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Documents from 2016

The Uneven Development of Criminal Law: Human Geography, Policing, and Criminal Law Formation on the Urban Scale, Brendan Conner


Salvaging ‘Safe Spaces’: Toward Model Standards for LGBTQ Youth-Serving Professionals Encountering Law Enforcement, Brendan M. Conner


In Loco Aequitatis: The Dangers of "Safe Harbor" Laws for Youth in the Sex Trades, Brendan M. Conner Esq.

How Legal Education Models Abroad Can Impact International Student Participation in U.S. Law Courses, Lurene Contento

The Legal Writing Workshop: Legal English Training, Lurene Contento

Why Online Resources Won’t Replace Writing Specialists – At Least Anytime Soon!, Lurene Contento

Graveyard of Reputations: Writing Institutional History, Daniel R. Coquillette

On the Battlefield of Merit: Harvard in the Civil War, Daniel R. Coquillette

Slavery and the Foundation of American Legal Education, Daniel R. Coquillette

Corporate social responsibility: The good corporation, Jim Corkery, Maiken Mikalsen, and Katie Allan

"Love's Congruence": A Theological Account of Wisdom for Judges, Sarah M. R. Cravens

Staggered Boards and Long-Term Firm Value, Revisited, K.J. Martijn Cremers, Lubomir P. Litov, and Simone M. Sepe

AMERICANS IN JEOPARDY: When Human Rights Protection Becomes America’s Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch Shell Game, Zena Crenshaw-Logal

How To Get Away With Career Murder: The Unconstitutional Blueprint for Systematically Purging Whistleblowers from U.S. Law Enforcement, Zena Crenshaw-Logal, Andrew Jackson, and Sandra Nunn

Re-examining Reasonableness: Negligence Liability in Adult Defendants with Cognitive Disabilities, Johnny Criscoe and Lisa Lukasik

Re-examining Reasonableness: Negligence Liability in Adult Defendants with Cognitive Disabilities, Johnny Criscoe and Lisa Lukasik

Debt Relief, in Encyclopedia of International Economic Law (Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer & Thomas Cottier, eds., Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2016)., Karen Cross

Recent ICC Applications of Article 17 of the Rome Statute, Kevin Crow


The Emerging Neoliberal Penality: Rethinking Foucauldian Punishment in a Profit-Driven Carceral System, Kevin Crow

Battery and Deprivation of Liberty: How to Begin to Compensate Flint Residents for Their Drinking Water Fiasco, John Culhane

If You Thought the Fight for Same-Sex Marriage Was Over, Check Out These Awful New Bills, John Culhane

How Antonin Scalia Changed America: 19 Top Legal Thinkers on the Justice’s Legacy for the Court, the Law and the Public, John G. Culhane

How Can Gay Parents Explain Orlando to Their Kids?, John G. Culhane

In Italy, a Narrow Definition of Family Means Same-Sex Couples Still Can’t Adopt, John G. Culhane

Rhetoric and Reality in Wedlocked, John G. Culhane

Leadership in Advocacy, Katherine Culliton

An American Reset--Safe Water & a Workable Model of Federalism, Cara Cunningham Warren

"No Shots, No School, No Kidding": The Legal Profession Needs a Vaccination to Ensure Professionalism, Debra Moss Curtis

Analyzing Videotaped Interrogations and Confessions, Brian L. Cutler and Richard Leo

Quoted in "Experts: NC Case Unaffected by Texas Transgender Ruling", Emery P. Dalesio

(Forthcoming) Destroying the Scope of Employment, Paula J. Dalley

(Forthcoming) Destroying the Scope of Employment, Paula J. Dalley

(Forthcoming) Vicarious Charity: Social Responsibility and Catholic Social Teaching, Paula J. Dalley

(Forthcoming) Vicarious Charity: Social Responsibility and Catholic Social Teaching, Paula J. Dalley

Bridging Constitutional Dignity and Environmental Rights Jurisprudence, Erin Daly and James R. May

A British Misreading: Sir Ivor Jennings’ Early Assessment of the Indian Constitution, Shubhankar Dam

Demonetisation_ A constitutional law expert explains why the Narendra Modi government can't stop Indians from accessing their money — Quartz.pdf, Shubhankar Dam

Making Parliament Irrelevant: A Postcard from India, Shubhankar Dam


The Executive, Shubhankar Dam


Letting Go of ‘The Normal’ in Pursuit of an Ever-Elusive Real: A Proposal for Innovation in International Law and Economics Theory and Scholarship, Dan Danielsen


A Damning Cascade of Investigative Errors: Flaws in Homicide Investigation in the USA, Deborah Davis and Richard Leo

Legal Dualism, Legal Ethics, and Fidelity to Law, Joshua P. Davis

Writing Better Jury Instructions: Antitrust as an Example, Joshua P. Davis, Shannon Wheatman, and Cristen Stephansky

Insider Trading Flaw: Toward A Fraud-On-The-Market Theory And Beyond, Kenneth R. Davis


The Adoption of the Monarch Room as an Alternative to Suspension and Expulsion in Addressing School Discipline Issues Among Court-Involved Youth, Angelique Day



Preventing Preemption: Finding Freedom for States to Protect Their Citizens’ Personal History Information, Elizabeth De Armond

Knowledge & Innovation in Africa: Scenarios for the Future, Jeremy de Beer, Shirin Elahi, Dick Kawooya, Chidi Oguamanam, and Nagla Rizk

Trophy Hunting Contracts: Unenforceable for Reasons of Public Policy, Myanna Dellinger

Alternative Visions for the Federal Criminal Justice and Corrections System: Is True Change Possible?, Nora Demleitner

Argument preview: Court to tackle constitutionality of residual clause in sentencing guidelines, Nora V. Demleitner

The Dormant Commerce Clause Wins One Five Takes on Wynne and Direct Marketing Association, Brannon P. Denning

Asking the Right Questions About the Future of Shale Gas, John Dernbach

Creating Legal Pathways to a Zero-Carbon Future, John C. Dernbach

Shale Gas and the Future of Energy: Framing the Sustainability Questions, John C. Dernbach

Introduction: Shale Gas and the Future of Energy, John C. Dernbach and James R. May

Shale Gas and the Future of Energy: Law and Policy for Sustainability, John C. Dernbach and James R. May

Making Shale Gas Production More Sustainable, John Dernbach and James May


A Business Trust for Partnerships? Early Conceptions of Company-Related Assets in Legal Literature, and Antwerp Forensic and Commercial Practice (Later Sixteenth-Early Seventeenth Century), Dave De ruysscher

Antwerp Commercial Law in the Sixteenth Century: a Product of the Renaissance? The Legal Facilitating, Appropriating and Transforming of Mercantile Practices, Dave De ruysscher

How Normative were Merchant Manuals? Of Customs, Practices, Techniques and … Good Advice (Antwerp 16th Century), Dave De ruysscher

The Struggle for Voluntary Bankruptcy and Debt Adjustment in Antwerp (c. 1520-c. 1550), Dave De ruysscher

Shared Auditors in Mergers and Acquisitions, Dan Dhaliwal, Philip Lamoreaux, Lubomir P. Litov, and Jordan Neyland


Punitive Police? Agency Costs, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Procedure, Dhammika Dharmapala, Nuno Garoupa, and Richard McAdams

O Contrato de Fornecimento na Grande Distribuição Retalhista, Fernando Dias Simões Prof.

Reorienting Home Rule: Part 1 -- The Urban Disadvantage in National and State Lawmaking, Paul A. Diller

Voting Rights and Election Law, Michael R. Dimino, Bradley Smith, and Michael Solimine

Connection, Capacity and Morality in Lawyer-Client Relationships: Dialogues and Commentary, Robert Dinerstein, Stephen Ellmann, Isabelle Gunning, and Ann Shalleck

An Opt-In Option for Class Actions, Scott Dodson


The Gravitational Force of Federal Law, Scott Dodson


Joint and Several Jurisdiction, Scott Dodson and Philip Pucillo

The Effect of the Use of Temperature on the Breakage of Dormancy and the Subsequent Performance of Rice (Oryza spp.), Grace Doku, Mawutor Glover, Edinam Glover, and Kofi Dartey

bjals-2016-0005.pdf, John C. Domino PhD

4 Gun Control Steps U.S. Needs Now, John J. Donohue

Empirical Analysis and the Fate of Capital Punishment, John J. Donohue

Firearms on College Campuses: Research Evidence and Policy Implications, John J. Donohue

Testing the Immunity of the Firearm Industry to Tort Litigation, John J. Donohue

The Demise of the Death Penalty in Connecticut, John J. Donohue

Half-Baked: The Demand by For-Profit Businesses for Religious Exemptions from Selling to Same-Sex Couples, James M. Donovan

The Rights of Older Persons within the African Union, Israel Doron Prof., benny spanier, and Ori Lazar

Documentation-SOP Trust.pdf, Joel M. Drotts Esq.

Grant Proposal of the Association for Consumer Effectiveness2016.pdf, Joel M. Drotts Esq.

LICENSE AGREEMENT 2016.pdf, Joel M. Drotts Esq.

Project Earned Respect: Policy and Program Solution for San Francisco Homeless Problem., Joel M. Drotts Esq.

Real Wellfare Fraud2016.pdf, Joel M. Drotts Esq.


Resume Of Joel Drotts Juris Doctorate, Joel M. Drotts Esq.

The Association for (1).pdf, Joel M. Drotts Esq.

Who is getting paid for your work.pdf, Joel M. Drotts Esq.

Family Violence in Kuujjuaq: Interviews with Kuujjuamiut, Susan G. Drummond

A Plan to strengthen the Paris Agreement, Bryan Druzin

Censorship’s Fragile Grip on the Internet: Can Online Speech Be Controlled?, Bryan H. Druzin

The Art of Nailing Jell-o to the Wall- Reassessing the Political Power of the Internet, Bryan H. Druzin


Using Social Norms as a Substitute for Law, Bryan H. Druzin

Orlando Shooting — Are Our Anti-Terror Strategies Working?, Alev Dudek

Power, Economics And The 'Islamic Terrorism' Narrative, Alev Dudek

U.S. Education System — the Disconnection Between Spending and Outcomes, Alev Dudek

Worse than Pirates or Prussian Chancellors.pdf, Michael C. Duff



Cash is King: How Market-Based Strategies Have Corrupted Classrooms and Criminal Courts in Post-Katrina New Orleans, Olympia Duhart and Hugh Mundy

02 LEIE 43-2_Ming Du & Fei Deng.pdf, Ming Du