin Garnar, Chris Hoofnagle, Rana Jaleel, Anne Klinefelter, Robert O'Neil, and Jennifer Nichols

Book Review: "The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in a New Era," by Mike Koehler, Peter Reilly

Corporate Deferred Prosecution as Discretionary Injustice, Peter Reilly

Incentivizing Corporate America to Eradicate Transnational Bribery Worldwide: Federal Transparency and Voluntary Disclosure under the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, Peter Reilly

Justice Deferred is Justice Denied: We Must End Our Failed Experiment in Deferring Corporate Criminal Prosecutions, Peter Reilly

Teaching Law Students How to Feel: Using Negotiations Training to Increase Emotional Intelligence, Peter Reilly

Insuring Sustainable Homeownership, David J. Reiss

The Regulation of Residential Real Estate Finance Under Trump, David J. Reiss

The Trump Administration And Residential Real Estate Finance, David J. Reiss


Frontier Road. Power, History, and the Everyday State in the Colombian Amazon (Simón Uribe), Javier E. Revelo-Rebolledo

La Amazonía en llamas: más allá de la ilegalidad y el estigma, Javier E. Revelo-Rebolledo and Julio Bravo Medina

La construcción del Estado local en Colombia, Javier E. Revelo-Rebolledo and Mauricio García-Villegas

Governing Experimental Responses: Negative Emissions Technologies and Solar Climate Engineering, Jesse Reynolds

Character Assassination: Amending Federal Rule of Evidence 404(b) to Protect Criminal Defendants, Liesa L. Richter

Goldilocks and the Rule 803 Hearsay Exceptions, Liesa L. Richter

Elon Musk's Open Innovation: Tesla, Intellectual Property, and Climate Change, Matthew Rimmer

Intellectual Property and Clean Energy: The Paris Agreement and Climate Justice, Matthew Rimmer

Northern Exposure: Alaska, Climate Change, Indigenous Rights, and Atmospheric Trust Litigation, Matthew Rimmer

The Alliance of Small Island States: Intellectual Property, Cultural Heritage, and Climate Change, Matthew Rimmer

The Paris Agreement: Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, and Climate Change, Matthew Rimmer

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Sustainable Development: Access to Genetic Resources, Informed Consent, and Benefit-Sharing, Matthew Rimmer

Transparency and Disclosure, Diane Ring

Corporate Migrations and Tax Transparency and Disclosure, Diane M. Ring

Leak-Driven Law, Diane M. Ring and Shu-Yi Oei

Boy Scouts & Burning Crosses: Bringing Balance to the Court’s Lopsided Approach to the Intersection of Equality and Speech, Russell K. Robinson

Unequal Protection, Russell K. Robinson

Masculinity as Prison: Sexual Identity, Race, and Incarceration, Russell K. Robinson

Structural Dimensions of Romantic Preferences, Russell K. Robinson

Executive Opportunism, Presidential Signing Statements, and the Separation of Powers, Daniel B. Rodriguez, Edward H. Stiglitz, and Barry R. Weingast

Evaluating Corporate Speech About Science, Shannon Roesler

Hispanics and the Criminal Justice System, Leo Romero and Luis G. Stelzner

The Representative Equality Principle: Disaggregating the Equal Protection Intent Standard, Bertrall Ross

Administering Suspect Classes, Bertrall L. Ross II

Administering Suspect Classes, Bertrall L. Ross II

Paths to Resistance to Our Imperial First Amendment, Bertrall L. Ross Jr.

The State as Witness: Windsor, Shelby County, and Judicial Distrust of the Legislative Record, Bertrall L. Ross II

Equality, Rights, and Administrative Agencies, Bertrall Ross, Mila Sohoni, Gillian Metzger, Sam Bagenstos, and Margaret H. Lemos

Exceptional Indifference: An International Perspective on U.S. Poverty, Ezra Rosser

The Costs and Elusive Gains of Creating Complementarities Between Party and Popular Democracy: A Response to Ethan J. Leib & Christopher S. Elmendorf, Bertrall L. Ross II

Book Review of The Collapse of American Criminal Justice, by William J. Stuntz, Andrea Roth

Trial by Machine, Andrea Roth

Data Mining and Internet Profiling: Emerging Regulatory and Technological Approaches, Ira S. Rubinstein, Ronald D. Lee, and Paul M. Schwartz

Resolution 07-02-2018 Family Code suspension of licenses.pdf, Catherine L. Rucker