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Documents from 2019

Stategraft: A Pernicious Form of Corruption Unveiled (forthcoming 2019), Bernadette Atuahene

Corporations and Crimes Against Humanity, Kevin Crow

The Scope of the ICC Registrar’s Powers Under Various Regulations, Kevin Crow

A Solution to North Korea Nuke & Korea Peninsusla Issue, and Reform of the UN Operation System.docx, Sung-Soo Han

From the Maker Movement to the 3D Printing Era: Opportunities and Challenges, Dinusha Mendis, Mark Lemley, and Matthew Rimmer

Makers Empire: Australian Copyright Law, 3D Printing, and the 'Ideas Boom', Matthew Rimmer

The Empire Strikes Back: Fossil Fuel Companies, Investor-State Dispute Settlement, International Trade, and Accountable Climate Governance, Matthew Rimmer

Documents from 2018

Fragrant Harbour and Oyster Mirror: Beijing's Treaty Policy toward Hong Kong and Macao

Intellectual property policies for solar geoengineering

Longtime Professor Shares Stories of His Time at Sacred Heart

Power as a Factor in Lawyers' Ethical Deliberations

Quoted in "Supreme Court Hears Case Involving Brazilian Immigrant Who Lives on Martha’s Vineyard"

Plenary Dialogue: Peace, Pamela Aall, Roxanna Altholz, Fateh Azzam, and Roxanne Krystalli

The Distinctive Energies of Normal Science, Kathryn Abrams

Role of Clinical Legal Education in Social Justice in Nigeria, Olanike S. Adelakun-Odewale

Does Breaking Gender Stereotypes Contribute to Victimization at School?, Laura E. Agnich, Lindsay L. Kahle, Anthony A. Peguero, Jennifer L. Murphy, Olivia Foroughi, and Jennifer N. Nester

Personal and Political: LGBTQ+ Students’ Perceptions of Safety and Harassment in the Rural South, Laura E. Agnich, Gabrielle Lory, and Shanna N. Felix

Die aktuelle Rechtsprechung zu Preis‐ und Vergleichsportalen, Christian Alexander

Die UWG-Novelle 2015 in der Praxis – Kontinuität der Rechtsanwendung oder Änderungsbedarf?, Christian Alexander

Worksheets on European Competition Law, Christian Alexander

Confidentiality in the Age of Social Media, Ty Alper

Elusive Justice: Legal Redress for Killings by U.S. Border Agents, Roxanna Altholz

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll's Will: A Tale of Testamentary Capacity, Stephen R. Alton

Virtual Clinical Trials: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, Lori Andrews, Kayla Kostelecky, Stephanie Spritz, and Alexandra Franco

Regulation and Supervision of the OTC Derivatives Market, Ligia Catherine Arias Barrera


Racial Discrimination Unveiled: Property Tax Assessments in Detroit and the Fair Housing Act, Bernadette Atuahene

Stategraft, Bernadette Atuahene and Timothy Hodge

Demystifying the Destination-Based Cash-Flow Tax, Alan J. Auerbach

The Fiery Furnace Civil Disobedience and the Civil Rights Movement: A Biblical Exegesis on Daniel 3 and Letter From Birmingham Jail, Jonathan C. Augustine

A Muslim Registry: The Precursor to Internment?, Sahar F. Aziz

Dr. José Balcázar Quiroz -Acto Juridico.ppt, José Balcázar Quiroz

Berkeley and Israel: Past, Present and Future, Kenneth A. Bamberger

Saving Governance-By-Design, Kenneth A. Bamberger

Religious Monopolies and the Commodification of Religion, Shima Baradaran-Robison, Brett G. Scharffs, and Elizabeth A. Sewell

Legisprudence and the Limits of Legislation תורת החקיקה וגבולות החקיקה, Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Quantinsky v. the Knesset in the Matter of the Third Apartment Tax: A Necessary Decision or an Unjustified "Major Deviation" From the Case Law? בג"ץ קוונטינסקי נ' הכנסת בעניין מס דירה שלישית: החלטה מתבקשת או 'סטיה רבתי' בלתי מוצדקת מההלכה הפסוקה?, Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Revolution or Continuity? Bank Hamizrachi's Role in the Development of Judicial Review Models in Israel מהפכה או המשכיות?: מקומו של פסק דין בנק המזרחי בהתפתחות המודלים של ביקורת שיפוטית בישראל, Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Temporary Legislation's Finest Hour?: Towards a Proper Model of Temporary Legislation in Israel שעתן היפה של הוראות השעה?: לקראת מודל ראוי של חקיקה זמנית בישראל, Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Cloud Crimes: Understanding the Privacy Challenges, Subhajit Basu

Beyond the present: Privacy and Personalised Medicine, Subhajit Basu and Kemi Omotubora

Next Generation Privacy for Smart Technologies, Subhajit Basu and Kemi Omotubora

Domestic Disorders: Suffrage and New York's Constitutional Convention of 1867, Felice Batlan

Politics and Mythology in the Early Women’s Rights Movement, Felice Batlan

Introduction: The Making of a Canonical Legal Historian, Felice Batlan and R. B. Bernstein

Are We Our Mother's Law Students?: Women's Law School Experiences and an Agenda for Action, Felice J. Batlan

Sanctions and the Blurred Boundaries of International Economic Law, Perry S. Bechky

Progress and Backlash in the Wake of Obergefell: Reaching Conservative Southern Teachers through the Power of Literature, Scott A. Beck, Dina C. Walker-DeVose, Laura E. Agnich, Caren Town, and Trina Smith

Reaching Conservative Teachers Regarding Gender and Sexual Diversity in the Wake of Obergefell, Scott A. Beck, Dina C. Walker-DeVose, Laura E. Agnich, Caren Town, and Trina Smith

Few Ironies of Western Water Law, A, Reed D. Benson

Is there a right to life for the Colorado River?, Reed D. Benson

Reviewing Reservoir Operations: Can Federal Water Projects Adapt to Change?, Reed D. Benson

So Much Conflict, Yet So Much in Common: Considering the Similarities between Western Water Law and the Endangered Species Act, Reed D. Benson

Designing GUIs: Current treatment of virtual or non-physical designs in Australia, Tyrone Berger

Designing GUIs: Current treatment of virtual or non-physical designs in Australia, Tyrone Berger

Taphonomic and Fossil Reconstructive Analyses of the Ngaloba (LH 18) Skull, Kersten Bergstrom, Lauren Butaric, Agness O. Gidna, Charles Musiba, Robert Z. Selden Jr., and Cassian Magori

Ahead of his time: Cardozo and the Current Debates on Professional Responsibility, Alberto Bernabe

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and the Duty of Confidentiality, Alberto Bernabe

Quílez Velar v. Ox Bodies, Inc: Oportunidad perdida para corregir la doctrina de la solidaridad en casos de inmunidad, Alberto Bernabe

Law in the Anthropocene Epoch, Eric Biber

Looking toward the Future of Judicial Review for the Public Lands, Eric Biber

Regulating Business Innovation as Policy Disruption: From the Model T to Airbnb, Eric Biber, Sarah E. Light, J B. Ruhl, and James Salzman

Fair or Free Use of Copyrighted Materials in Education and Research and the Limit of Such Use.pdf, Muhammad Masum Billah Dr.

Can Red Clay Go Green? Adapting Law and Policy in the Face of Climate Change, 20th Annual Red Clay Conference, Daniel M. Bodansky, David D. Caron, Mary Carr, Heidi Davison, David Hunter, Josh Love, and James Marlow

The internationalisation of law: fragmentation or recomposition?, Andrea Bortoluzzi

Pilot testing of a self-care education intervention for patients with heart failure, Mary Boyde, Sarah Song, Robyn Peters, Catherine Turner, David Thompson, and Simon Stewart

Something less and Something More: MDL's Roots as a Class Action Alternative, Andrew D. Bradt

Atlantic Marine and Choice-of-Law Federalism, Andrew D. Bradt

MDL v. Trump: The Puzzle of Public Law in Multidistrict Litigation, Andrew D. Bradt and Zachary D. Clopton

The Information-Forcing Role of the Judge in Multidistrict Litigation, Andrew D. Bradt and D. Theodore Rave

Animals and Law in the American City, Irus Braverman

Editing the Environment: Emerging Issues in Genetics and the Law, Irus Braverman

Gene Drives, Nature, Governance: An Ethnographic Perspective, Irus Braverman

Wild Life: The Institution of Nature, Irus Braverman

Business Methods, Technology, and Discrimination, Daniel Harris Brean

Diversified Philosophy, Aili W. Bresnahan

A Massachusetts Debacle: Gagnon v. Shoblom, Lester Brickman

The Asbestos Claims Management Act of 1991: A Proposal to the United States Congress, Lester Brickman

Food Law & Policy: An Essential Part of Today’s Legal Academy, Emily M. Broad Leib and Baylen J. Linnekin

2018 - Diversity Jeopardy Professionalism.ppt, Beau James Brock

Professionalism: Diversity, Discrimination & Divisiveness, Beau James Brock

Historic Preservation Law in a Nutshell (2d ed.), Sara C. Bronin and Ryan M. Rowberry

The Promise and Perils of Algorithmic Lender's Use of Big Data, Matthew Bruckner

Harvesting the Academic Landscape: Streamlining the Ingestion of Professional Scholarship Metadata into the Institutional Repository, Jonathan Bull and Teresa Auch Schultz

The "Article of Manufacture" Today, Sarah Burstein

The "Article of Manufacture" Today, Sarah Burstein

Stefan A. Riesenfeld, International Law and the University of California, Richard M. Buxbaum and David D. Caron

Stefan A. Riesenfeld, International Law and the University of California, Richard M. Buxbaum and David D. Caron

The Alien Tort Statute: An Overview of the Current Issues, Richard M. Buxbaum and David D. Caron

The Alien Tort Statute: An Overview of the Current Issues, Richard M. Buxbaum and David D. Caron

Deceptively Simple: Framing, Intuition and Judicial Gatekeeping of Forensic Feature-Comparison Methods Evidence, Jane Campbell Moriarty

A Meta-Analysis of the Exchange Hazards – Interfirm Governance Relationship: An Informal Institutions Perspective, Zhi Cao, Yuan Li, Jayanth Jayaram, Yi Liu, and Fabrice Lumineau

Diversity and the Civil Jury, Christina S. Carbone and Victoria C. Plaut

Angry Employees: Revisiting Insubordination in Title VII Cases, Susan Carle and Susan D. Carle

ICSID in the Twenty-First Century: An Interview with Meg Kinnear: Introductory Remarks, David Caron

The Reconstruction of Iraq: Dealing with Debt, David Caron

Dedication, David D. Caron

Remarks by David D. Caron, David D. Caron

The Law of the Environment: A Symbolic Step of Modest Value, David D. Caron

ASIL Annual Dinner: Reflections on Change in International Law: Remarks, David D. Caron