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Documents from 2017

Military Electoral Authoritarianism in Egypt, Sahar F. Aziz

Ethical Issues Related to Flat Fees, Alberto Bernabe

Market Mechanisms in Environmental Law, Sanja Bogojevic

Environmental Rights in Europe and Beyond, Sanja Bogojevic and Rosemary Rayfuse

Callister Freedom Essay 1.22.repository.submission.pdf, Paul D. Callister

What Is Meant by Freedom?, Paul D. Callister


Trial and Error: Lawyers and Nonlawyer Advocates, Anna E. Carpenter, Alyx Mark, and Colleen Shanahan

Monopolies in Multidistrict Litigation, Elizabeth Chamblee Burch

Repeat Players in Multidistrict Litigation - The Social Network.docx, Elizabeth Chamblee Burch and Marjorie S. Williams

ASEAN and Government Procurement: Does TPP Chapter 15 Disproportionately Favor the U.S.?, Kevin Crow

Commentary on Prosecutor v. Radovan Karadzic, Kevin Crow

The Merits or the Messenger?: Complementarity and the Referral Process in the ICC’s Application of Article 17, Kevin Crow

A Negative Retrospective of Rule 23, Scott Dodson

Jurisdiction and Its Effects.pdf, Scott Dodson


Mobile Money in Tanzania, Nicholas Economides and Przemyslaw Jeziorski


Philadelphia and Sports Law, Adam Epstein and Brian Halsey

Prisoners of Pleading, Richard Frankel and Alistair Newbern

An Evidentiary Oddity: “Careful Habit” -- Does the Law of Evidence Embrace This Archaic/Modern Concept?, Marc D. Ginsberg

The Asymmetry Problem: Reflections on Calvin Massey's "Standing in State Courts, State Law, and Federal Review", John M. Greabe

The Asymmetry Problem: Reflections on Calvin Massey's "Standing in State Courts, State Law, and Federal Review", John M. Greabe

Green__Tax Evasion as crime.docx, Stuart Green

Forum Shopping in the Bargain Aisle: Wal-Mart and the Role of Adequacy of Representation in Shareholder Litigation, Lawrence A. Hamermesh and Jacob J. Fedechko

Modern Real Estate Finance & Land Transfer: A Transactional Approach (Steven Bender, Celeste M. Hammond, Michael Madison, and Robert Zimmerman) (6th ed., Aspen forthcoming 2017), Celeste M. Hammond


Redefining Particularly Serious Crimes in Refugee Law, Mary Holper

Rape by Malice, Kari E. Hong

The Absurdity of Crime-Based Deportation, Kari E. Hong

Reassessing the Trade-Development Nexus in International Economic Law: The Paradigm Shift in Asia-Pacific Regionalism, Pasha L. HSIEH

Justices as Sacred Symbols: Antonin Scalia and the Cultural Life of the Law, Brian Christopher Jones and Austin Sarat

Fiat Lux: Tracing A Standard of Review for Class Certification Orders, Curtis E.A. Karnow

Construction, Originalist Interpretation and the Complete Constitution, Richard Kay

I Dissent: The Federal Circuit's 'Great Dissenter,' Her Influence on the Patent Dialogue, and Why It Matters, Daryl Lim

Revisiting the Patent Misuse Doctrine, in Josef Drexl ed., The Innovation Society and Intellectual Property (Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2017), Daryl Lim

Unilateral Conduct and Standards, in Jorge L Contreras ed., The Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2017), Daryl Lim

Reforming and Specifying IPR Policies of Standard-Setting Organizations: Towards Fair and Efficient Patent Licensing and Dispute Resolution, Richard Li and Richard Li-dar Wang

Change It to Save It: Why and How to Amend Article 9, Craig Martin

Public Policy Considerations Concerning Forum Selection Clauses in Insurance Contracts, Chad G. Marzen

Water Rights and Law in Delaware, James R. May

Taxing Wealth Seriously, Edward J. McCaffery

Persuasive Technologies: From Loss of Privacy to Loss of Autonomy, Eliza Mik


Difficulties with the Interordinal Laws of Cultural Property as Applied in the United States, and Proposed Solutions, Jeffrey John Miles

Solving the problem of capital loss distribution upon dissolution of a service partnership, Jeffrey John Miles

Paper Dragon Thieves, J.S. Nelson

What We Buy When We "Buy Now", Aaron Perzanowski and Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Forfeitures and the Eighth Amendment: A Practical Approach to the Excessive Fines Clause as a Check on Government Seizures, David Pimentel

The Alliance of Small Island States: Intellectual Property, Cultural Heritage, and Climate Change, Matthew Rimmer

De-Policing (with Griffin Edwards), Stephen Rushin

De-Policing (with Griffin Edwards), Stephen Rushin

From Selma to Ferguson: The Voting Rights Act as a Blueprint for Police Reform (with Jason Mazzone), Stephen Rushin

From Selma to Ferguson: The Voting Rights Act as a Blueprint for Police Reform (with Jason Mazzone), Stephen Rushin

Secession and Federalism in the United States: Tools for Managing Regional Conflict in a Pluralist Society, Erin Ryan

On Normative Effects of Immigration Law.pdf, Emily Ryo


Post-Racialism and the End of Strict Scrutiny, David Schraub

The Law & Economics of Insurance, Daniel Schwarcz and Peter Siegelman

Faultless Guilt: Toward a Relationship Based View of Criminal Liability, Amy Sepinwall

Grasping Fatherhood in Abortion and Adoption.pdf, Malinda L. Seymore

A Missed Opportunity to Clarify Students' First Amendment Rights in the Digital Age, Elizabeth Shaver

HandcuffingAThirdGrader.final.pdf, Elizabeth Shaver and Janet R. Decker


Are they pirates or pioneers?, Ashley Song

Preemption, Federalism, and Local Democracy, Kenneth A. Stahl

The Challenge of Inclusion, Kenneth A. Stahl

Human Trafficking and Refugee Law, Vladislava Stoyanova

The Reform of Investment Protection Rules in CETA, TTIP and Other Recent EU-FTAs: Convincing?, Christian Tietje and Kevin Crow

Gendering Disability to Enable Disability Rights Law, Michelle Travis

Implicit Bias, Resp, Moral Ecology.pdf, Manuel R. Vargas

Paying Collegiate Athletes in "Store Credit", Michael N. Widener

Documents from 2016


47. The productivity of wh- prompts when children testify.

BC Law Students Win Momentous Ninth Circuit Victory


Countercyclical Regulation and Its Challenges

FISCALIZACIÓN AMBIENTAL en RESIDUOS SÓLIDOS de gestión municipal provincial - Informe 2014-2015


Free & Low-Cost Legal Research Options - Presentation Outline

From Ferguson to Palestine: Disrupting Race-Based Policing

La muerte (y resurrección) del conteo rápido: el Tribunal Electoral no entiende que no entiende

Myth: Hard Work And Credentials Determine Employment Opportunities

NightSide with Chris Citorik

O Desafio da Solvência do Estado Brasileiro

Save the Ugly Robots!

Spatial distribution of Women’s Informal activities in Jigawa State, Nigeria.

Teaching Legal Research and Writing with Actual Legal Work: Extending Clinical Education into the First Year

The Children of Gay Parents, Like All Kids, Need More Than Their Parents Can Provide

The IEEE controversial policy on Standard Essential Patents – the empirical record since adoption


Is Our Students Learning? Using Assessments to Measure and Improve Law School Learning and Performance


Standardized Testing, Learning, and Meritocracy: A Reply to Professor Dan Subotnik

The Chicago Cubs From 1945 - History's Automatic Out

The ATLAS Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, G Aad, E Abat, J Abdallah, AA Abdelalim, A Abdesselam, O Abdinov, BA Abi, M Abolins, H Abramowicz, E Acerbi, BS Acharya, R Achenbach, M Ackers, DL Adams, F Adamyan, TN Addy, M Aderholz, C Adorisio, P Adragna, M Aharrouche, SP Ahlen, F Ahles, A Ahmad, H Ahmed, G Aielli, PF Akesson, TPA Akesson, SM Alam, J Albert, S Albrand, M Aleksa, IN Aleksandrov, M Aleppo, F Alessandria, C Alexa, G Alexander, T Alexopoulos, G Alimonti, M Aliyev, PP Allport, SE Allwood-Spiers, A Aloisio, J Alonso, R Alves, MG Alviggi, K Amako, P Amaral, SP Amaral, G Ambrosini, G Ambrosio, C Amelung, VV Ammosov, A Amorim, N Amram, C Anastopoulos, B Anderson, KJ Anderson, EC Anderssen, A Andreazza, V Andrei, L Andricek, ML Andrieux, XS Anduaga, F Anghinolfi, A Antonaki, M Antonelli, S Antonelli, R Apsimon, G Arabidze, I Aracena, Y Arai, ATH Arce, JP Archambault, JF Arguin, E Arik, M Arik, KE Arms, SR Armstrong, M Arnaud, C Arnault, A Artamonov, S Asai, S Ask, B Asman, D Asner, L Asquith, K Assamagan, A Astbury, B Athar, T Atkinson, B Aubert, B Auerbach, E Auge, K Augsten, VM Aulchenko, N Austin, G Avolio, R Avramidou, A Axen, C Ay, G Azuelos, G Baccaglioni, C Bacci, H Bachacou, K Bachas, G Bachy, E Badescu, P Bagnaia, DC Bailey, JT Baines, OK Baker, F Ballester, FBDS Pedrosa, E Banas, D Banfi, A Bangert, V Bansal, SP Baranov, S Baranov, A Barashkou, EL Barberio, D Barberis, G Barbier, P Barclay, DY Bardin, P Bargassa, T Barillari, M Barisonzi, BM Barnett, RM Barnett, S Baron, A Baroncelli, M Barone, AJ Barr, F Barreiro, JBG da Costa, P Barrillon, AB Poy, N Barros, V Bartheld, H Bartko, R Bartoldus, S Basiladze, J Bastos, LE Batchelor, RL Bates, JR Batley, S Batraneanu, M Battistin, G Battistoni, V Batusov, F Bauer, B Bauss, DE Baynham, M Bazalova, A Bazan, PH Beauchemin, B Beaugiraud, RB Beccherle, GA Beck, HP Beck, KH Becks, I Bedajanek, AJ Beddall, A Beddall, P Bednar, VA Bednyakov, C Bee, SB Harpaz, GAN Belanger, C Belanger-Champagne, B Belhorma, PJ Bell, WH Bell, G Bella, F Bellachia, L Bellagamba, F Bellina, G Bellomo, M Bellomo, O Beltramello, A Belymam, S Ben Ami, M Ben Moshe, O Benary, D Benchekroun, C Benchouk, M Bendel, BH Benedict, N Benekos, J Benes, Y Benhammou, GP Benincasa, DP Benjamin, JR Bensinger, K Benslama, S Bentvelsen, M Beretta, D Berge, E Bergeaas, N Berger, F Berghaus, S Berglund, F Bergsma, J Beringer, J Bernabeu, K Bernardet, C Berriaud, T Berry, H Bertelsen, A Bertin, F Bertinelli, S Bertolucci, N Besson, A Beteille, S Bethke, W Bialas, RM Bianchi, M Bianco, O Biebel, M Bieri, M Biglietti, H Bilokon, M Binder, S Binet, N Bingefors, A Bingul, C Bini, C Biscarat, R Bischof, M Bischofberger, A Bitadze, JP Bizzell, KM Black, RE Blair, JJ Blaising, O Blanch, G Blanchot, C Blocker, J Blocki, A Blondel, W Blum, U Blumenschein, C Boaretto, GJ Bobbink, A Bocci, D Bocian, R Bock, M Boehm, J Boek, JA Bogaerts, A Bogouch, C Bohm, J Bohm, V Boisvert, T Bold, V Boldea, VG Bondarenko, R Bonino, J Bonis, W Bonivento, P Bonneau, M Boonekamp, G Boorman, M Boosten, CN Booth, PSL Booth, P Booth, JRA Booth, K Borer, A Borisov, I Borjanovic, K Bos, D Boscherini, F Bosi, M Bosman, M Bosteels, B Botchev, H Boterenbrood, D Botterill, J Boudreau, EV Bouhova-Thacker, C Boulahouache, C Bourdarios, M Boutemeur, K Bouzakis, GR Boyd, J Boyd, BH Boyer, IR Boyko, NI Bozhko, S Braccini, A Braem, P Branchini, GW Brandenburg, A Brandt, O Brandt, U Bratzler, HM Braun, S Bravo, IP Brawn, B Brelier, J Bremer, R Brenner, S Bressler, D Breton, ND Brett, P Breugnon, PG Bright-Thomas, FM Brochu, I Brock, R Brock, TJ Brodbeck, E Brodet, F Broggi, Z Broklova, C Bromberg, G Brooijmans, G Brouwer, J Broz, E Brubaker, PAB de Renstrom, D Bruncko, A Bruni, G Bruni, M Bruschi, T Buanes, NJ Buchanan, P Buchholz, IA Budagov, V Buscher, L Bugge, D Buira-Clark, EJ Buis, F Bujor, T Buran, H Burckhart, D Burckhart-Chromek, S Burdin, R Burns, E Busato, JJF Buskop, KP Buszello, F Butin, JM Butler, CM Buttar, J Butterworth, JM Butterworth, T Byatt, SC Urban, EC Casas, M Caccia, D Caforio, O Cakir, P Calafiura, G Calderini, DC Terol, J Callahan, LP Caloba, R Caloi, D Calvet, A Camard, F Camarena, P Camarri, M Cambiaghi, D Cameron, J Cammin, FC Segura, S Campana, V Canale, J Cantero, MDMC Garrido, I Caprini, M Caprini, M Caprio, D Caracinha, C Caramarcu, Y Carcagno, R Cardarelli, C Cardeira, LC Sas, A Cardini, T Carli, G Carlino, L Carminati, B Caron, S Caron, C Carpentieri, FS Carr, AA Carter, JR Carter, J Carvalho, D Casadei, MP Casado, M Cascella, C Caso, J Castelo, VC Gimenez, N Castro, F Castrovillari, G Cataldi, F Cataneo, A Catinaccio, JR Catmore, A Cattai, S Caughron, D Cauz, A Cavallari, P Cavalleri, D Cavalli, M Cavalli-Sforza, V Cavasinni, F Ceradini, C Cerna, C Cernoch, AS Cerqueira, A Cerri, F Cerutti, M Cervetto, SA Cetin, F Cevenini, M Chalifour, MC Ilatas, A Chan, JW Chapman, DG Charlton, S Charron, SV Chekulaev, GA Chelkov, H Chen, L Chen, T Chen, X Chen, S Cheng, TL Cheng, A Cheplakov, VF Chepurnov, RC El Moursli, D Chesneanu, E Cheu, L Chevalier, JL Chevalley, F Chevallier, V Chiarella, G Chiefari, L Chikovani, A Chilingarov, G Chiodini, S Chouridou, D Chren, T Christiansen, IA Christidi, A Christov, ML Chu, J Chudoba, AG Chuguev, G Ciapetti, E Cicalini, AK Ciftci, V Cindro, MD Ciobotaru, A Ciocio, M Cirilli, M Citterio, M Ciubancan, JV Civera, A Clark, W Cleland, JC Clemens, BC Clement, C Clement, D Clements, RW Clifft, M Coba, A Coccaro, J Cochran, R Coco, P Coe, S Coelli, E Cogneras, CD Cojocaru, J Colas, AP Colijn, C Collard, C Collins-Tooth, J Collot, R Coluccia, G Comune, PC Muino, E Coniavitis, M Consonni, S Constantinescu, C Conta, FA Conventi, J Cook, M Cooke, NJ Cooper-Smith, T Cornelissen, M Corradi, S Correard, A Corso-Radu, J Coss, G Costa, MJ Costa, D Costanzo, T Costin, RC Torres, L Courneyea, C Couyoumtzelis, G Cowan, BE Cox, J Cox, DA Cragg, K Cranmer, J Cranshaw, M Cristinziani, G Crosetti, CC Almenar, S Cuneo, A Cunha, M Curatolo, CJ Curtis, P Cwetanski, Z Czyczula, S D'Auria, M D'Onofrio, ADG Mello, PVM Da Silva, R Da Silva, W Dabrowski, A Dael, A Dahlhoff, T Dai, C Dallapiccola, SJ Dallison, J Dalmau, CH Daly, M Dam, D Damazio, M Dameri, KM Danielsen, HO Danielsson, R Dankers, D Dannheim, G Darbo, P Dargent, C Daum, JP Dauvergne, M David, T Davidek, N Davidson, R Davidson, I Dawson, JW Dawson, RK Daya, K De, R de Asmundis, R de Boer, S De Castro, N De Groot, P de Jong, X de La Broise, E de La Cruz-Burelo, C De La Taille, B De Lotto, MDO Branco, D De Pedis, P de Saintignon, A De Salvo, U De Sanctis, A De Santo, JBDV De Regie, G De Zorzi, S Dean, G Dedes, DV Dedovich, PO Defay, R Degele, M Dehchar, M Deile, C Del Papa, J Del Peso, T Del Prete, E Delagnes, P Delebecque, A Dell'Acqua, MD Pietra, D della Volpe, M Delmastro, P Delpierre, N Delruelle, PA Delsart, CD Silberberg, S Demers, M Demichev, P Demierre, B Demirkoz, W Deng, SP Denisov, C Dennis, CJ Densham, M Dentan, JE Derkaoui, F Derue, P Dervan, KK Desch, A Dewhurst, A Di Ciaccio, L Di Ciaccio, A Di Domenico, A Di Girolamo, B Di Girolamo, S Di Luise, A Di Mattia, A Di Simone, MMD Gomez, EB Diehl, H Dietl, J Dietrich, W Dietsche, S Diglio, M Dima, K Dindar, B Dinkespiler, C Dionisi, R Dipanjan, P Dita, S Dita, F Dittus, SD Dixon, F Djama, R Djilkibaev, T Djobava, MAB do Vale, M Dobbs, R Dobinson, D Dobos, E Dobson, M Dobson, J Dodd, OB Dogan, T Doherty, Y Doi, J Dolejsi, I Dolenc, Z Doleza, BA Dolgoshein, E Domingo, M Donega, J Dopke, DE Dorfan, O Dorholt, A Doria, A Dos Anjos, M Dosil, A Dotti, MT Dova, JD Dowell, AT Doyle, G Drake, D Drakoulakos, Z Drasal, J Drees, N Dressnandt, H Drevermann, C Driouichi, M Dris, JG Drohan, J Dubbert, T Dubbs, E Duchovni, G Duckeck, A Dudarev, M Duhrssen, H Dur, IP Duerdoth, S Duffin, L Duflot, MA Dufour, ND Dayot, HD Yildiz, D Durand, A Dushkin, R Duxfield, M Dwuznik, F Dydak, D Dzahini, SD Cornell, M Duren, WL Ebenstein, S Eckert, S Eckweiler, P Eerola, I Efthymiopoulos, U Egede, K Egorov, W Ehrenfeld, T Eifert, G Eigen, K Einsweiler, E Eisenhandler, T Ekelof, LM Eklund, M El Kacimi, M Ellert, S Elles, N Eilis, J Elmsheuser, M Elsing, R Ely, D Emeliyanov, R Engelmann, M Engstrom, P Ennes, B Epp, A Eppig, VS Epshteyn, A Ereditato, V Eremin, D Eriksson, I Ermoline, J Ernwein, D Errede, S Errede, M Escalier, C Escobar, XE Curull, B Esposito, F Esteves, F Etienne, AI Etienvre, E Etzion, H Evans, VN Evdokimov, P Evtoukhovitch, A Eyring, L Fabbri, CW Fabjan, C Fabre, P Faccioli, K Facius, V Fadeyev, RM Fakhrutdinov, S Falciano, I Falleau, AC Falou, Y Fang, M Fanti, A Farbin, A Farilla, J Farrell, P Farthouat, D Fasching, F Fassi, P Fassnacht, D Fassouliotis, F Fawzi, L Fayard, F Fayette, R Febbraro, OL Fedin, I Fedorko, L Feld, G Feldman, L Feligioni, C Feng, EJ Feng, J Fent, AB Fenyuk, J Ferencei, D Ferguson, J Ferland, W Fernando, S Ferrag, A Ferrari, P Ferrari, R Ferrari, A Ferrer, ML Ferrer, D Ferrere, C Ferretti, F Ferro, M Fiascaris, S Fichet, F Fiedler, V Filimonov, A Filipcic, A Filippas, F Filthaut, M Fincke-Keeler, G Finocchiaro, L Fiorini, A Firan, P Fischer, MJ Fisher, SM Fisher, V Flaminio, J Flammer, M Flechl, I Fleck, W Flegel, P Fleischmann, S Fleischmann, CMF Corral, F Fleuret, T Flick, J Flix, LRF Castillo, MJ Flowerdew, F Fohlisch, M Fokitis, TMF Martin, J Fopma, DA Forbush, A Formica, JM Foster, D Fournier, A Foussat, AJ Fowler, H Fox, P Francavilla, D Francis, S Franz, JT Fraser, M Fraternali, S Fratianni, J Freestone, RS French, K Fritsch, D Froidevaux, JA Frost, C Fukunaga, J Fulachier, EF Torregrosa, J Fuster, C Gabaldon, S Gadomski, G Gagliardi, P Gagnon, EJ Gallas, MV Gallas, BJ Gallop, KK Gan, FC Gannaway, YS Gao, VA Gapienko, A Gaponenko, C Garcia, M Garcia-Sciveres, JEG Navarro, V Garde, RW Gardner, N Garelli, H Garitaonandia, VG Garonne, J Garvey, C Gatti, G Gaudio, O Gaumer, V Gautard, P Gauzzi, IL Gavrilenko, C Gay, JC Gayde, EN Gazis, E Gazo, CNP Gee, C Geich-Gimbel, K Gellerstedt, C Gemme, MH Genest, S Gentile, MA George, S George, P Gerlach, Y Gernizky, C Geweniger, H Ghazlane, VM Ghete, P Ghez, N Ghodbane, B Giacobbe, S Giagu, V Giakoumopoulou, V Giangiobbe, F Gianotti, B Gibbard, A Gibson, MD Gibson, SM Gibson, GF Gieraltowski, IG Botella, LM Gilbert, M Gilchriese, O Gildemeister, V Gilewsky, AR Gillman, DM Gingrich, J Ginzburg, N Giokaris, MP Giordani, CG Girard, PF Giraud, P Girtler, D Giugni, P Giusti, BK Gjelsten, C Glasman, A Glazov, KW Glitza, GL Glonti, KG Gnanvo, J Godlewski, T Gopfert, C Gossling, T Gottfert, S Goldfarb, D Goldin, N Goldschmidt, T Golling, NP Gollub, PJ Golonka, SN Golovnia, A Gomes, J Gomes, R Goncalo, A Gongadze, A Gonidec, S Gonzalez, SG de la Hoz, VG Millan, MLG Silva, B Gonzalez-Pineiro, S Gonzalez-Sevilla, MJ Goodrick, JJ Goodson, L Goossens, PA Gorbounov, A Gordeev, H Gordon, I Gorelov, G Gorfine, B Gorini, E Gorini, A Gorisek, E Gornicki, SA Gorokhov, BT Gorski, SV Goryachev, VN Goryachev, M Gosselink, MI Gostkin, M Gouanere, IG Eschrich, D Goujdami, M Goulette, I Gousakov, J Gouveia, S Gowdy, C Goy, I Grabowska-Bold, V Grabski, P Grafstrom, C Grah, KJ Grahn, F Grancagnolo, S Grancagnolo, H Grassmann, V Gratchev, HM Gray, E Graziani, B Green, A Greena, D Greenfield, D Greenwood, IM Gregor, A Grewal, E Griesmayer, N Grigalashvili, C Grigson, AA Grillo, F Grimaldi, K Grimm, PLY Gris, Y Grishkevich, H Groenstege, LS Groer, J Grognuz, M Groh, E Gross, J Grosse-Knetter, MEM Grothe, J Grudzinski, C Gruse, M Gruwe, K Grybel, P Grybos, EM Gschwendtner, VJ Guarino, CJ Guicheney, G Guilhem, T Guillemin, J Gunther, B Guo, A Gupta, L Gurriana, VN Gushchin, P Gutierrez, L Guy, C Guyot, C Gwenlan, CB Gwilliam, A Haas, S Haas, C Haber, G Haboubi, R Hackenburg, E Hadash, HK Hadavand, C Haeberli, R Hartel, R Haggerty, F Hahn, S Haider, Z Hajduk, M Hakimi, H Hakobyan, H Hakobyan, J Haller, GD Hallewell, B Hallgren, K Hamacher, A Hamilton, H Han, L Han, K Hanagaki, M Hance, P Hanke, CJ Hansen, FH Hansen, JR Hansen, JB Hansen, JD Hansen, PH Hansen, T Hansl-Kozanecka, G Hanson, P Hansson, K Hara, S Harder, A Harel, T Harenberg, R Harper, JC Hart, RGG Hart, F Hartjes, N Hartman, T Haruyama, A Harvey, Y Hasegawa, K Hashemi, S Hassani, M Hatch, RW Hatley, TG Haubold, D Hauff, F Haug, S Haug, M Hauschild, R Hauser, C Hauviller, M Havranek, BM Hawes, RJ Hawkings, D Hawkins, T Hayler, HS Hayward, SJ Haywood, E Hazen, M He, YP He, SJ Head, V Hedberg, L Heelan, FEW Heinemann, M Heldmann, S Hellman, C Helsens, RCW Henderson, PJ Hendriks, AMH Correia, S Henrot-Versille, F Henry-Couannier, T Henss, G Herten, R Hertenberger, L Hervas, M Hess, NP Hessey, A Hicheur, A Hidvegi, E Higon-Rodriguez, D Hill, J Hill, JC Hill, N Hill, SJ Hillier, I Hinchliffe, D Hindson, C Hinkelbein, TA Hodges, MC Hodgkinson, P Hodgson, A Hoecker, MR Hoeferkamp, J Hoffman, AE Hoffmann, D Hoffmann, HF Hoffmann, M Holder, TI Hollins, G Hollyman, A Holmes, SO Holmgren, R Holt, E Holtom, T Holy, RJ Homer, Y Homma, P Homola, W Honerbach, A Honma, I Hooton, T Horazdovsky, C Horn, S Horvat, JY Hostachy, T Hott, S Hou, MA Houlden, A Hoummada, J Hover, DF Howell, J Hrivnac, I Hruska, T Hryn'ova, GS Huang, Z Hubacek, F Hubaut, F Huegging, BT Huffman, E Hughes, G Hughes, RE Hughes-Jones, W Hulsbergen, P Hurst, M Hurwitz, T Huse, N Huseynov, J Huston, J Huth, G Iacobucci, M Ibbotson, I Ibragimov, R Ichimiya, L Iconomidou-Fayard, J Idarraga, M Idzik, P Iengo, MCI Escudero, O Igonkina, Y Ikegami, M Ikeno, Y Ilchenko, Y Ilyushenka, D Imbault, P Imbert, M Imhaeuser, M Imori, T Ince, J Inigo-Golfin, K Inoue, P Ioannou, M Iodice, G Ionescu, K Ishii, M Ishino, Y Ishizawa, R Ishmukhametov, C Issever, H Ito, AV Ivashin, W Iwanski, H Iwasaki, JM Izen, V Izzo, J Jackson, JN Jackson, M Jaekel, S Jagielski, M Jahoda, V Jain, K Jakobs, J Jakubek, E Jansen, PPM Jansweijer, RC Jared, G Jarlskog, S Jarp, P Jarron, K Jelen, IJL Plante, P Jenni, A Jeremie, P Jez, S Jezequel, Y Jiang, G Jin, S Jin, O Jinnouchi, D Joffe, LG Johansen, M Johansen, KE Johansson, P Johansson, KA Johns, K Jon-And, M Jones, R Jones, RWL Jones, W Jones, TJ Jones, A Jones, O Jonsson, KK Joo, D Joos, M Joos, C Joram, S Jorgensen, J Joseph, P Jovanovic, SS Junnarkar, V Juranek, P Jussel, VV Kabachenko, S Kabana, M Kaci, A Kaczmarska, M Kado, H Kagan, S Kagawa, S Kaiser, E Kajomovitz, S Kakurin, LV Kalinovskaya, S Kama, H Kambara, N Kanaya, A Kandasamy, S Kandasamy, M Kaneda, VA Kantserov, J Kanzaki, B Kaplan, A Kapliy, J Kaplon, M Karagounis, MK Unel, K Karr, P Karst, V Kartvelishvili, AN Karyukhin, L Kashif, A Kasmi, RD Kass, A Kastanas, M Kataoka, Y Kataoka, E Katsoufis, S Katunin, K Kawagoe, M Kawai, T Kawamoto, F Kayumov, VA Kazanin, MY Kazarinov, A Kazarov, SI Kazi, JR Keates, R Keeler, PT Keener, R Kehoe, M Keil, GD Kekelidze, M Kelly, J Kennedy, M Kenyon, O Kepka, N Kerschen, BP Kersevan, S Kersten, C Ketterer, M Khakzad, F Khalilzade, H Khandanyan, A Khanov, D Kharchenko, A Khodinov, AG Kholodenko, A Khomich, VP Khomutnikov, G Khoriauli, N Khovanskiy, V Khovanskiy, E Khramov, J Khubua, G Kieft, JA Kierstead, G Kilvington, H Kim, H Kim, SH Kim, P Kind, BT King, J Kirk, GP Kirsch, LE Kirsch, AE Kiryunin, D Kisielewska, B Kisielewski, T Kittelmann, AM Kiver, H Kiyamura, E Kladiva, J Klaiber-Lodewigs, K Kleinknecht, A Klier, A Klimentov, CR Kline, R Klingenberg, EB Klinkby, T Klioutchnikova, PF Klok, S Klous, EE Kluge, P Kluit, M Klute, S Kluth, NK Knecht, E Kneringer, E Knezo, J Knobloch, BR Ko, T Kobayashi, M Kobe, P Kodys, AC Konig, S Konig, L Kopke, E Koetsveld, T Koffas, E Koffeman, Z Kohout, T Kohriki, T Kokott, GM Kolachev, H Kolanoski, V Kolesnikov, I Koletsou, M Kollefrath, S Kolos, SD Kolya, AA Komar, JR Komaragiri, T Kondo, Y Kondo, NV Kondratyeva, T Kono, AI Kononov, R Konoplich, SP Konovalov, N Konstantinidis, A Kootz, S Koperny, SV Kopikov, K Korcyl, K Kordas, V Koreshev, A Korn, I Korolkov, VA Korotkov, H Korsmo, O Kortner, ME Kostrikov, VV Kostyukhin, MJ Kotamaki, D Kotchetkov, S Kotov, VM Kotov, KY Kotov, C Kourkoumelis, A Koutsman, S Kovalenko, R Kowalewski, H Kowalski, TZ Kowalski, W Kozanecki, AS Kozhin, V Kral, V Kramarenko, G Kramberger, A Kramer, O Krasel, MW Krasny, A Krasznahorkay, A Krepouri, P Krieger, P Krivkova, G Krobath, H Kroha, J Krstic, U Kruchonak, H Kruger, K Kruger, ZV Krumshteyn, P Kubik, W Kubischta, T Kubota, LG Kudin, J Kudlaty, A Kugel, T Kuhl, D Kuhn, V Kukhtin, Y Kulchitsky, N Kundu, A Kupco, M Kupper, H Kurashige, LL Kurchaninov, YA Kurochkin, V Kus, W Kuykendall, P Kuzhir, EK Kuznetsova, O Kvasnicka, R Kwee, D La Marra, M La Rosa, L La Rotonda, L Labarga, JA Labbe, C Lacasta, F Lacava, H Lacker, D Lacour, VR Lacuesta, E Ladygin, R Lafaye, B Laforge, T Lagouri, S Lai, E Lamanna, M Lambacher, F Lambert, W Lampl, E Lancon, U Landgraf, MPJ Landon, H Landsman, RR Langstaff, AJ Lankford, F Lanni, K Lantzsch, A Lanza, VV Lapin, S Laplace, JF Laporte, V Lara, T Lari, AV Larionov, C Lasseur, W Lau, P Laurelli, A Lavorato, W Lavrijsen, AB Lazarev, AC Le Bihan, O Le Dortz, C Le Maner, M Le Vine, L Leahu, M Leahu, C Lebel, M Lechowski, T LeCompte, F Ledroit-Guillon, H Lee, JSH Lee, SC Lee, M Lefebvre, RP Lefevre, M Legendre, A Leger, BC LeGeyt, C Leggett, M Lehmacher, GL Miotto, M Lehto, R Leitner, D Lelas, D Lellouch, M Leltchouk, V Lendermann, KJC Leney, T Lenz, G Lenzen, J Lepidis, C Leroy, JR Lessard, J Lesser, CG Lester, M Letheren, ALF Cheong, J Leveque, D Levin, LJ Levinson, MS Levitski, M Lewandowska, M Leyton, J Li, W Li, M Liabline, Z Liang, Z Liang, B Liberti, P Lichard, W Liebig, R Lifshitz, D Liko, H Lim, M Limper, SC Lin, A Lindahl, F Linde, L Lindquist, SW Lindsay, V Linhart, AJ Lintern, A Liolios, A Lipniacka, TM Liss, A Lissauer, J List, AM Litke, S Liu, T Liu, Y Liu, M Livan, A Lleres, GL Llacer, SL Lloyd, F Lobkowicz, P Loch, WS Lockman, T Loddenkoetter, FK Loebinger, A Loginov, CW Loh, T Lohse, K Lohwasser, M Lokajicek, J Loken, S Lokwitz, MC Long, L Lopes, DL Mateos, MJ Losty, X Lou, KE Loureiro, L Lovas, J Love, A Lowe, ML Fantoba, F Lu, J Lu, L Lu, HJ Lubatti, S Lucas, C Luci, A Lucotte, A Ludwig, I Ludwig, J Ludwig, F Luehring, D Luke, G Luijckx, L Luisa, D Lumb, L Luminari, E Lund, B Lund-Jensen, B Lundberg, J Lundquist, A Lupi, N Lupu, G Lutz, D Lynn, J Lynn, J Lys, V Lysan, E Lytken, JM Lopez-Amengua, H Ma, LL Ma, M Maassen, G Maccarrone, GGR Mace, D Macina, R Mackeprang, A Macpherson, D MacQueen, C Macwaters, RJ Madaras, WF Mader, R Maenner, T Maeno, P Mattig, S Mattig, CA Magrath, Y Mahalalel, K Mahboubi, G Mahout, C Maidantchik, A Maio, GM Mair, K Mair, Y Makida, D Makowiecki, P Malecki, VP Maleev, F Malek, D Malon, S Maltezos, V Malychev, S Malyukov, M Mambelli, R Mameghani, J Mamuzic, A Manabe, A Manara, G Manca, L Mandelli, I Mandic, M Mandl, J Maneira, M Maneira, PS Mangeard, M Mangin-Brinet, ID Manjavidze, WA Mann, S Manolopoulos, A Manousakis-Katsikakis, B Mansoulie, A Manz, A Mapelli, L Mapelli, L March, JF Marchand, M Marchesotti, M Marcisovsky, A Marin, CN Marques, F Marroquim, R Marshall, Z Marshall, FK Martens, SMI Garcia, AJ Martin, B Martin, B Martin, FF Martin, JP Martin, P Martin, G Martinez, CM Lacambra, VM Outschoorn, A Martini, J Martins, T Maruyama, F Marzano, T Mashimo, R Mashinistov, J Masik, AL Maslennikov, M Mass, I Massa, G Massaro, N Massol, M Mathes, J Matheson, P Matricon, H Matsumoto, H Matsunaga, JM Maugain, SJ Maxfield, EN May, JK Mayer, C Mayri, R Mazini, M Mazzanti, P Mazzanti, E Mazzoni, F Mazzucato, SP Mc Kee, RL McCarthy, C McCormick, NA McCubbin, J McDonald, KW McFarlane, S McGarvie, H McGlone, RA McLaren, SJ McMahon, TR McMahon, TJ McMahon, RA McPherson, M Mechtel, D Meder-Marouelli, M Medinnis, R Meera-Lebbai, C Meessen, R Mehdiyev, A Mehta, K Meier, H Meinhard, J Meinhardt, C Meirosu, F Meisel, A Melamed-Katz, BRM Garcia, PM Jorge, P Mendez, S Menke, C Menot, E Meoni, D Merk, L Merola, C Meroni, FS Merritt, I Messmer, J Metcalfe, S Meuser, JP Meyer, TC Meyer, WT Meyer, V Mialkovski, M Michelotto, L Micu, R Middleton, P Miele, A Migliaccio, L Mijovic, G Mikenberg, M Mikestikova, M Mikestikova, B Mikulec, M Mikuz, DW Miller, RJ Miller, W Miller, M Milosavljevic, DA Milstead, S Mima, AA Minaenko, M Minano, IA Minashvili, AI Mincer, B Mindur, M Mineev, LM Mir, G Mirabelli, LM Verge, S Misawa, S Miscetti, A Misiejuk, A Mitra, GY Mitrofanov, VA Mitsou, PS Miyagawa, Y Miyazaki, JU Mjornmark, S Mkrtchyan, D Mladenov, T Moa, M Moch, A Mochizuki, P Mockett, P Modesto, S Moed, K Monig, N Moser, B Mohn, W Mohr, S Mohrdieck-Mock, AM Moisseev, RMM Valls, J Molina-Perez, A Moll, G Moloney, R Mommsen, L Moneta, E Monnier, G Montarou, S Montesano, F Monticelli, RW Moore, TB Moore, GF Moorhead, A Moraes, J Morel, A Moreno, D Moreno, P Morettini, D Morgan, M Morii, J Morin, AK Morley, G Mornacchi, MC Morone, SV Morozov, EJ Morris, J Morris, MC Morrissey, HG Moser, M Mosidze, A Moszczynski, SV Mouraviev, T Mouthuy, TH Moye, EJW Moyse, J Mueller, M Maller, A Muijs, TR Muller, A Munar, DJ Munday, K Murakami, RM Garcia, WJ Murray, AG Myagkov, M Myska, K Nagai, Y Nagai, K Nagano, Y Nagasaka, AM Nairz, D Naito, K Nakamura, Y Nakamura, I Nakano, G Nanava, A Napier, M Nassiakou, I Nasteva, NR Nation, T Naumann, F Nauyock, SK Nderitu, HA Neal, E Nebot, P Nechaeva, A Neganov, A Negri, S Negroni, C Nelson, S Nemecek, P Nemethy, AA Nepomuceno, M Nessi, SY Nesterov, L Neukermans, P Nevski, FM Newcomer, A Nichols, C Nicholson, R Nicholson, RB Nickerson, R Nicolaidou, G Nicoletti, B Nicquevert, M Niculescu, J Nielsen, T Niinikoski, MJ Niinimaki, N Nikitin, K Nikolaev, I Nikolic-Audit, K Nikolopoulos, H Nilsen, BS Nilsson, P Nilsson, A Nisati, R Nisius, LJ Nodulman, M Nomachi, H Nomoto, JM Noppe, M Nordberg, ON Francisco, PR Norton, J Novakova, M Nowak, M Nozaki, R Nunes, GN Hanninger, T Nunnemann, T Nyman, P O'Connor, SW O'Neale, DC O'Neil, M O'Neill, V O'Shea, FG Oakham, H Oberlack, M Obermaier, P Oberson, A Ochi, W Ockenfels, S Odaka, I Odenthal, GA Odino, H Ogren, SH Oh, T Ohshima, H Ohshita, H Okawa, M OIcese, AG Olchevski, C Oliver, J Oliver, MO Gomez, A Olszewski, J Olszowska, C Omachi, A Onea, A Onofre, CJ Oram, G Ordonez, MJ Oreglia, F Orellana, Y Oren, D Orestano, IO Orlov, RS Orr, F Orsini, LS Osborne, B Osculati, C Osuna, R Otec, R Othegraven, B Ottewell, F Ould-Saada, A Ouraou, Q Ouyang, OK Oye, VE Ozcan, K Ozone, N Ozturk, AP Pages, S Padhi, CP Aranda, E Paganis, F Paige, PM Pailler, K Pajchel, S Palestini, J Palla, D Pallin, MJ Palmer, YB Pan, N Panikashvili, VN Panin, S Panitkin, D Pantea, M Panuskova, V Paolone, A Paoloni, I Papadopoulos, T Papadopoulou, I Park, W Park, MA Parker, S Parker, C Parkman, F Parodi, JA Parsons, U Parzefall, E Pasqualucci, G Passardi, A Passeri, MS Passmore, F Pastore, F Pastore, S Pataraia, D Pate, JR Pater, S Patricelli, T Pauly, E Pauna, LS Peak, SJM Peeters, M Peez, E Pei, SV Peleganchuk, G Pellegrini, R Pengo, J Pequenao, M Perantoni, A Perazzo, A Pereira, E Perepelkin, VJO Perera, EP Codina, VP Reale, I Peric, L Perini, H Pernegger, E Perrin, R Perrino, P Perrodo, G Perrot, P Perus, VD Peshekhonov, E Petereit, J Petersen, TC Petersen, PJF Petit, C Petridou, E Petrolo, F Petrucci, R Petti, M Pezzetti, B Pfeifer, A Phan, AW Phillips, PW Phillips, G Piacquadio, M Piccinini, A Pickford, R Piegaia, S Pier, JE Pilcher, AD Pilkington, MAP Dos Santos, J Pina, JL Pinfold, J Ping, J Pinhao, B Pinto, O Pirotte, R Placakyte, A Placci, M Plamondon, WG Plano, MA Pleier, AV Pleskach, S Podkladkin, F Podlyski, P Poffenberger, L Poggioli, M Pohl, I Polak, G Polesello, A Policicchio, A Polini, V Polychronakos, DM Pomarede, K Pommes, P Ponsot, L Pontecorvo, BG Pope, R Popescu, DS Popovic, A Poppleton, J Popule, XP Bueso, C Posch, GE Pospelov, P Pospichal, S Pospisil, M Postranecky, IN Potrap, CJ Potter, G Poulard, A Pousada, J Poveda, R Prabhu, P Pralavorio, S Prasad, J Prast, S Prat, M Prata, R Pravahan, T Preda, K Pretz, L Priby, D Price, LE Prices, MJ Price, PM Prichard, D Prieur, M Primavera, D Primor, K Prokofiev, E Prosso, J Proudfoot, H Przysiezniak, C Puigdengoles, J Purdham, M Purohit, P Puzo, AN Pylaev, Y Pylypchenko, M Qi, J Qian, W Qian, Z Qian, D Qing, A Quadt, DR Quarrie, WB Quayle, JJ Rabbers, V Radeka, JM Rafi, F Ragusa, AM Rahimi, D Rahm, C Raine, B Raith, S Rajagopalan, S Rajek, H Rammer, M Ramstedt, S Rangod, PN Ratoff, T Raufer, F Rauscher, E Rauter, M Raymond, AL Reads, D Rebuzzi, GR Redlinger, K Reeves, M Rehak, A Reichold, E Reinherz-Aronis, I Reisinger, D Reljic, C Rembser, Z Ren, SRC Renaudin-Crepe, P Renkel, B Rensch, S Rescia, M Rescigno, S Resconi, B Resende, P Rewiersma, J Rey, M Rey-Campagnolle, E Rezaie, P Reznicek, RA Richards, JP Richer, RH Richter, R Richter, E Richter-Was, M Ridel, W Riegler, S Rieke, M Rijpstra, M Rijssenbeek, A Rimoldi, RR Rios, IR Dachs, M Rivline, G Rivoltella, F Rizatdinova, SH Robertson, A Robichaud-Veronneau, S Robins, D Robinson, A Robson, JH Rochford, C Roda, S Rodier, S Roe, O Rohne, F Rohrbach, J Roldan, S Rolli, JB Romance, A Romaniouk, VM Romanov, G Romeo, L Roos, E Ros, S Rosati, F Rosenbaum, GA Rosenbaum, EI Rosenberg, L Rosselet, LP Rossi, L Rossi, M Rotaru, J Rothberg, I Rottlander, D Rousseau, A Rozanov, Y Rozen, R Ruber, B Ruckert, G Rudolph, F Ruhr, F Ruggieri, G Ruggiero, H Ruiz, A Ruiz-Martinez, E Rulikowska-Zarebska, V Rumiantsev, L Rumyantsev, K Runge, O Runolfsson, NA Rusakovich, DR Rust, JP Rutherfoord, C Ruwiedel, YF Ryabov, V Ryadovikov, P Ryan, G Rybkine, JS da Costa, AF Saavedra, S Saboumazrag, HFW Sadrozinski, R Sadykov, H Sakamoto, P Sala, A Salamon, M Saleem, D Salihagic, J Salt, OS Bauza, BMS Ferrando, D Salvatore, A Salzburger, D Sampsonidis, BH Samset, CAS Sanchez, MAS Lozano, ES Peris, H Sandaker, HG Sander, M Sandhoff, S Sandvoss, DPC Sankey, B Sanny, S Sansone, A Sansoni, CS Rios, J Santander, L Santi, C Santoni, R Santonico, J Santos, M Sapinski, JG Saraiva, F Sarri, O Sasaki, T Sasaki, N Sasao, I Satsounkevitch, D Sauvage, G Sauvage, P Savard, AY Savine, V Savinov, A Savoy-Navarro, P Savva, DH Saxon, LP Says, C Sbarra, E Sbrissa, A Sbrizzi, DA Scannicchio, J Schaarschmidt, P Schacht, U Schafer, AC Schaffer, D Schaile, M Schaller, AG Schamov, VA Schegelsky, D Scheirich, M Schernau, MI Scherzer, C Schiavi, H Schick, J Schieck, P Schieferdecker, M Schioppa, G Schlager, S Schlenker, JL Schlereth, P Schmid, MP Schmidt, C Schmitt, K Schmitt, M Schmitz, H Schmucker, T Schoerner, RC Scholte, M Schott, D Schouten, M Schram, A Schricker, D Schroff, S Schuh, HW Schuijlenburg, G Schuler, J Schultes, HC Schultz-Coulon, J Schumacher, M Schumacher, P Schune, A Schwartzman, D Schweiger, P Schwemling, C Schwick, R Schwienhorst, R Schwierz, J Schwindling, WG Scott, H Secker, E Sedykh, N Seguin-Moreau, E Segura, SC Seidel, A Seiden, JM Seixas, G Sekhniaidze, DM Seliverstov, B Sellden, M Seman, N Semprini-Cesari, C Serfon, L Serin, R Seuster, H Severini, ME Sevior, KA Sexton, A Sfyrla, TP Shah, L Shan, JT Shank, M Shapiro, PB Shatalov, L Shaver, C Shaw, TG Shears, P Sherwood, A Shibata, P Shield, S Shilov, M Shimojima, T Shin, M Shiyakova, A Shmeleva, M Shoa, MJ Shochet, MA Shupe, P Sicho, A Sidoti, A Siebel, M Siebe, J Siegrist, D Sijacki, J Silva, SB Silverstein, V Simak, L Simic, S Simion, B Simmons, M Simonyan, P Sinervo, V Sipica, G Siragusa, AN Sisakyan, S Sivoklokov, J Sjolin, P Skubic, N Skvorodnev, P Slattery, T Slavicek, K Sliwa, TJ Sloan, J Sloper, V Smakhtin, A Small, SY Smirnov, Y Smirnov, L Smirnova, O Smirnova, NA Smith, BC Smith, DS Smith, J Smith, KM Smith, B Smith, M Smizanska, K Smolek, AA Snesarev, SW Snow, J Snow, J Snuverink, S Snyder, M Soares, S Soares, R Sobie, J Sodomka, M Soderberg, A Soffer, CA Solans, M Solar, D Sole, ES Camillocci, AA Solodkov, OV Solov'yanov, I Soloviev, R Soluk, J Sondericker, V Sopko, B Sopko, M Sorbi, JS Medel, M Sosebee, VV Sosnovtsev, LS Suay, A Soukharev, J Soukup, S Spagnolo, F Spano, P Speckmayer, M Spegel, E Spencer, R Spighi, G Spigo, F Spila, E Spiriti, R Spiwoks, L Spogli, M Spousta, G Sprachmann, B Spurlock, RDS Denis, T Stahl, RJ Staley, R Stamen, SN Stancu, E Stanecka, RW Stanek, C Stanescu, S Stapnes, EA Starchenko, P Staroba, J Stastny, A Staude, P Stavina, M Stavrianakou, G Stavropoulos, E Stefanidis, JL Steffens, I Stekl, HJ Stelzer, H Stenzel, G Stewart, TD Stewart, W Stiller, T Stockmanns, M Stodulski, S Stonjek, A Stradling, A Straessner, J Strandberg, A Strandlie, M Strauss, V Strickland, D Striegel, P Strizenec, R Strohmer, DM Strom, JA Strong, R Stroynowski, B Stugu, I Stumer, D Su, S Subramania, SI Suchkov, Y Sugaya, T Sugimoto, M Suk, VV Sulin, S Sultanov, Z Sun, B Sundal, S Sushkov, G Susinno, P Sutcliffe, MR Sutton, YM Sviridov, I Sykora, RR Szczygiel, B Szeless, T Szymocha, J Sanchez, D Ta, ST Gameiro, M Tadel, R Tafirout, A Taga, H Takai, R Takashima, H Takeda, T Takeshita, M Talby, A Talyshev, MC Tamsett, J Tanaka, K Tanaka, R Tanaka, S Tanaka, S Tanaka, Y Tanaka, GP Tappern, S Tapprogge, S Tarem, F Tarrade, J Tarrant, G Tartarelli, P Tas, M Tasevsky, Y Tayalati, FE Taylor, G Taylor, GN Taylor, RP Taylor, V Tcherniatine, F Tegenfeldt, P Teixeira-Dias, H Ten Kate, PK Teng, R Ter-Antonyan, S Terada, J Terron, M Terwort, RJ Teuscher, CM Tevlin, J Thadome, J Thion, M Thioye, A Thomas, JP Thomas, TL Thomas, E Thomas, RJ Thompson, AS Thompson, RP Thun, T Tic, VO Tikhomirov, YA Tikhonov, S Timm, CJWP Timmermans, P Tipton, FJTA Viegas, S Tisserant, M Titov, J Tobias, VM Tocut, B Toczek, S Todorova-Nova, J Tojo, S Tokar, K Tokushuku, L Tomasek, M Tomasek, F Tomasz, M Tomoto, D Tompkins, L Tompkins, K Toms, A Tonazzo, G Tong, A Tonoyan, C Topfel, ND Topilin, E Torrence, JGT Pais, J Toth, F Touchard, DR Tovey, SN Tovey, EF Towndrow, T Trefzger, M Treichel, J Treis, L Tremblet, W Tribanek, A Tricoli, IM Trigger, G Trilling, S Trincaz-Duvoid, MF Tripiana, W Trischuk, Z Trka, B Trocme, C Troncon, JCL Tseng, I Tsiafis, PV Tsiareshka, G Tsipolitis, EG Tskhadadze, II Tsukerman, V Tsulaia, S Tsuno, M Turala, IT Cakir, E Turlay, PM Tuts, MS Twomey, M Tynde, D Typaldos, H Tyrvainen, E Tzamarioudaki, G Tzanakos, I Ueda, M Uhrmacher, F Ukegawa, MU Comes, G Unal, DG Underwood, A Undrus, G Unel, Y Unno, E Urkovsky, G Usai, Y Usov, L Vacavant, V Vacek, B Vachon, S Vahsen, C Valderanis, J Valenta, P Valente, A Valero, S Valkar, JAV Ferrer, H Van der Bij, H van der Graaf, E van der Kraaij, B Van Eijk, N van Eldik, P van Gemmeren, Z van Kesteren, I van Vulpen, R VanBerg, W Vandelli, G Vandoni, A Vaniachine, F Vannucci, M Varanda, FV Rodriguez, R Vari, EW Varnes, D Varouchas, A Vartapetian, KE Varve, VI Vassilakopoulos, L Vassilieva, E Vataga, L Vaz, F Vazeille, P Vedrine, G Vegni, JJ Veillet, C Vellidis, F Veloso, R Veness, S Veneziano, A Ventura, S Ventura, V Vercesi, M Verducci, W Verkerke, JC Vermeulen, L Vertogardov, MC Vetterli, I Vichou, T Vickey, GHA Viehhauser, E Vigeolas, M Villa, EG Villani, J Villate, I Villella, E Vilucchi, P Vincent, H Vincke, MG Vincter, VB Vinogradov, M Virchaux, S Viret, J Virzi, A Vitale, I Vivarelli, R Vives, FV Vaques, S Vlachos, H Vogt, P Vokac, CF Vollmer, M Volpi, G Volpini, R von Boehn-Buchholz, H von der Schmitt, E von Toerne, V Vorobel, AP Vorobiev, AS Vorozhtsov, SB Vorozhtsov, M Vos, KC Voss, R Voss, JH Vossebeld, AS Vovenko, N Vranjes, V Vrba, M Vreeswijk, TV Anh, B Vuaridel, M Vudragovic, V Vuillemin, R Vuillermet, A Wananen, H Wahlen, J Walbersloh, R Walker, W Walkowiak, R Wall, RS Wallny, S Walsh, C Wang, JC Wang, F Wappler, A Warburton, CP Ward, GP Warner, M Warren, M Warsinsky, R Wastie, PM Watkins, AT Watson, G Watts, AT Waugh, BM Waugh, C Weaverdyck, M Webel, G Weber, J Weber, M Weber, P Weber, AR Weidberg, PM Weilhammer, J Weingarten, C Weiser, H Wellenstein, HP Wellisch, P Wells, A Wemans, M Wen, T Wenaus, S Wendler, T Wengler, S Wenig, N Wermes, P Werneke, P Werner, U Werthenbach, SJ Wheeler-Ellis, SP Whitaker, A White, MJ White, S White, D Whittington, F Wicek, D Wicke, FJ Wickens, W Wiedenmann, M Wielers, P Wienemann, M Wiesmann, M Wiesmann, T Wijnen, A Wildauer, I Wilhelm, HG Wilkens, HH Williams, W Willis, S Willocq, I Wilmut, JA Wilson, A Wilson, I Wingerter-Seez, L 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